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posted by JayHollyLion
It's jay here. Now for the story with Hollyleaf helping me type.....
This is before I am an med. cat apprentice

So I wake up to find Hollypaw(leaf) pushing me off my bedding. EVERY DAY! So.... I get some fresh kill then go to see Lionpaw(blaze). He's still sleeping. So I, Jaypaw(feather) go do my daily morning schedule.

Wake up
Do whatever Firestar tells me to do. D:<

So yah. Lionpaws schedule is....

Wake up
Wake up
Hang out
Wake up
Do whatever Firestar tells him to do. :|

You do NOT want to know Hollypaws schedule.... Here it is any ways.

Wake up...
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Bluefur: "Hi, I'm Bluefur and today I'm going to teach anda how to make mouse-salad.

Ok, there are the indigents anda will need. anda can use any type of tetikus anda want, but this is the kind I'm using; wood mouse. anda will need the mouse, uh, the catnip for taste, and some blueberries.


*Snowfur comes up*

Bluefur: Then pour all the catnip into the mouse. . . augh. . . come out.

Snowfur: What out? What?

Bluefur: Then get a handful of blueberries. It's kind of hard just to get a handful. . .

Snowfur: That is the bestest! It's yumma! There's apples in there?

Bluefur: Catnip. . . blueberries. . . and mouse. . .

Snowfur: Blueberry. anda forgot the blueberries

Bluefur: I berkata blueberries

Snowfur starts bouncing up and down: Blueberries blue- *falls to the ground, taking the bowl with the indigents with her*

Bluefur gasps*

Credit to the makers of the real video!
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Warriors The Lost Omen
#1 Signs of the Stars
Chapter 1/ Part 1

"Manny! Get down here now!" Yelled the mother from downstairs, in the kitchen.
Manny, who was only a poor 9-year old boy, was snoozing away until his mother had woken him up. He was always bullied at school and never had any friends. Even his so called "family" never liked him; calling him scumbag, kicking him around, atau just never cleaned him. "I'm coming mom!" Shouted Manny while scrambling out of his bed.
He could hear his mother muttering to herself till she...
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Warriors: The Lost Omen
#1 Signs of the Stars Summary

In various countries lives four kids, who died mysteriously on their own turf. Somehow, unaware of the parent's guardians and others, they travel into a dimension of where Kucing live freely and inhabit the forest surrounding them. But they had been turned into Kucing as well! Only, something is terribly wrong. The Kucing who live there was once peaceful souls who protected their own Clans, but now they are full of hateful tyrants who kill for not only survival, but for simple...
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I Bramblestar leader of Thunder clan am proud to say that there will be a 6th series taking place after OOTS and Bramblestar's storm.

(insert happy Muzik here)

(Squrrielflight ques explosions)

So yes the ultimate soalan has being answered.

Be happy All Erin Hunters put hard work into keeping anda guys happy. This new series brings soalan like.

1. New cats. Yes new kits and Kucing always exciting to see new Kucing come.

2. new Territory. Most likely not but who knows it may happen.

3. Who will die. Yes anyone can die we can certainly expect that.

4. Battles. Of corse there will be battles, but how many?
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This should be a movie trailer :D
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Tribbleofdoom's video
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posted by BramblestarTC
Based on a True story not in Books.

Bramblestar: Hello I am Bramblestar see this beside me yes anda do it's a tablet atau MeowPad today I'm going to tunjuk anda how we found them, first we need to go back in time.

The time goes back to when Firestar died.

Bramblestar: Farther.

The time goes back to when Hollyleaf when missing.

Bramblestar: Farther

The time goes back to Dinosaurs

Bramblestar: TO FAR!!

The time goes way into the future.

Bramblestar: GO BACK!

The time goes back to present time.

Bramblestar: Jayfeather remind me to api, kebakaran anda after this.

Jayfeather: Really that's the 1748374848th Time.

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posted by Rapidtail
"I`m so sorry Spottedflight, Bounceflame is dead"
"Oh, Eaglewing, I know anda did your best"

But up in StarClan, Bounceflame was playing happily with his sister, the first time since she was killed sejak a badger, along with is mother and father.

