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“Real Vampires don’t sparkle.” This is a common line heard from the Twilight haters, along with “Real Vampires burn”. I can understand the concern of those who think the story is sexist atau just think the story is cheesy. Those are valid opinions, but I just don’t really get the hatred of the story element in which the Vampires sparkle in the sunlight. I think it’s an unusual divergence of the vampire mythology, but makes as much sense as anything in the context of the story. I think the whole backlash against the sparkling may be influenced sejak ageist and sexist lines of thought...
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Chapter 10- Flight

------------------------------------Tom's POV------------------------------------------------------------------- I led Esme into the living room and placed my hands on her shoulders. “Esie what is it? What did he do to you?” she looked at me and smiled slightly.

“He didn't touch me. Yet. I'm worried that he will though,” she looked down. “He.... he drinks too often. He'll end up hurting me, but it isn't me I'm worried about Tom,” she looked back up at me.

“I understand, what do we need to do?” I asked her. “We need to get anda away from him, away from here,”...
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Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, can I say sorry some more. I have been crazy busy, traveling back and forth back utama now that school is out. This is a really short chapter that I wrote while I was on the bus, hopefully I can accomplish some more.

And also, I am still trying to find the seterusnya chapter in my untitled story, it's kicking around here someplace.


From the Beginning:

I grabbed a piece of newspaper, wrapping it around another glass and placed it into the box beside me. I was supposed to head over to the main house but with the conversation I just had with Jake, I didn't feel like...
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