Pasangan TV Out of my kegemaran scenes from my bahagian, atas 4 couples, which scene do anda like the most?

Pick one:
LoVe - Ruskie Bussines (The hug)
LoVe - Dancing to Sway
LoVe - tunjuk Me the Monkey (Kiss in the end of the episode)
LoVe - I thought our story was epic...
LoVe - Hug in Not Pictured
Leyton - I'll be seeing anda
Leyton - Motel scene
Leyton - P: It didn't mean anything,...
Leyton - scenes in 3x16
Leyton - Cookie dough scene
Leyton - It's you...
Leyton - Airport scene
Phoebe and Cole - scenes in Power Outage
Phoebe and Cole - P:So you're an angel? C: Oh this? No not really.
Phoebe and Cole: Phoebe faking Cole's death in Sleuthing with the Enemy
Phoebe and Cole - All Hell Breaks Loose (the kiss)
Alex and Izzie - I care about anda
Alex and Izzie - First Ciuman
Alex and Izzie - Ciuman in the locker room
Alex and Izzie - The Wedding
Piper and Leo - First Ciuman
Piper and Leo - Piper healing Leo in Cinta Hurts
Piper and Leo - Wedding in Just Harried
Piper and Leo - P:I kinda like a guy in a toolbelt...
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