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"Twilight" has been selected to be the closing night event at this year's Old Pasadena Film Festival. The movie will be screened on Saturday, July 25th on the bahagian, atas level of the Schoolhouse Parking garaj located on the SW corner of Colorado Blvd. and Fair Oaks Ave (enter on Fair Oaks, Green, atau Raymond). Chairs will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis so anda may want to bring your own lawn chairs atau blankets. The movie will start at 9PM; admission is free.

The event is taking place as a part of the world's largest free outdoor movie festival, held every July at various locations throughout...
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yeah i completely forgot about this story because i was so wrapped up in Our Worst tunjuk sob yeah its mostly just a filler of edwards POV of when Bella got kidnapped so here u go!!!please please review and komen it would mean alot to me and i will dedicate the seterusnya chapter to the first person to komen and id o put these on different and bigger sites, but this is the first one ok stop my blabbing and on with the story! this one is kinda short the seterusnya one will be longer i promise

Chapter 4 Bella (Edward’s P.O.V. of The Party)
    “The mutt is...
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posted by Twi-Freak14
When we got back from shopping, I carried Nessie out the backdoor and to the cottage Esme had repaired for me and Edward as my birthday gift.
I set Nessie in her katil and went out to the little garden and sat on the little bench sejak the pond, the sunlight danced around my arms making them shine an reflect off the pond.
Arms wrapped around me and I looked up to see Edward, he looked down at me and smiled.
Edward came around to sit seterusnya to me taking my hand in his.
"How was shopping?" Edward teased, barely interested.
"You know Alice, she saw me looking at this pale blue sundress for Nessie and...
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posted by twilight0girl
as we got done dancing esme told us it was time to cut the and jazz walked over to the big elaborite wedding cake esme and carlisle had bought was a beutiful had white icing and purple flowers. "ready to cut the cake?"
jasper asked me quietly. "yep" we took the pisau cut the cake and cut two big slice's to smash into each others face's.

after the wedding
" alice,jasper,we have a surprise for you." esme called as carlisle blindfolded me and jasper.i Cinta it seemed like we walked for five hours.once we stoped...
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Huh... I'm asleep I thought to myself thats impossible I'm a vampire and as far as I know we don't/ can't sleep. I then woke up with a jolt and realized I was hungry something else Vampires don't expirence. My husband Edward walked into the room with Renesmee and her son Jerimia. My daughter Renesmee had only months lalu givin birth to the human that layed in front of me now. My daughter the half vampire/half human had had a one night affair with a human named Mike Zowe, and thus forth got pregnant with Jerimia. Now Jacob and Renesmee were once again in my room with my husband Edward. "Mom......
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I shouldn't think about her, not now..
I know she followed me into the forest when I left her, maybe she got lost. No, leave it! Bella's not stupid, she will survive. It is for her own good that I'm now trying to find Victoria, so she won't meet any Vampires in her life anymore. 'Edward, are anda OK?' Ofcourse, I could have known Jasper would feel my anxious mood. Since I left I didn't pay enough attention to the thoughts around me. 'Sure, Jasper, I'm fine, don't worry about me.' We were running South, where Alice told us she saw Victoria, but we didn't find her trail yet. 'You're worried about...
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posted by mrsblack_1089
This a little short something I wrote in Edward's POV when he left Bella after her birthday party in New Moon. Enjoy, comment, rate, please!!

I had been drawing this out for much too long. Why had I stayed with her for so long? How could I not have seen this painful end coming? Of course it had to end, sometime. A lion couldn't Cinta a kambing, daging biri-biri without hurting her. I knew all of this, even before the other night, her birthday. It was even lebih evident as I stared into her dark Chocolate brown eyes, wide with confusion, worry, and pain.
"You . . . don't . . . want me?" she asked slowly. She was...
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