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Chapter 4
All the Cullens were dumbstruck sejak Carlisle’s revelation. “Why are anda only telling us of this now Carlisle?” asked Esme. “Like I said, triggers only exists in some vampires, I never thought it would be to one of us. It is very rare. Someone should go and check on Edward.” Alice was the first to jump up to go in cari for Edward. She had always had so much faith in Bella and Edward’s relationship but with this new revelation she had some doubts. ‘Their Cinta is strong’ Alice thought to herself, ‘why am I not having a vision?’ Alice berated herself as she pushed open the door where Edward was supposed to be in. “Hey, are anda -” She cut herself short realising the room was empty.

“He’s not in his room!” Alice half yelled to everyone as she came down the stairs. Carlisle’s face remained blank as he said, almost himself “He has gone out to hunt, and he’s not hunting animals”. “Everyone, we need to go out to look for Edward before he makes a human kill, if he drinks even a small drop he will become uncontrollable.” Alice volunteered to stay with Bella in case, as Emmett put it, one of the Anjing showed up. Every one of the Cullens swished away using their super speed leaving Alice alone to guard Bella.

Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle, Rosalie and Esme were leaping from pokok to pokok into town which was the most obvious place Edward would go if he wanted an abundance of human blood. Their best bet was deserted alleys.

All of Edward’s senses were now heightened. In the deserted alleyway he found himself in, there was a homeless man ‘Surely he wants to be taken out of his misery?’ Edward thought to himself trying to justify what he was about to do. He hadn’t felt this way about blood in centuries, why now? He could literally feel himself losing control as he creeped closer to the poor soul sleeping in the alleyway. He couldn’t think of anything else, not even Bella, all he could think of was tasting blood.

Alice was pacing up and down the room when she saw Bella standing at the door. “What happened?” Bella asked. Alice was having a battle within herself about whether she should tell Bella about Edward and his trigger. She decided against it and plastered on a smile “Nothing, anda just collapsed, must be stress. Come! Tell me all about the honeymoon.” Alive was relieved to find that Bella had no memory of what caused her to be knocked unconscious as she launched into a story about something that happened during her honeymoon.

Carlisle was getting worried if they couldn’t find Edward soon, it would be too late. Edward would become too strong. His need for Bella’s blood would turn him into the ultimate vampire with one instinct; to quench his thirst for Bella’s blood.
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