Pasangan TV kegemaran tv couples.............(add ur kegemaran & comment)

Pick one:
Naley (oth)
ryan & taylor (the oc)
rory & jess (gg)
Buffy & Angel (BtVS)
Added by jemgrl323
Shawn & Juliet (Psych)
Added by zanitas
Pacey&Joey [Dawson's creek]
Added by angiii7
Damon & Elena
Added by laurik2007
Leyton (oth)
Mulder & Scully {The XFiles}
Added by cicino1
Brooke & Lucas [OTH]
Added by Dean-girlx
Ross and Rachel (friends)
Added by ktgirl266
Jack & Kate
Added by Irreversible
Serena and Nate
Added by vebm101
Will & Emma (Glee)
Added by Wolfdreamer9
Freffy (Skins)
Added by Mena09
Liam and Annie
Added by LindsayLin
elena and stefan
elena and stefan
Added by elstef
Tony & Ziva
Added by tonyziva1234
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