Serigala Jadian Roleplay: Claw mountain! Can anda take on being a wolf?

pandawinx posted on Mar 11, 2011 at 08:29PM
Hi wolfs and she-wolfs!
What I'm basically starting is a little role play in which you get to take on the role of a werewolf! All you have to do is fill in the form below. Hopefully I'll start a few forums (if enough people join) and we'll be able to role-play it!
See you in claw mountain!

Name of werewolf:
Wolf or she-wolf?:
Color of fur (in wolf form):
Wolf skill (only one) (eg ridiculous speed, communicating with wolves in human form, reading minds etc.) :
How he/she became a werewolf:
Background story:

Heres mine-
Name of werewolf: Claudia glas.
Wolf or she-wolf?: she-wolf.
Age: 16.
Human-appearance: She has very light blond hair, down to her hips, soft blue eyes which turn black when she's upset, angry, or just before she transforms into a wolf. She is tall and slim.
Color of fur (in wolf form): White.
Wolf skill (only one) (eg ridiculous speed, communicating with wolves in human form, reading minds etc.): She can cure and heal anything (excluding death) just by licking something in wolf form.
Personality: Claudia doesn't like being a wolf at all. She's neat, pretty, polite and seductive, but also un-loyal and hard to be a friend too. She likes people to think she's perfect.
How he/she became a werewolf: She got bitten by one, one night as she was walking home and took a wrong turn in the dark.
Background story: Claudia parent's are rich, she is a only child and is visibly popular and likable. She has never had a partner of any description but plenty of admirers. Before she became a wolf, she was afraid of dogs or any kind of canine. When she got bitten, she ran home and didn't discover she was a were-wolf for a whole month after, when she woke up at 4 am one morning and found she was a wolf, after having a dream about them. when her parents found out she could transform into a were-wolf on command (and always while she was asleep), they kicked her out of home. this caused Claudia great unhappiness.

Clans- there are two clans on claw mountain-
East clan- The good wolfs.
This clan is a pack of good were-wolves, who want to do good with their gift/curse and do not mean any harm to anyone. They protect claw mountain and usually are much more fast than the west clan.

West clan- the bad wolfs.
This clan is a pack of crazed and evil were-wolfs, who use their gift/curse to violence and attacking any humans who crossed their ways. they are usually much more strong than the west clan.

Which clan is your character in? (Claudia's part of the west clan.)

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hello :) I'm from romanian!
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hampir setahun yang lalu foopetsrule said…
Name of werewolf: Samara Narsissa Crespo
Wolf or she-wolf?: She-wolf
Age: 24
Human-appearance: Bra-line lengh, wavy, honey-brown hair, with emerald green eyes that turn purple when in wolf form. Tall, average weight. Long legs. Square shaped face.
Color of fur (in wolf form): Reddish-brown
Wolf skill (only one) (eg ridiculous speed, communicating with wolves in human form, reading minds etc.) : Has retractable wings and can fly.
Personality: Almost a loner, one or two close friends. Who are also werewolfs. Wears simple clothing like jeans and white tank-top with leather jacket.
How he/she became a werewolf: Born into a long pure-bred line of werewolfs.
Background story: Samara was born and raised with the were-wolfs knowlage. Her parents taught her everything when she was very young. She has bitten people before, but changed her ways when she turned 18. She decided to betray the West clan and leave her family behind, to become a part of the East clan. She has one sister, Alaina Crespo, who soon followed her into the East clan. Can transform whenever she wants, but is twice as strong while under a full moon. Has mated before and has a young son, Rainard Crespo.
Clan: East
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