Siri-siri Twilight After Membaca the Twilight series, which series did u read?

Pick one:
House of Night (i recommend it)
Vampire Diaries
None of those these two, but i read a lot
The Twilight series [again]! :D
Added by brattynemz
Generation Dead - The most heart-breaking, amazing book (except Noughts & Crosses
Added by SexyNo8
Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries buku (True Blood)
Added by Meganj15
Maximum Ride buku
Added by CullenCult
UMM... I read the Twilight series 3 lebih times...
UMM... I read the Twilight series 3 lebih times then I read Wuthering Heights cuz
Added by rootytooty
Hunger Games ( Very exciting!)
Added by kuncuyug
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