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"My people. Sons and daughters of Helghan.... For many years, we have been a broken nation... Shunned, oppressed, and conquered sejak those we sought to escape. ...Ten years ago, I asked for time, and that time was granted sejak you. You, the strength in my arm, the holders of my dreams.... Our forefathers embarked on the greatest exodus in the history of all mankind... An exodus for freedom. Helghan became that freedom... Our new world changed our bodies. At first, it weakened us, but in fact, we were growing... stronger. In the time anda have telah diberi me, I have rebuilt our nation, I have rebuilt our strength, and I have rebuilt our pride!... Our enemies at utama have been re-educated. We have telah diberi them new insights into our cause. On this day, we stand united once more. On this day, those driven to divide us will hear our voice! On this day, we shall act as one, and we shall be ignored NO MORE! Defenders of the Helghast dream, NOW IS OUR TIME!"
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"Damon,look at anda self!",Stefan and Damon were arguing about how Damon was Berlakon these days.
"Would anda just stop Stefan,you have Elena,let me have my wisky".Damon turned around to look at Stefan,"what;did I do something wrong,again?.Didn't anda just hear what I berkata to you!"
"Damon just forget Katharine,you're going mad!"
Damon looked at Stefan across the dapur and before anda knew it Damon was right beside Stefan.He placed his hand on Stefan's neck and pushed him against the wall,"Don't anda tell me what I can atau can't do!"
He removed his hand from Stefans neck.
Stefan gasped for air,"o...ok...
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posted by kim4312
 Jacbo & Emily
Jacbo & Emily
Chapter Four:Connetion
When I First Saw Rosemary, She Looked So Much Alike Emily The Woman I Once Loved In My Human Years, She Was So Beautiful & I Cared For Her So Much Until My Older Brother Peter Killed Her For Her Blood He Died When I Was 15 Then He Killed Me When I Was 18-years-old When I Woke Up In a Coffen I Break Myself Out Of It & I Realize Peter Was Hanged For Murders of Me & Emily, Through Years I Try To Act Like Everyone Else At Least I Have This Strange Vampire Disorder What I Cannot Drink Human Blood Only Animal Blood, I Hunt Down Deers & Drink Their Blood For Years...
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Built in 1954, the majestic ocean liner Antonia Graza was the pride of the Italian Line. A vision of modern, sleek sophistication, the ship was nothing less than a work of art. Amenities provided for her passengers ensured that they would enjoy unrivaled luxury during their stay at sea; when guests were not unwinding in their spacious staterooms, they could socialize in one of the stylish lounges, enjoy sports and relaxation atop the liner’s broad decks, atau take a refreshing dip in the stately swimming pool. The centerpiece of the Antonia Graza was its opulent grand ballroom, where couples...
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"Is this it? Is this what I got all those ass-whoopin's for? I had a dream once. It was a dream that all the little black boys and little black girls would drink from the river of prosperity, freed from the thirst of oppression. But low and behold, some four decades later, what have I found but a but a bunch of trifling, shiftless, good-for-nothing niggas. And I know some of anda don't want to hear me say that word: it's the ugliest word in the English language. But that is what I see now: Niggas. And anda don't want to be a nigga because niggas are living contradictions. Niggas are full of unfulfilled...
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Major Shinji Ikari of the USN Army sat in his camouflaged Wanzer while waiting for his enemy to arrive. It was the middle of the afternoon in the humid South American jungle. The heat outside the Wanzer was unbearable and would have been a deathtrap for anyone inside the mech. However, the USN had customized all their Wanzers for the South American front to be equipped with a small air conditioner for the cockpit. It did very little to make the pilot comfortable, but it made conditions tolerable for combat.

Shinji was not alone in his waiting. He was one of seven Wanzers that lay hidden in this...
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5 Easy Ways To Overcome Writer's Block sejak Matthew Braney via
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Sep,2,1962 SS Antonia Glaza was going from New York City to London.

Sep,3,1962. SS Antonia Glaza was having party about saat tahun of President John F. Kennedy.

Sep,4,1962 SS Antonia Glaza was going about 29 knots.

Sep,5,1962. The Crew of SS Antonia Glaza start to kill everybody on the ship, passenger Piper Johnson Escape the ship.

Sep,6,1962 Ships went searching for SS Antonia Glaza.

48 Years Later.


I was looking on Google maps! i find a ship on the map!

i say "oh my god, is that ship, i was on when i was 8 years old.

we go to the ship, we saw the ship come back to life!

i saw people having makan malam, majlis makan malam with another people!

i saw a singer Singing Only anda sejak The Platters

i saw people getting cut in half sejak metal wire!

i saw captain head been cut in half,
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Hows it going do anda think?

Our story begins with an elf gliding through the trees. His lean body let him jump from pokok to pokok as if he were flying.
It was spring, his kegemaran time of the year. The daffodils and forsythia were in bloom, and the trees were once again turning green. He stopped on a particularly large branch and looked up into the clear sky. His dark blue eyes without the memories of the horrors of war, his skin without the scars of the torture it brings. For he was yet young, and all the time he has been alive has been peaceful.
He flew once lebih through the trees. He loved...
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