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Some ugly betty kertas-kertas dinding from the italian fansite :)
kertas dinding
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This week concluded link’s run on Thursday nights with bringing out loads of stars from thelink finale and a whole lot of confusion with many things happening and then “unhappening” and then re-happening again but the most important is how stupid Betty can be sometimes and how much Daniel has changed since the premiere episode a few years back. The whole episode looks rather manipulative, Betty has a job! Betty doesn’t have a job. Betty is promoted! Betty isn’t promoted. Betty is in love! Betty isn’t in love, Betty’s sort of in love. The threat of Molly’s death although being...
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NB: *this review was originally telah diposkan on the michael urie online site last tahun and to coincide with the UK release of season 2 on dvd. since then the final mark has changed. btw, I re-submitted this review as it appears as if the original version appears to be Lost on this site and that i could not retrieve it*

Ok, here it goes: personally speaking, I didn't enjoy it as much as the first season; for a dramedy, there was too much drama and not enough comedy and humour. The Betty/Henry/Gio storyline, whilst it provided much needed interest and drama for those benry and getty 'shippers, to an...
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NB: *I did NOT write this review. I just saw it on a website and thought it was not only a good account of season 2, but a lot of the komen-komen echoed sejak this writer made a lot of sense. Particuarly in relation to season 3 of Ugly Betty.*

Review sejak Mike Long, telah diposkan on 9/7/2008

All Ratings out of 5
Show: 3
Video: 5
Audio: 5
Extras: 2

Here's the process of making a Televisyen show: First (after the idea has been approved), one episode, called a "Pilot" is made. If the powers-that-be and a test audience like the Pilot, then a season is ordered, often 13 atau 22 episodes. I've read interviews with series...
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