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pilihan peminat: Attempts to analyze characters as viably relatable
pilihan peminat: Shana!
pilihan peminat: Haruhi Suzumiya!
pilihan peminat: Rock Lee!
pilihan peminat: Bleach!
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This is when anda really miss when anda don't have the thing that used to bring anda peace of mind when everything was going to shit telah diposkan ·10 hari lalu
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*let my family spend $400 of my savings on a hari trip yesterday*

*is now being yelled and screamed at because I misunderstood a text and accidentally bought one less meal than we needed for makan malam, majlis makan malam today* telah diposkan ·11 hari lalu
wantadog berkata …
Solitude fucks me up. I'm aight at being alone but if I'm FORCED to be alone atau if an issue happens and "nothing" is the only right answer, it has probably the worst effect on my mental state because what I've noticed is that when there's a pressing issue, it PRESSES. I know. Shocking right? I will think about that shit constantly until the tiniest thing can either set me off in a blind rage atau make me shrivel up and try to ignore it. telah diposkan ·14 hari lalu
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And it leads to the stuff in the post below this about being empty cuz it usually drains me till I'm like "I just don't wanna do, say, atau experience anything..." ·14 hari lalu