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 Kristen Leaving for Brazil
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Kristen Leaving for Brazil
Kristen Stewart
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This Siri-siri Twilight foto contains cermin mata hitam, cermin mata gelap, warna, and warna-warna.

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!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!! ONLY FOR ADULTS!!!!!!
Hello, friends. Thank anda again for your komen-komen and support. Here is the seterusnya chapter.

“Do anda want to help me?”
“I’d better find some Makanan for you,” I berkata in a quiet voice, and he gently unwound her arms. I heard her sighed as I moved to the kitchen.
I moved too fast for her to stop me and do something stupid again. I forced my mind to concentrate on preparing Makanan for her. She was hungry. I stated this in my mind and moved all other thoughts out of my head. In 10 saat I found myself preparing some omelet for her. As I always helped...
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When I woke up I went to the window and looked outside. It was mendung, overcast and windy. In other words it was a perfect day, and I wouldn’t have to go to school without Edward. He left and I was ready when he picked me up.

On our way to school I realized that I had never gotten an answer to my soalan last night. The one about whether Edward had rethought his carefully planned boundaries. But now wasn’t the best time. We were in the school parking lot. Edward opened my door and led me to my locker. The first loceng rang.

“I guess I’ll see anda later.” He berkata melancholy.

“Yep, see anda in...
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BUT THEN I had to look away fromm the beautiful boy because the teacher was calling my name i was bearly avaible to answer him then from the corner of my eye i saw that the boy had also turn around.
my head was spinning i took deep breaths tryng but not suceeding to calm myself
who was that why he has to be so beautiful
finally the loceng rang i get up wanting to run to the seterusnya class but someone was infront of me well a bunch of boys not a single girl and in the bunch of boys the beautiful boy wasnt there...
after that class after class it was the same but i never had another class with the boy...
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THE LAST ONE :-) the picture anda see, is the vacation house :D ENJOY AND PLEASE LEAVE komen FOR MY LAST STORY

Bella's pov

After we were done hunting, Edward grabbed my hand and dragged me to our home. I saw the suitcases unpacked and remember why they were packed in the first place.
Suddenly Edward grabbed them and start pulling everything of Mason out of the suitcases.
“What are anda doing” I berkata totally surprised.
“I’m making our suitcases so we can leave” he berkata not looking at me but still busy making the suitcases ready.
“What, where are we going then” I berkata in a hurry.
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