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Breaking Dawn
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One for today! ^_^

I looked around, for my seat, K13. Angela already found her seat.
"I'll meet anda once we are out of the plane." Angela told me.
I smiled. "Sure thing."
I took my seat, and settled. I got the window seat. I took out the book, Wuthering Heights and began reading. So far, no one took the kerusi, tempat duduk seterusnya to me. I'm praying that I'll have this row to myself. I wasn't the talkative type, and I like to have privacy. But then I groaned quietly when a girl took a kerusi, tempat duduk nect to me. She was about my age, but was like an average teenager. She wore makeup, lots of jewelry, and wore designer clothings....
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posted by jamiesue00
Nessie POV
Nahul had explained to his father that he just couldn’t live with his aunt anymore and decided to try living with his father. “Well son, I want anda to meet your new wife to be. I’m sure anda remember her from years ago. This is Renesmee Cullen. I think anda two will be very happy together.” Johan was overly excited about the two of us; though Nahul knew better. “Yes father I’m sure we will have a very long and happy life together. Hello Renesmee nice to see anda again.” He was walking over to the door of my cage. “Father, don’t anda think I could be allowed in to get...
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I tried to be differnt, and it worked.
All my life I have always blended into the atmosphere and the people around me. I was nothing special. I was ordinary.
My chance to be different and my chance to be free came with a cost... one I was sure I was willing to take.

"Turn away from the past, and follow me." were the words I recieved.

"Do anda want to be different?" He asked me, and of course what sliped out of my mouth was a simple,
"Yes." But was I going to follow through with what he had in store for me?

Based on the hit series Twilight comes a new romantic twist...
One Way atau Another
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posted by twilight_fan_8
The seterusnya morning I woke up early for school. Really, why must I wake up early when I have to wake up early in the first place? Today I have to do something about Edward, I have decided. I probably will not go to school. I need help from Alice because I do not know what to do.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

It's my phone ringing and I see the name Alice flashing on the screen. It's as if she read my mind.

"Alice, I need help," I said.

"Help?" she sounded startled.

"What do I do about Edward," I moaned into the phone.

"Oh, thank goodness I thought something happened that I missed. I do not know what to do about...
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