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posted by iluvPrinceMJ213
When we get utama and put Dawn to katil I lie on the katil and he stands in the doorway and says “ What was that about?” “ She berkata that she was prettier than Avril and Callie berkata no she wasn’t and Dawn berkata she was the prettiest girl in the world and I berkata she wasn’t so she’s angry. “ So why not let her believe it.” “ Fine.” “ So your going to tell her she’s the prettiest girl in the world?” “ No I’m not gonna lie.” “ Yea of course not even for the sake of our own daughter.” A tear tried to come out of my eyes which I held back with much difficulty. I lied...
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posted by HarryPLover
 "Overall, I can say that I do Cinta him.."<3
"Overall, I can say that I do love him.."<3
I was still in his tight embrace. I never noticed how warm he was. Well maybe because I have never really hugged him like this before. I was just happy to have him back.
"Mmmmm. I missed you." I heard him whisper in my ear.
"Mmmm...No I'm pretty sure I missed you." I manged to whisper back. It felt a little weird saying that too him. I didn't want to be all rude and not say it back, but I just.. I still haven't decided whether I actually wanna go through with this atau not.
Granted, I did say that I do Cinta him like Cinta him, Cinta him, but at the same time I Cinta him as my best friend and right...
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posted by harrypotterbest
Should I continue atau not? [The ones in Italics are the parts I'm unhappy with]

For a vampire – a suspect of being one, really– she seemed pretty... human. With my job as a Vampire Seeker, she wasn’t like any of the other cases of Vampires I had discovered. With all the raving stories of Vampires I suppose they had to be more... careful with their special diet. But still, a vampire with these little reports, it was... strange, for lack of a better word. Perhaps we just had to get lebih information; yes, that was probably the case.
I sighed and flipped my notebook shut. Putting my pencil...
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Book 2

Alexander Riley

9. N E A R T H E 1 I M I T

After a few weeks, Mariah was recovered from the accident. I didn’t really expect she would come and get me. She just appeared in the racing tracks in the other night telling me to slow down. I was surprised, though. It’s like she was concerned. I didn’t know why I kissed her in the forehead. I’m pretty sure she expects that we’ll be touching lips sejak then. But, that didn’t bother me too much.
Mariah is a great person. She’s thoughtful, funny, well what else can I say, gorgeous? I guess that’s the right word to describe...
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posted by tayandkris4evr
Third part. Comment, fan, but above all... enjoy. :)


“Where am I going to take care of anda then, Tye?” I ask, already worried for my new little brother. That’s how I thought of him anyway, a little brother! I’ve always wanted one.

“Not sure… Let’s pretend we’re orphans and walk around see if anyone has the hati, tengah-tengah to take us in.” He snickers. He really is my brother! I laugh then knuckle bump with him.

“Hey, I get a new name now, right? I’ve always liked the name Dean, can I be Dean?” I asked excitedly. I need to start Berlakon like a guy, puh…

