Pasangan TV Best Couples Ever!!?? Part 5

Pick one:
Jesse and Andrea- Beverly Hills 90210
Dylan and Antonia- Beverly Hills 90210
Fitz and Aria- Pretty Little Liars
Barney and Robin- How I Met Your Mother
Stuart and Brenda- Beverly Hills 90210
Brittany and Santana- Glee
Clay and Gemma- Sons of Anarchy
David and Valerie- Beverly Hills 90210
Dean and Lisa- Supernatural
Dylan and Kelly- Beverly Hills 90210
Caleb and Hannah- Pretty Little Liars
Jackson and Lexie- Grey's Anatomy
jay and Gloria- Modern Family
Maya and Emily- Pretty Little Liars
Michael and Cameron- Modern Family
Puck and Lauren- Glee
Ryan and Kelly- The Office
Steve and Janet- Beverly Hills 90210
Will and Emma- Glee
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 marchbaby88 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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