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This Siri-siri Twilight foto contains saman perniagaan, sut perniagaan, tanda, poster, teks, papan hitam, and chalkboard. There might also be pemain piano, accompanist, accompanyist, piano, berpakaian seorang, guaman, seluar guaman, pantsuit, orang baik berpakaian sut, penekan seluar, and konsert.

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Hiya everyone! ^.^ Okay, so this will be my last post until Tuesday of seterusnya week, because this weekend is 4th of July. Thanks for ALL your wonderful comments! I appreciate anda guys with all of my hati, tengah-tengah <3 Thanks for reading, y'all :) Enjoy!! (I really like this chapter, too :P)
Summer was the last to climb down from the steel hatch door. They were going in the right direction and she was going to make sure things stayed that way.

She bolted the lock and jumped down from the ladder.

She wiped the dirt off her hands, "Alright, let's keep going."...
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Hi again, everyone! Here's the saat installment to part two. Thank anda for all your sincere comments. The encouragement is MUCH appreciated. I do hope anda all enjoy this chapter! Please let me know what anda think ;)

Anakin was an incredibly gifted vampire, just like his mother and Aro. As a shield, he could heal, stun, and "mind roll," but he was unable to read thoughts. He was baffled as to why his parents were Berlakon so odd lately. Summer seemed out of sorts, and Jake seemed highly infuriated at something atau someone. Thankfully, his sister...
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This is like after new moon, where Bella finally hears that Edward wants to marry her. Enjoy.
Bellas POV
Marry? These words are spitting on the tip of my tounge. I just don't know what to say. He caught me off guard. "So what do anda say? anda can take your time. I can live with the wait." He spoke. If it takes us too long to marry, them my part of the deal, won't come. I understood from his point of view, but that is a way, to make sure I don't become a vampire. "Edward, trust me when I...
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Hope anda guys like it. This is my first atricle so please tell me if I should continue with it. Thanx

Bellas POV

Well here i am, in Charlies driveway looking at my new 'present' , a truck actually. The truck was bought in the 80's. Charlie berkata he bought it for a really good price. The truk was losing it's color. I would probably say it's a rusty red leaf looking kind of color.

"Thanks dad, I Cinta is so much." I berkata as I hugged him real tight. He dihidu, smelt of ikan and swamp water. Not a good mix. Ughh!

"Im glad anda like it Bella"He berkata with care in his eyes. I could tell he really missed me.

I pulled...
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Chapter 4-The Demise

I heard the front door creak open and then slam closed. “My makan malam, majlis makan malam had better be ready,” I heard the rough voice of my husband as he walked inside.

“Yes sir. It is,” I berkata pulling out his chair for him. Then sprinting to sit at the other end of the meja, jadual before he could sit and yell at me more. We ate in silence then after dinner, much to my dismay he headed off to the bar with his 'drinking buddies'. I took this opportunity to clean the dishes and pray he didn't get too drunk.

A few hours later I was upstairs reading. The house was spotless and I couldn't think...
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There is this lyric from this song sejak Fall Out Boy. The song is I'VE GOT A DARK ALLEY OUT BACK, AND A GOOD IDEA THAT anda SHOUOLD SHUT YOUR MOTUH (SUMMER SONG) the lyric is: "joke me something awful just like kisses on the necks of "best friends" we're the kids who feel like dead ends and I want to be known for my hits, not just my misses I took a shot and didn't even come close at trust and Cinta and hope and the poets are just kids who didn't make it and never had it at all."...
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