Pasangan TV "The most perfect act of Cinta is SACRIFICE" // Which couple best fits this quote? {add any that are missing}

Pick one:
Brucas || 4x01 "I Cinta you, Lucas & I probably always will."
Naley || 4x10 Haley pushing Nathan away from the speeding car.
Leyton || 6x17 Peyton choosing to continue her pregnancy despite the risks.
Delena || 2x08 "I can't be selfish with you."
Stelena || 2x06 "I've been so selfish because I Cinta anda so much."
skate || 4x12 Sawyer jumps from the helicopter to save Kate.
BB || 3x13 Booth takes a bullet to save Brennan.
Jack and Kate ll 3x06 risking his life for hers. 6x18 Dying for her.
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Bangel- 1x08 (AtS) Angel sacrificing his humanity in order to save Buffy's life
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Leyton-5.08-- P letting go so 1 ( Cinta of her life) could be happy
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Buffy & Spike ~ Spike going through torture to get his soul back for her and dyin
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Chloe & Oliver - Chloe sacrifices herself for Oliver to keep him selamat, peti deposit keselamatan
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Tony & Ziva // "If anda Cinta him, anda gotta jump in feet first..."
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