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it was the end of the day,Naruto went with a tarikh with Hinata in secret and Kakashi was relaxing.So Sasuke was left with Sakura.Sakura had Cinta for Sasuke but knew Sasuke would not like her back.While Sakura was walking sejak the ramen, ingatan capaian rawak kedai to go buy some ramen, ingatan capaian rawak for Naruto but Sakura saw Naruto Ciuman with Hinata.Sakura was so shocked she ran crying into a forest.Sasuke was practicing his jitsu like always and heard Sakura cring he went to her,and Sakura ran to sob on his shoulder.Normaly Sasuke would push her away but in this case he didnt and ask her why she was crying.Sakura replied that Naruto...
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