“Ha ha! That sounds...
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posted by rAsberrStrarS
He took my face in his hands, so normally-as if it were a natural instinct to be doing something like this with me.
My breath caught in my throat,as we inclined our heads towards each other in perfect unison.
His lips were warm and soft and sweet,all at the same time,the sensation blinded me.That he was Ciuman me,not other better girls who'd had lebih experience.My hati, tengah-tengah was beating like a birds wings fluttering together in my chest.
Taylor pressed his forehead against mine ans sighed,his breath warmed my face.
We pulled back form each other but still twined our fingers together like we were never...
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posted by inexplicable
A woman was Madeleine Junet thirty end and mother of nine children.
These knew her on everyone she made a very good impression first and one of her children would complain about her, why one would not be able comprehend so.
But even if Madeleine made a good and happy impression, in reality she was rather wrong. If nobody was from her friends, acquaintances atau the Friends of her children there, then she became an indifferent and cheerless person.
In reality she did not really take care of her children. It concerned her also just as little her children came back from the school at what time atau whether...
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I kept on laughing at his idiocy. I turned my head away when he caught me looking at him. I heard a slight chuckle behind me while Looi continued to make his way to the front of the long line while I followed him.
    “Hey, girlie!” I heard a voice shout. I turned to find the man looking at me and motioning me to come over there. Looi turned around and asked me, “What does he want?”
    “I don’t know.” I replied. I started to go over to where the man sat, but Looi stopped me with his hand around my upper arm. “No, he, he might be a child...
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If I took three showers, and washed with 15 shampoos, my hair would still be Tangled after an hour. Looi, my brother, always berkata my hair looked like I dyed it, when I didn’t. I looked down, my shoes were already on with the black shoe laces. I felt like I needed to barf. At least that’s what it felt like. Greeting hopped on the counter and stared at me. The brown cat bulu was splotched with black dots and white lines. She is a different cat, that’s why I like her. I looked back at the mirror. Well, anda look terrible today, I thought.
    “Greeting, anda can’t look...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
16: Memories

As fast as master had made up it’s mind to wait until they were mortal again, it decided to send IT out to get her again. IT was not pleased with this decision, though IT did not let IT’s emotions show. Although IT was not fully healed, Dr. kren berkata it would be selamat, peti deposit keselamatan for IT to attempt another mission.
At the same time IT was preparing to leave again, Alice had safely reached the Denali clan and the carriage trooped on without Michael though Tristan, Jack, and David didn’t seem to care. Rosalie kept to herself though Jack stayed close.
Shortly before they crossed the border...
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PG13. I don't like this chapter... Kind of rushed.

Chapter 3

It has been a week since my detention, and the arrival of Megan. Jake hasn't been lebih happy, now that he had a girlfriend. Brianna and Lilia have been on me lebih than ever now. They don't know when atau how to stop. I was getting really annoyed.

I walked into the school, looking quite pissed. As usual all the girls came and told me how great I looked, although I knew that I look like crap.

"Yo Joshua... Why the crappy mad face?" asked Ken. He was never subtle.

"Nothing. Fuck anda and leave me alone." I told him.

"Eww.... I don't want it...
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posted by dragonrider
Here is the first chapter of my story. I telah diposkan the first half like two months lalu but here it is again. sejak the way this book has two perspectives. I edited the first chapter.

The first day-Athena's perspective

Boy now that I look back at that week it was when my perspective on all things changed. I knew that week was different. The first hari felt off. Just sejak how I woke up.
"Athena! Get up and get ready for school!" my mom shouted at me
My eyes popped open and I got up immediately and got dressed. This was new for me since I always got up later and refused to get out of katil but I felt like I...
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posted by bubble_babe
One Fine Sunny Morning Izzy Sat At A meja, jadual At Her Fav, '50's Dinner'. Although The Red Head Was Not In The Mood To Eat, atau Do Anything For That Matter. Something Keep Bugging her. Something She Couldn't Identify. The Poor Girl Sighed, Now Her Head Hurt From Thinking so Munch. She Then Fell back in her kerusi, tempat duduk And Poped her Feet onto the table, eventhough She New The Cause Of It.

"Ey, Izzy, Gits Your Feeta Of Meh Table." A Big Man Behind The Main Counter Called.

