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posted by Edward_Bella234
I'm sorry that this artikel is really short. I'll post another later tonight.


“How are anda feeling?” he asked in that musical voice.
    “Fine” I lied.
    “Hmm, doesn’t look fine. I think your leg is broken but I’m not positive. How did anda injure it?”
    “Well…I slipped out of a pokok I was climbing” I muttered embarrassed to tell him I was a 16-year-old who still climbed trees. I chose to tell him the truth, though, rather than lie because I knew he would talk to my parents later…
    “Well, let me take a look” he berkata as he put on his medical gloves. He handled my leg with care trying out different points and asking me if it hurt atau not. sejak the end of his examination, he informed me I fractured my leg.
    “Your going to need a cast and it will be on for 6-8 weeks,” he told me “you’ll need crutches as well.” Then he put on my cast as I watched in awe. My parents were called in and I was telah diberi the crutches.
    “Thank anda very much Dr. Cullen” I berkata to him as my parents and I excited the office
    “Please call me Carlisle. And your very welcome Esme” he replied smiling a blinding smile at me. He couldn’t be that much older than me. Maybe early 20’s. I wondered to myself if he was married atau engaged. He probably is. A good-looking, glorious, breathtakingly beautiful man like that couldn’t be single. He was probably involved with a much prettier woman than I.
    I hobbled my way to the car with help from my father. Getting in was tricky but we manages. As we drove home, my thoughts couldn’t stray from the wonderful doctor Carlisle who repaired me. In a way, he way my own personal hero and that thought gave me lebih pleasure than it should.    
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