In a quiet room zero wash the face saying:
I Cinta her but why?????????????why
she is a human and i am a vampire!!!!why!!!
she is in Cinta kuran!why!(saying he grind)
why why why???????????? why me
i Cinta her but she does not know I exist!!!!!!!!!
(saying he taking bloody rose to head)
suddenly someone knock
zero?you are here?(ask yuki)
yuki?you are?
yes!!!!(smile yuki)
zero jump on it
shut up now i'll talk and i talk I Cinta you!
(saying he and Ciuman her)
I Cinta anda too (saying she Ciuman his)
^giving away coller yuki bite it^
yuki..... anda are a vampire?
yes....(saying she)
what? since?(saying he astonished)
but anda Cinta kuran(saying he)
that anda understand?oh no kaname is my broather no my Cinta anda are my love
what? so anda are not a human?
no i am a vampire!!
both kiss