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Keep up with upcoming gaming titles.
Resident Evil, a survival horror franchise created sejak the company Capcom, celebrated its 20th anniversary yesterday.
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Help 'Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition' to get a physical release as its counterpart did back in 2008. A digital release would further convince Capcom to go that route in ALL their games.

Capcom about to be bought out and put up for sale real soon
A fanclub dedicated to the ultimate crossover between Anime and video games.
a site where u can download free pc games ;)
Come here to discuss many things such videogames,music,sports,pc,and Anime for exmple.
From a single player to multiplayer anda will find informations and lists of games sejak category. For example, anda can read reviews and descriptions of Nancy Drew, Harry Potter atau Flight simulator.
VGradar the utama of the game release calendar, the easiest way to find baru-baru ini release dates.