(Girl)Do anda think I'm pretty?
(Girl)Do anda want to be with me forever
(Girl)Wouls anda cry if I walked away?

(Again the boy said)NO
She heard enough and waz hurt, ****he walked away tears ran down her face.
The boy grabbed her arm and said:
(Boy)- You're not pretty, you're BEAUTIFUL
(Boy)- I don't want to be with anda forever, I NEED to be with anda forever
(Boy)- and I wouldn't cry if anda walked away... I would DIE!!!!
(Boy whisperz)- Plzzzz stay with me...
(Girl whisperz)- I will...
Tonight at midnight your true Cinta will realize they Cinta you. Something good will happen to anda between 1-4 pm tomorrow it could be anywhere..Get ready for the biggest shock of your life! If anda dont post this on to 5 other games anda will have relationship problems for the seterusnya 10 years