Wild Paw’s Pup hood
Today is my first hari eating meat. I wish someone told me how good it tastes! My brothers and my one sister are out exploring in the woods, but I stayed around the den. I have heard of people called hunters and Indians, they are mean to us wolves. I have no mom, she was killed yesterday. I howled my little pup howl in sorrow for the whole day. My mother looked just like me, dark brown, black strikes, dull yellow eyes and a blackish tint to her muzzle. My siblings are just pitch black because my fathers a fully black wolf. I was running through the words today when I saw this weird thing called a cabin, that’s were hunters live. I approached it calmly but alert and with caution. Suddenly, this hunter comes out of the kabin with my own brother at his side! My own brother was now a hunting dog and was about to go off and kill his own kind. I jumped back and hid behind a pokok to watch them. He was defiantly a trader. He smelled my sent in the air and I new he did. I knew I had to tell the pack. I ran as fast as I could to tell them, but the hunter was faster then my little paws were and he picked me up with ease. Since I was a pup I couldn’t do anything, but I did try to bite him but he was wearing these things called gloves. I was brought to the area behind the cabin. I was put in front of a hare. I instantly fought and some how killed it.
2 years later…
I am two years old now.
I am brought on a chain leash thing to a pit thing. It was a deep pit and had blood all over it, I knew it was an illegal fighting pit. They put me in the pit with another dog, but me being a serigala, wolf won the fight. This man came up to one of the hunters. He was a dark skinned man with black hair. He was offering the hunter some sort of silver stuff. The hunter took the stuff and pointed at me. I tried to get out of the pit but I couldn’t. Curse those hunters! I was put back on the chain and carried to this place with tents and other Serigala tied to twigs and trees. I was soon tied up too. I Lost a tooth why trying to bite through the chain. I was put seterusnya to the api, kebakaran at night. Gosh, how I hated those Indians and there human pups. I attacked a human pup and I was smacked for doing so. I did that several other times. I was soon shot for killing a hunting dog’s pup. I was angry at everything around me in this human world. Then, there on the other side of the camp is my trader of a brother! I wanted to attack him so much. He sees me and comes up to me and says: well, well, well, look at my sister all tied up. Wild Paw I knew I would see with the humans at some point in time. I snap at him saying: anda know what? At least I’m no trader to my own kind! He says smoothly: anda will if anda don’t wana go back to the pits. I lung at him and grab his paw he howls in pain. An Indian come and smacks me. Then, I see him go and give that trader of a brother a hug and a piece of meat. I know now that I am not just angry I am hungry. I howl for the pack. I see a flash o black bulu go before my eyes. It was my father! He was attacking the Indian person. I knew I was saved! My sister comes up to me and says: Our brothers always been a trader I bet, and he is so annoying, but don’t worry me will get anda out of here. I take a glance at my sister and I think for a saat that she looks just like mom and is not all black like I had thought. I am free thanks to my pack! All I have is a hole in my shoulder from the shooting and my trader of a brother has been killed in a fight in the pits.