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A little something that I wrote for English class but actually, it was my final and I got 100% on it!! Enjoy!!

The Disappearance of Claire Daniels

I don’t know where my daughter went. One moment, I was holding Claire’s little hand while doing some window shopping but a few saat later, I spotted something at a clothing store window and was into it and wondering if the store have any chance that they have it in my size that I didn’t noticed that I didn’t felt little Claire Daniels’s hand slipping away from mine.

When I wanted to go into the store and see if they got that little black...
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It was Mia, the Rokurokubi; she was the head, the head connected to the very long neck. Opal looked with amazement as Mia knocked Grito to the ground. As her body started to walk ke hadapan as her neck retracted back to it. “Um... Ok, that was not expected” berkata Opal. Alec and Marley were also in a great confusion, looking at each other trying to make something out of the situation. “Surprised?” Mia Asked. “A little” berkata Opal, trying to make it as a joke. The three released that this was Mia’s power, she is a Rokurokubi and this is what they do, all four of them started laughing....
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posted by HarryPLover
 Those words pierced me like thorns on a rose.
Those words pierced me like thorns on a rose.
"Happy Anniversary." His smile was absolutely priceless. I had to laugh just a little at his nervous grin. I knew the that it had been a bulan since we had gotten together but I don't think he exactly remembers whether that hari was today....or yesterday. I wanted to make me sweat it out. But he was right, it was today. I gotta admit that I was kinda surprised that he even remembered.
"Aww, anda remembered." I saw the nervous grin turn to relief. He earned a kiss.
"Of, course I remembered." I still wanted to make him sweat though. I couldn't resist.
"What happened to the whole " I don't remember...
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posted by ButteBaby_K
Crimson blood speckled the wall. The air of a last scream was still etched in the breath of the murderer. Hands bloody and still clutching the pisau the mysterious person walked away. A few hours later, another scream rented through the air. Again, the person screamed the same blood curdling sound. Tanya looked down upon the still face of her true love. Unable to tear her eyes of his limp body she sobbed and dropped to her knees unable to alih atau speak. Drowsily she stumbles to his body and clutched his hand, tears pouring down from her startling blue eyes. Tanya lay down seterusnya to him and drifted...
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posted by thirteen_times
He didn’t want money atau fancy cars; all he wanted was to be loved sejak someone, any one at all. He needed someone to care about him, not his wealth, not his ties to the rich and famous, someone that actually cared about him, the boy with bright blue eyes that sparkled in the sunlight, curly raven black hair and a boyish grin permanently plastered on his face hiding the pain of being alone. Yet no one did, all they saw was the heir to the Jeffrey Empire, the boy that was going to inherited it all. The boy, who was the prefect son living up to the Jeffrey name. They never saw the boy’s who’s arms were covered in cuts, the pisau against his skin, the blood dripping down staining the carpet, his eyes closing never to open again. No one read the note tucked into his pocket cause no one cared.
hei i dont know where to go with this 1 so any suggestions would b great thankx,

Usual morning, usual day, wake up, breakfast, school, go the long way home, then sit in my room the rest of the night. But today wasnt normal, nothing was right.

