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Chapter.3 – Back to Life It’s Self

“No, but thanks again really I heard the guys and they say that anda have really been taking charge of things and looking out after Billy , the pack and La Push I don’t think I could ever repay anda for this” his eyes were locked on mine I saw that he was grateful.
“I did my job Jacob that was all I’m Beta when anda not here someone needs to take the laid that all I did besides remember anda saved my life once when I was Berlakon really stupid soo lets say that we’re even ok” I berkata in a calm voice still locked on Jacob eyes I couldn’t look away I couldn’t help it he was smiling.
“Ok then we’re even now “ as he continued to smile a little bit long then sighed and turned the smile upside down and turned to look at the woods the surrounded us in direction of La Push .
“We better get going before the guys eat my whole refrigerator “
I laughed at the idea the guys really did eat a lot i think it had to do with their size they were pretty big for most of their ages my brother Seth was like a couple years younger then me but way taller than I could ever be really, I was the shortest of the pack and the only girl but I’m the fastest runner out of them.
“Yeah we better hurry then I heard that Emily was going to make chocolate-chip cookies, biskut for anda let’s see if Quil left any but I doubt it” I chuckled.
He laughed and berkata “     Well back to the real world, back to life it’s self” he sighed
“Ooh came on lets go” I pulled his arm and we walked through the woods in direction to Jacob’s house waiting inside Friends and family who had missed him very much these last months, and I was happy to bring him utama again.
Jacob’s POV
I walked up to the front steps of my house and stopped a couple of inches from the door and turned to face Leah who had been with me the whole time.
“The guys are probable pretty pissed at me right now” I berkata with a worried tone.
Leah rolled her eyes and replied.
“They are fine they were mad at first but they understand it wasn’t easy for anda to be away from them, they just miss you, your their alpha remember?” she smirked and crossed her arms over her chest.
“You know it wasn’t soo bad being in charge for a while, being Beta has its perks “she chuckled, I remember then the kinda perks that she meant.
“O yeah the perks” I berkata sarcastically and crossed my arms the same way she had her’s.
“I don’t think making the pack clean your room shouldn’t be one of them”
She laughed and I couldn’t help but laugh too.
“It really was pretty funny anda should have seen Quil he wouldn’t stop waning the whole time they were cleaning “
“Easy to imagine I have seen Quil’s waning before”. I berkata amused.
“Well let’s go inside before Seth and Quil jump out your window”
I turned to face the small window of my house to see Quil face with what seemed to be cookie cums on this face as he looked focusely at me and Leah. As soon as he realized that I was looking at him he turned back and went into the living room. I turned my stare to Seth who had been there the whole time. He looked happy to see me and waved hi to me I waved back but not with the same excitement as he’s.
I turned back to Leah and berkata “Really do I have to do this?” I berkata nervious bitting my bottom lip looking at the woods thinking about making a run for it.
“Yes anda do!” she berkata amused voice.
“Time to face the Serigala I guess” I sighed and was then spine sejak Leah in direction of the front door , I placed my hand on the knob and opened the door to what I thought of as my fate.
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The plane ride to the island was long than it took forever once we were done with the planes just to get to the island. But we finally made it. “Wow it’s beautiful.” Jacob helped me out of the bot then grabbed the suitcases. “Jump on my back, I’ll carry anda there.” Jacob berkata turning around. I jumped on and kissed his neck. “I Cinta you, when we drop of the suitcases anda wanna go swimming?” I asked him just as we made it to the door. “Of course as long as I’m with anda I will.” He berkata opening the door. We walked to the pantai and got undressed and jumped in.

The water was...
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