In Flora's P.O.V

It's been a tahun since we broke up, and even though I’m not there with anda know I still hurt too. The thought of that night still haunts because anda choose her over me and I really thought that anda loved me. I guess I was wrong. As I sit back and think about last homecoming where I thought I was supposed to be your tarikh to the dance after the game; yet, I was wrong anda went to the game with her and kissed her right in front of my eyes. I was cheering on the field, but anda sat there Ciuman her on our 3rd anniversary. I ignored it because when I looked away to dry my eyes and then back to where anda were sitting anda were in a different outfit and she wasn't there. I thought I was imaging things so I ignored it. Then once the team won the homecoming game, I rushed to the locker rooms to put on my dress that was your kegemaran color. The color of my eyes which anda fell in Cinta with the first time my zamrud, emerald ones stared into your midnight blue eyes 4 years ago. However the worst part was when I walked to the center of the dance floor where anda told me we would meet, my hati, tengah-tengah broke right there. In a short, tight, mini zamrud, emerald green dress was that girl with the light merah jambu hair lip locked with you. I berkata Helia before the tears started to roll down my cheek. I was hoping for some explanation, but all anda did was look at me with a look of anda caught me and when I asked who do anda Cinta anda berkata her. That's when I felt like someone just decided to cut my hati, tengah-tengah out with a rusty jagged knife, and the tears just flowed down my face like the rain runs to the nearest pond during a storm. anda broke me and I hoped it was all a joke, yet anda left me standing there on the middle of the dance floor unable to breath, unable to move, and unable to ever Cinta again. How could you? After the song ended and all our Friends start to stare at the girl left on the dance floor I ran as fast as I could and as far away from that place. I went to the park and collapse on a bench bawling my eyes out as black tears fell to the ground. anda eventually came and berkata anda made a mistake for cheating on me the past year, but anda would change just to get me back. I berkata I can't because anda ripped my hati, tengah-tengah out and it can never be fixed. anda smirked before saying I hoped anda wouldn't take me back because she is a better person than anda plus a lot prettier. I held back my tears and ran, I could never face anda again atau any of the people from our schools. So I left not looking back and ran away; but, six months later I was found dead in my zamrud, emerald green homecoming dress. anda cried for days because anda knew that if anda didn't make that mistake of cheating on me and breaking my heart, I might have not runaway and maybe I wouldn't have been murdered sejak her. So anda Lost two people the girl anda thought anda loved who killed the girl that actually fell for anda and loved you; but, I guess anda weren't ready to catch me. So I hope you’re happy because you're alone now for leaving me on the dance floor exactly one tahun ago