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posted by uniquezandy
Authors note: This is a different story to what I normally do. So tell me what anda think if I should continue. And the Vampire called Marie-louise is me btw.

Bellas POV
"Mamma? Dadda?" I didn't know where I was. I was lost. All I had was my faithful teddy. Mr cuddles was in my hand and I was cluthcing on it like there was no tomorrow. I am Lost in the woods. No one around me, and I'm scared. What if a monster comes to get me? I'm only a 6 tahun old girl, and my parents just left me here. I try running but I was too scared. Then all of a sudden I heard a voice. "Anyone here?" My parents told me not to talk to strangers; so I kept quiet. But then someone grabbed me from behind. "Aggh. Get off of mwe!" I screamed. But it was too late.
"My apologies Miss Swan. I am Felix. Welcome to your new home." He showed me this huge castle. I've always wanted to be a princess, and lived in a castle. But this was too scary....

Felix showed me other people. They seem to be all the same. Red eyes, and black clokes. Mabey it's a theme. But as we went in I saw some head people in a room with thrones. These were worst than monsters. They were scary, so I started being quiet. "Hello young one. My name is Aro. Do anda know why your here?" He asked. I shook my head.
Just then, another boy (about my age,) came in too with another person. "Oh and hello young one. I am Aro. Do anda know why anda are here?" He asked the boy. He was shy as well, so he just shook his head. "Well in that case-" He looked like he was going to hurt me and the boy. But some pretty girl stopped him. "Aro wait. I forbid anda too hurt these two little kids. Did anda know what happened to me? So don't." The girl said. She looked like she was 15 years old....

Marie-louise POV
I just came in to find two little kids, having to suffer Aro! The nerve of him! These two children looked so cute. But I was too mad to care about that. What horrible person hurt two 6 tahun olds?... Apparantly Aro. So I spoke up. "Aro wait. I forbid anda too hurt these two little kids. Did anda know what happened to me? So don't."
Aro knew full well not to argue. So he raised his hand down. I quikly walked over to the little frightened children. Bless. They looked adorable. "What's your name?" I whispered. "Bella." The girl replied. She was a bit shy but I don't blame her. "And yours?" I asked turning to the boy who look like he'd seen a ghost. "Edward. Please don't hurt me atau this girl." He begged. He looked like he was about to cry. "Listen. I won't hurt anda ok?" I spoke softly. He nodded and calmed himself down.

"Marie-louise why did anda defend them?" Jane asked. Jane was ok, but even she likes having her bit of torture. So I turned to Aro. "Aro, these two are really pure. They will grow up to be like us, but not just yet. Also, they will grow up to have powers. Edward would be a mind reader and Bella... hers will come later. Not just that but if anda kill one, the other suffers." I explained. "Why?" Demitri asked. "It's called young love. Something your not too familiar with. I don't blame anda for asking." I answered back. All of them wanted to laugh, but Demtri wanted to have a little joke on me too. "Oh yeah young Cinta Marie-louise. Like anda and Alec? Didn't anda know thats why your stuck at the age of 15?" He commented. Ugh he's so annoying so I wanted lebih fun. "When pigs fly." I stated. "Ok." He said. "Meaning Demitri, you'll never grow a pair of wings and get flying lessons." I spoke announced. All of the Volturi laughed so much. He didn't have a comeback. 1-0 to me...

"Ok I decide that these two children can live." He proclamied. "Providing anda Marie-louise will take care of them." He finished. I don't want these kids to suffer so I agreed. "Excellent. So it's settled." Aro said. With that I took Bella and Edward out of the room....
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