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Will the pain ever go away?
Bella peminat fiction

“Smile sweetie.” Dad tried to tell me to do. It didn’t work. The crap that I was going through couldn’t be stopped anyway possible. Charlie wasn’t helping, Jacob wasn’t helping, not even work was helping. I wanted to curl up and die. My life sucked and all I wished was that I could get the pain through my body in one pantas, swift move. The pain didn’t want to cooperate. It wanted to scream at my soul to shut down. And it was working. Everything people told me from the beginning. It was to good to be true.
    That night I didn’t touch my dinner. And I also didn’t finish my chemistry homework. atau any other assignment. I was failing in all my classes (of course Phys Ed included). I asked my dad if I could be excused and went up to my room with a small glass of water. I got my blanket off my chair and laid it out on the floor. I couldn’t sleep in the katil my father provided me with, because it smelled of Edward. Or, HIM as I referred to it. I got my bantal and laid down. I didn’t put my katil clothes on, just laying in my T-shirt and jeans on the blanket. I looked at my phone one last time and saw 1 new message:

hei Bells, r u OK? I want to come see u but my dad berkata I couldn’t yet. I have the flu. Text me back. I Cinta u. -Jacob.

I tried to smile but my lips wouldn’t provide the action, so I smiled in my brain and read the text again and again. I decided I would text him back, I didn’t want to close the door on Jacob, as much as I did the rest of the world.

Hi Jake. No, my world is caving in. I’m sorry about ur flu. Can I come c u? I miss u very much. I Cinta u 2. Please don’t think I’m shutting anda out. -Bella

I waited for about 30 minit after that and decided I would check my e-mails instead to see if I’d gotten any new e-mails from Jake, mostly.

The computer I had was slow, but steady and it was all I had. I hadn’t minded it when HE was here. I’d only minded it when I was alone. I fidgeted because it was so slow and it made me scream inside.
    Finally the piece of crap started up and let me get on my e-mail.

3 new e-mails, the computer told me. I expected all of them to be from Jake, but surprisingly one said, That couldn’t be right. Alice’s e-mail was Someone was either blackmailing me atau tricking me.

    Hello Bella,
It’s Jasper. If it berkata Jasper anda would think it would be something else. Not sure what but I know you, I am very sorry for the outburst. Alice was too afraid to tend to your e-mails. Esme misses anda so much. anda kept Edward in place. I’ll be visiting anda soon, Bella. I promise anda will be fine until I get there. Don’t answer back, please. Thank you.
Love, Jasper Cullen *your friend* :]

This time I really did smile. Jasper was coming to see me, I wouldn’t be alone. The fight was coming to an end, because where one Cullen goes, the rest follow. Like chain mail.

3 days later:
    I was at school and I had my homework done because I’d been really excited for Jasper’s return. The hari went really fast because Jasper was coming and I was just really excited. I had been texting Jake back with enthusiasm. He’d berkata hopefully the flu would go away soon but I still wasn’t aloud to see him….

    I got in my truck and went home. I was eating again too, so I got a snack and put a bowl of chili in the microwave. I looked in the living room to be sure that Jasper wasn’t hiding in there with Edward atau someone else…he wasn’t. I went up into my room to see my katil as it was and my sheets on the floor. I looked around, and something caught my eye…At first I thought it was Jasper. But I looked again and saw it was EDWARD!!!!! I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t kidding myself (I did this often). I wasn’t and it was true.

“Hello my love.” he said. I screamed and dropped what was in my hand. I ran up to him and hugged him tightly. “YOUR BACK!” I yelled. He hugged me back and then we kissed. “Are anda staying?” I asked. “Yes.” He smiled. “Really?” “Really.” “Where’s Jasper?” I asked. “Jasper didn’t send that e-mail. I did.” “You did?” “I did.” I smiled and hugged him again. This was the perfect present. I would never forget that. “I Cinta you.” I said. “Me too.” Edward berkata and picked me up, bridal style.
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