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posted by cullenROCKz
“I will always be there for you,” murmured Edward. With this he sealed my fate. A fate of enveloping darkness, overwhelming sadness and heart-breaking loneliness. This hari was what I have been dreading for ever since we became friends. In a place of such sorrow and solitude anda couldn’t help but find someone to lean on. Nobody was better in that respect than my best friend Edward. The only person I have opened up to and knew all my secrets. I was seven and he was eight just one tahun older than me but seem to have an incredible knowledge for his age. He was an orphan just like me and …
That is all I know about him. I was too busy talking about my problems that I never got the chance to ask him his. anda never really know when anda run out of time. I was so stupid, well the time for contemplating over that isn’t helping much actually quite the contrary.
Edward was leaving the orphanage, leaving me and leaving a different life. The people who wanted to take him seem to have sweet dispositions and deeply cared for this boy. I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed sejak sadness when I heard of the news but I could never rob Edward off this optimistic opportunity he could start over again, in a better place where he is treated as a human being and not as a savage.
“Whenever anda need me I will be there. I am just a phone call away. I promise,” he berkata as I stared at his zamrud, emerald green eyes. Over the years I have gotten to know him very well and I could tell behind that grief there was an excitement. With one last hug he left with nothing but my memories to remember that such a person in my life existed.
I quickly scrambled to the window to see him one last time. He waved and with that he was gone. He became just another memory in the pile of history.
Current day
“Would anda like to take the job?” the manager of Witherton Services asked me. “Yes, I will take it,” I whispered barely audible. The years of closure made it harder to speak. At least this job I hope will be stable. In the current state I am I could pass as a junkie. I quickly made my way out of the building as I excited, a mirror stood majestically to the side. The woman in the mirror wasn’t someone I recognised.
Her cheek Bones were sullen and the boring brown eyes seemed dead but at the same time held wisdom. There wasn’t a trace of any emotion on her face. A blanket of thick dull brown hair fell either side of her face and some sticking to her face. The dark circles under her eyes further gave this woman’s face a daunting look. I can’t remember the last time I looked in a mirror. The woman here was quite different from the one who was admitted at an orphanage although just like then I was still thinking about the same things and locked up in the same fate that was predicted sejak everybody.
A distinct memory shot across my mind. My face been described as radiant, my eyes exquisite, my hair a blanket of splendour. My mind reached a dead dinding when it came to who told me this. But a pair of eccentric zamrud, emerald eyes came to mind. Whose eyes were they? I could never remember. Over time I disciplined myself to forget that tearful time at the orphanage but I never seem to be able to forget those eyes. They look into my soul, my grief and my desire.
Forget it, I focused on my surroundings rather than the eyes. All round it was dull yet vibrant with green. Oh green again.. Forks I thought would be the best place for me to live but apparently not. I have never seen so much green in my entire life. That colour I will die forgetting but will live remembering.
I was interrupted from my thoughts sejak the sight of my dull, dark neighbourhood. It was dripping with vandalism and shrouded in crime. I like it though; it made me feel good being surrounded sejak an even greater darkness than my life. I would be starting school soon, even if I am eighteen and maybe older than most there I would like to do some lebih studying and with my job hopefully I would be able to piece my broken life. I reached the doorstep of my apartment which I shared with another girl. I think her name is Alice. Before I could open the door, Alice was there with a ghostly smile and annoying enthusiasm on her face.
“Hello… Oh my God… anda are finally here. I have been waiting to meet anda ever since Jared told me I am getting a room mate. I am so excited. Aren’t you? We will do all things that girls do, shopping, makeovers…,” Alice screamed. I tuned it out; she was very quick and obviously excited. I didn’t want to tell her anything, it could hurt her feelings. Always think about others and not about you. anda are one stupid girl, Bella. My conscious always was mad.
“Hello, I am Bella. It is nice to meet anda too, Alice,” I berkata in an almost loud voice. At once Alice’s eyes glazed over, staring at something behind me. I must say it frightened me a bit. Her enthusiasm now completely drained from her face, her smile faded into a tight line and a dawning realisation on her face. “Do anda know Jacob?” she asked in an ice, cold voice, her excited tone now only a ghost. Jacob? Who is that?
“No, I am sorry. I don’t know a Jacob. Now if anda excuse me, I like to go and rest. I have school tomorrow.” She didn’t seem affected sejak my escape, which I was glad for. I made my way through the house to the saat floor. The hallway was littered with all kinds of junk, Coke cans, polythene bags, half-eaten pizzas, and pages from books; others which were very difficult to see. The saat floor was just as dark if not lebih so. A light shone from one room which I figured was Alice’s but there seem to be no other room. So I went towards the light unfazed sejak the darkness.
‘Bella’s Room’, what the hell? I never knew the apartment came with furniture. I was hoping to sleep on the floor for a while until I could afford pillows and katil sheets. Here was a glorious room, decorated in blue. It was a lovely light shade of blue; the katil had a dark blue polka dot sheet with a light blue quilt over it and the pillows matching the set. The wallpaper, the desk, lamps, and curtains everything seemed to match this blue theme. It was absolutely breath taking; I must thank Alice for this. I soon found myself comfortable and yearning for a goodnight sleep. Before long I fell into a restless sleep.
A loud ringing sounded in my ear. What was that? I didn’t set any alarm. “Come on sleepy head! Wake up,” a too- sweet voice spoke through the ringing.
"Who are anda talking to?" a voice like flowing velvet, rich and full of curiosity. I felt something, I never felt before although many years lalu I think.. at the orphanage... That voice was so familiar. A voice I knew but I didn't know who..
"Bella? She is here...!" that voice shouted.
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