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senarai as many words/phrases that include various types of character personality traits, even if some of them might have similar meanings.


That’s the best I can think of so far.
*as many words/phrases as anda can..
MasterChief58 posted satu bulan lalu
 MasterChief58 posted satu bulan lalu
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zanhar1 said:
I'll try to do ones anda didn't get;

- Bold
- Daring
- Brave
- Dark
- Somber
- Quiet
- Timid
- Sadistic
- Evil
- Righteous
- Polite
- Cocky
- Pretentious
- Loving
- Quirky
- Loud
- Hyper
- Rude
- Generous
- Perceptive
- Cunning
- Sly
- Inquisitive
- Creative
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posted satu bulan lalu 
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