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Catch us if anda can Muzik video from Winx Club in Concert.
Stella was playing with Ginger, her white poodle in her bedroom. She was having fun. But then, she heard steps. She quickly opens the door and felt weird.
The other Winx except for Roxy was there, but the fact is they all are in black mood. They all wear the same black dress and boots.
"You guys, what happen, where's Roxy?" asked Stella. "Ha ha ha ha!" They make an evil laugh. "We trap her at the Fruitti Muzik Bar," says Bloom. "No way!" says Stella and she quickly ran to the bar in disbelief.
She saw Roxy along with her dad trapped in a cage. "Roxy, let's transform before they come!" says Stella. "Roxy magic transform!" Roxy transforms. "Stella Winx Believix!" Stella transforms.
The other Winx then arrive. "Dark Believix!" They transform. "Dark?" asks Roxy. They make a convergence and blasts to Roxy and Stella.
Roxy and Stella then earn a dark transformation. Dark Believix. Bloom laughs.