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posted by jazzscarb
rosalie was the avarege teenager 16 tahun old starting her saat tahun of high school she dreamed she would rule the school and become prom Queen the only thing she needed was a prom king...finally the morning came the first hari of school. she borded the bus with a new kind of attitude she felt on bahagian, atas of the world but when she sat down seterusnya to her friend lisa she realised she was very distant and distracted rosalie tried to get some dirt out of her friend but she wouldnt talk..when they walked into the building of the school rosalie watched at her friend rushed to some classroom rosalie felt horrible the whole time she couldnt consintate in her classes when lunch rolled around she accidentaly bumped into a guy he was very handsome she though he introduced himself hi my name is ben, rosalie she handed out her hand to him and appologised for bumping into him the rest of the hari she couldnt stop thinking about him and hoped she would see lebih of him.
posted by sorandom15
this is a one shot

sparky is a young dragon who lives at dragon falls .one hari he was walking up the bukit to where his den is.

man i need to relocate my den. sparky berkata as he walked up the hill

when he reached his den he walked in.his den wasn`t huge but it was big enough for him to get comfortable.

as sparky yawn`ed he heard a loud bang wich most likely rough and tough fighting but he went outside to check. but to his surprise it was lighting and thunder crackling. to most dragon his age it be scary but sparky is a shock dragon who control lighting and thunder this was wonderful!

sparky ran in...
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