Siri-siri Twilight Whose gift do anda like best? [Besides the Cullens']

Pick one:
Aro-- knowing every thought a person ever thought...
Aro--knowing every thought a person ever thought of.
Jane-- hurting someone through illusions.
Jane--hurting someone through illusions.
Maggie atau Charles-- knowing when someone is lying...
Maggie atau Charles--knowing when someone is lying to you.
Demetri atau Alistair atau James-- tracking.
Demetri atau Alistair atau James--tracking.
Zafrina-- making someone see only what anda want...
Zafrina--making someone see only what anda want them to.
Benjamin-- controlling the four elements.
Benjamin--controlling the four elements.
Chelsea-- strengthens atau weakens relation- ships.
Chelsea--strengthens atau weakens relationships.
Kate-- projects electric current onto someone&# 39; s...
Kate--projects electric current onto someone's skin.
Alec-- anesthetizes someone.
Alec--anesthetizes someone.
Others. [ Please specify through comments.]
Others. [Please specify through comments.]
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