"Oh, Spottedflight, I`m so sorry about Bounceflame
"Mommy, why is Daddy like that is he sleeping?"
asked Tanglefoot. "Yeah, why is Daddy still sleeping?" asked Quickfeather "Because, my
precious kits, your father has gone to StarClan".
"Will he be back tomorrow, will he play with me?"
asked Ryewind. " hei mouse-brains, Dads not
coming back' answered Pebblestep. "Yeah, Dads
never wakin up again, tonight we`ll sit with him,and
they`ll take him away for good" berkata Moonleaf.

Even though he was in StarClan,Bounceflame had
watched his boys from up above until they joined him.
posted by wolfcat47
When Firepaw woke up," Even though Bluestar berkata not to go out of the camp, i will still." He walked out of the apprentice den and got some fresh kill. Once finished, Firepaw headed out to annoy Windclan." Hello Tallstar." He berkata politely once at Windclan camp. "What are anda doing here." Tallstar snarled. ok for the plan, say I want to sertai the clan because I got banished. Tell him to sent me out to hunt and then to let my dog friends, Spike, Dodger, Hector, and Steve, out. "Oh I was banished from my clan of eating prey befor the kits and elders could, can I sertai Windclan?" He meowed to Tallstar....
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They are in 5th grade. It's mixed up from all books. :D

Class 10- Mr.Lionheart:


Spottedkit- Tortoiseshell she-cat

Silverkit- silver she-cat, white paws and bellyfur, has dark gray stripes

Sandkit- pale ginger she-cat. Green eyes

Fernkit- gray she-cat. Dark flecks on back

Cinderkit- gray she-cat. Blue eyes

Brightkit- white and orange she-cat. Torn face on left


Tigerkit S.- dark brown tom, tan bellyfur, and black stripes

Dustkit- light brown tom, dark brown stripes

Firekit- firey orange tom. Punched eyes. Torn ear. Green eyes

Graykit- gray tom. Dark gray stripe running along back

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posted by orkneymatrix
Ok, so I'm going to write Into the Wild, following the same story but different... So this is the prologue.

As a young tortoiseshell she-cat stalked meaningfully across the clearing, she dodged two young, tabby kits that were play-fighting carelessly. Their mother, a beautiful, white she-cat rushed up, herding her kits back towards the nursery.
“Sorry, Spottedleaf,” she stammered apologetically.
Spottedleaf stopped for a moment and looked back kindly at the queen. “It’s OK, really. They need their practice, after all. A Clan wouldn’t exist without its kits.”
“Yes, but kits need to...
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Based on Actual Recordings

Bramblestar: What a Fine Day, im going to go out for a walk.

Later Bramblestar Runs into Squrrielflight

Squrrielflight: oohh I have being looking for anda Everywhere.

Bramblestar: Really?

Squrrielflight: Oh Yes Yes Yes, I Brought something utama on my Trip to Earth.

Bramblestar: Did anda Really?

Squrrielflight: Yes its Right behind you.

Bramblestar Looks behind to find a Large Boeing 777

Bramblestar: Sqq.. Sqq, SQURRIELFLIGHT WHAT IS THIS!!!

Squrrielflight: Just a little gift.

Bramblestar: Gift!! MALAYSIA AIRLINES WHAT!!! 9M-MRO Thats the Missing Aircraft!!! Squrrielflight where...
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posted by BramblestarTC
In Dark Forest, Bramblestar falls from the sky, Followed sejak Jayfeather, Squrrielflight Cheats and Teleports behind them.

They Get up to find Tigerstar

Tigerstar: I See anda fell in my Little trap, the only way your going to escape is sejak defeating me, In a Dance off!!

All 3 stare at him awkwardly

Tigerstar: Hit it Boys!!

Brokenstar and Clawface both slam a disc. The Muzik starts and Tigerstar begins dancing, but Bramblestar not knowing how to dance.

Jayfeather who has a Explosive Herb he has and Throws it at him. As soon as it hits him Bramblestar begins dancing.

Jayfeather Throws another one but hits...
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Maplestar stepped out of his den, it was just after dawn and the patrols had just left. The snow had finally fallen the night before, it was just enough to cover his paws.
    A movement caught Maplestar's eye, he turned to see what it was and caught a flash of a black-and-orange pelt skirting the camp wall. Probably just an apprentice trying to get out of hunting duty. He thought sighing. He trotted over to the cat.
    “Hey, what are you-” this cat didn't smell familiar.
    “Good morning!” A scarred orange-and-black face starred...
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