"Leave Me Alone, Joe." Izzy berkata as she closed her eyes

"Nononononononon; Now!" Joe told her

"I berkata 'Leave me alone'!" The Red Headed Girl...
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morgan Sterns was sipping up the last drips of her coffee. She was going to need every last drop if she was going to work late enough to finish all of her reports. She had reports on all kinds of things. Serial killers, counterfeiters, asassination attempts, the senarai went on and on.
Why do the FBI get handed everything, she wondered. But what she really wanted to know was why she was the one always stuck with work when most of the other agents and anaylists were just standing around telling jokes and drinking coffee. morgan got back to her kerusi, tempat duduk and pushed her badam, almond hair out of her eyes and...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
(end of chapter 6)
Bella pov
The pain was was to much, I couldn’t understand what was happening , my neck was burning , the burning took over my body it changed minit sejak minuet it grew it rose I wanted to scream this pain out but that probable isn’t a good option ppl will think I'm weak! I clenched my teeth together wishing I never existed suddenly the burning changed! it left my neck! I was relived that the pain had lessen but a new pain started in my chest my hati, tengah-tengah was was ripping its way out of my chest the sound of my hati, tengah-tengah filled my ears it was getting on my nerves the sound continued...
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posted by gossipgirlxoxo
Hayden p.o.v
I sat there staring out into the cold city, one of the quirks with flying is anda can go anywhere. I sighed and lay down; the floor was cold at the Empire state. “Why would I try to Ciuman her?” I asked myself. I shook my head. “You’re an idiot Hayden” I told myself. She didn’t have feelings for me after 3 days what the hell was I thinking? I asked myself again. Did I even have feeling for her? I mean I’m an Angel I can’t do the things that most human boys can do. I sighed and got up; the sun was starting to come up, not that anyone in the Underworld slept. I looked...
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posted by Cutebutcrazy--
anda couldn't and wouldn't,
ask for anything more.
Now all anda want,
is to be able to rest.
For your famliy to be happy.
anda wish anda could help them,
through the pain,
but anda can't,
anda can only watch,
from the sky.
anda can only watch them cry.
Hearts are now broken.
But your love,
is forever out spoken.
For twith out you,
there'd be no hope,
for those to come.
anda put the doctors one step closer,
to finding the cure.
anda may be just another person to them,
but to me your so much more.
Your one in a million,
your unequie.
I have just one lebih thing to say.
Plaese rest now.
Rest now and sleep.
May heven bring anda happiness and peace.
Last summer I went to Los Angeles to stay with my cousin for a few weeks.One afternoon we were having lunch in a nice restaurant in the centre of the town when my cousin got a call on her mobile phone and went outside to talk.While she was speaking to her friend,I suddenly noticed a man in a black hat who was sitting at the seterusnya table.It was the actor Johnny Depp!He was alone,and I decided to take my chance.So I got up and went to his table:'Excuse me,could I have my foto taken with you?'I asked.He berkata yes,so I stopped a waitress who was passing sejak and gave her my camera.She took the foto of me and Johnny,I thanked them both,and then I returned to my table.When my cousin came back,I smiled.'Why are anda looking so pleased with yourself?'she asked.
'I had my foto taken with Johnny Depp.'
'Johnny Depp?Where is he?'
'He's sitting over there.Look!'
She turned around to look and then started to laugh.
'That's not Johnny Depp!'I looked at the man in the black hat-he was laughing too.
The Australian buaya is the largest buaya in the world.It can grow up to seven metres long and the biggest can weigh up to 1000 kilos.It has only 2 muscles to open its mouth but 40 to close it!

What makes crocodiles so dangerous is that they attack incredibly quickly and they take their victims under the water to drown them.They usually attack in the water,but they can suddenly come out of a river and attack Haiwan atau people,and they can run on land at 17km/h.

Every tahun in Australia there are buaya attacks on humans.2 years lalu a 24-year-old German tourist died when she went for...
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posted by Harrypotter148
The Train Ride

As Emily gazed out the window of the train she saw her dad-waving goodbye, his face had a bright smile, but when Emily looked into his eye she saw sadness. She was off to live with her mother in Roscoe; this was a four-hour train ride from Chicago to Roscoe. It would be a little over two hours but there are lebih stops on this train ought. Dad was only sending her because he felt she would have a better life. Emily disagrees, she hated her mother, and she was cruel, heartless and hated the sight of Emily. She new better he dad lied to her, he knew she was find living with him but...
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