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Pick one:
Jim to Pam in "Casino Night" on The Office
Booth to Bones in "The Parts in the Sum of the Whole" on Bones
Desmond and Penny in "The Constant" on Lost
Carol to Luka re: Doug in "Such Sweet Sorrow" on ER
Meredith to Derek in "Bring the Pain" on Grey's Anatomy
Chuck to Sarah in "Chuck Versus the Three Words" on Chuck
Buffy to Angel in "I Will Remember You" on Angel
Damon to Elena in "Rose" on The Vampire Diaries
Joey to Pacey in "A Winter's Tale" on Dawson's Creek
Monica to Chandler/Chandler to Monica in "The One with the Proposal" on Friends
Chuck to Blair in "The Goodbye Gossip Girl" on Gossip Girl
Homer to Marge in "The Way We Was" on The Simpsons
Sam to Diane in "The Proposal" on Cheers
Kevin to Scotty in "Moral Hazard" on Brothers & Sisters
Niles to Daphne in "Mixed Doubles" on Frasier
Steve to Miranda in "One" on Sex in the City
David to Maddie's dad re: Maddie in "Father Knows Last" on Moonlighting
Clark to Lois in "Harvest" on Smallville
Cory to Topanga in "What I Meant to Say" on Boy Meets World
Marshall and Lily in "Something Borrowed" on How I Met Your Mother
Amy to Ephram in "Foreverwood (Part 2)" on Everwood
Juliet to Sawyer in "LAX" on Lost
Uncle Jesse to Becky in " The House Meets the Mouse: Part 2 "on Full House
Mulder to Scully in "The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati" on The X-Files
Alex to Izzie in "What a Difference a hari Makes" on Grey's Anatomy
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