I woke up, and sniffed the air, but it wasnt the usuall lempeng, penkek i could smell, it was just the coldness, and the emptiness. i jumped down from my katil and ran down the stairs, into the kitchen, no one was there, not my Dad Membaca the paper at the table, his brows furrowed as he read the sport section. My mum wasnt wearing her bright apron, that was covered...
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posted by HarryPLover
I finished my prayer and hopped into bed. I was just completely exhausted. So I wouldn't think about how much I missed Matt I kept myself busy. Though it was keeping me busy it mad me very tired. Matt had only been gone 3 days though. Meaning, four lebih to dread. All I could do was sleep.
The seterusnya morning wasn't as quite, atau as awful. I had gotten up way to early and figured I could watch some television. It was 4 in the morning; and just as I was falling asleep to Spongebob's voice a noise came from my computer went off. I skipped to the computer hoping it was Matthew. But, to my
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posted by mona_me
what a stupid! love! love! love! "i Cinta love" "everybody needs to be a lover" "true love" all those stupid words! "bla bla bla"
Cinta is a legend, there's nothing u can call it "love" , anda can't even define it. anda know why? because it isn't there! that's why anda can't say i am in Cinta and say the same word after two years atau two days.
anda see, if it worked with your lover, anda 'll say anda loved each other, and if it didn't work, you'll say it wasn't love!!!
anda are all stupid, lovers!
anda aren't even "lovers"
because "lovers" is a word from "love" and love's a legend.
when i heard this once when i was young, i didn't believe it.
but know i believe it's the truth, and there's nothing else truth.
anda may not believe me now, but anda will, in few years in your life.
Cinta is a legend.
It has been about two years since I’ve seen Matt, but I kept him in my mind, knowing he was real. Since then I have become sick with a deadly disease known as Typhoid fever. It gave me chest pain, rashes, weakness, and congestion. My family found out when my mother was dyeing her hair blonder and listening to heavy metal clueless of what was to come.
“Hey, mommy, can I-“ I felt dizzy, the room span around, then I passed out onto the hard cold dapur floor, my parents rushed over to me, and found my pulse was slowing down. I woke up only to hear wailing sounds from someone crying. A opened...
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posted by bri-marie
Micheal Ryder swerved sharply to the left, almost missing the small driveway he was supposed to be turning into. He winced as his pickup truck made the rough transition between concrete and gravel. It was something he was going to have to get used to – he'd be driving down this path every hari for who knew how long. A particularly large rock dislodged him from his seat, and he let out a foul explicative as his blond head bashed against the ceiling of the cab. Cursing his father, and the owners of the house he was renting, he slammed the truck to a stop. Not caring that he was still yards away...
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"Got you,' the boy whispered when he pulled Gemma back to her fett, she blushed, and just nodded. The boy, lloked straight at me, his brows down and i just stared back, his eyes were godlen brwn but the deeper anda looked the darker they got, his hair was a mix of both of the other boys, with golden flakes thrown in their. "Hi, my names Luke," he berkata puting out his hand, i just stared at it i narrowed my eyes. He laughed and took y hand that wasnt in my pocket and pulled...
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posted by HarryPLover
Its too dark
Too dark to see what is going on
Tripping over the couch
Slamming into the wall
stepping on the remote
It was too dark
The undone dishes
The scattered roses
The broken picture
My broken heart
It was too dark
Believing it would change
That he would change
A Waste
A waste of my time
My Effort
The “No Messages” left on my phone
It was too dark
It was too dark to see what had happened
Too dark to try to fix things
Its just too dark
Someone turn on the light
That light bulb in my head of what Ive done wrong
Its too dark
posted by Katiegirl
Nightfall was rising rapidly on this wondrous night.
    I found myself dozing into a heavenly sleep. My dreams
    began to indulge my inner thoughts seductively I could
    Feel myself falling into an internal state of mind. A place
    where only my dreams had a recollection of my desires
    of this world. In the outermost parts of my dream I
    could faintly hear the loud thunderous storm
    lurking outside my window. Slightly beyond
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So I had a really deep idea for a story, but I couldn't really start it. So instead I kind of started Penulisan it from a plot point halfway through. I would Cinta some feedback!!!

He looked at the dresser, fingering all the small things on top. The bottle of Marc Jacobs perfume, the skull and crossbone earrings, and the hairbrush that had “Maddy Starr” etched into the slender wooden handle. Everything about it was so perfect; he began to wonder what this girl was doing here, with him. He’d told himself he’d never find the perfect woman, and there she was; ready to fall right into his arms....
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I Quickly got changed and ran down the stairs, I paused at the door to shout to Mike, "im just going out i'll be back before it's too late," and ran out the door before he could reply. I wasn't sure where I was going, all Stephan berkata was that I was to head towards school. So thats what i was going, heading to school. I was on the egde of the old wickory bridge, when i saw them. A group of five boys standing tall, and weary. As i approached they signalled for me to pull over. I stepped out the...
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Mr Grey took us down a big endless corridoor, where our dorms would be.
"Boys one this side, girls on the other. At this school we believe that closeness brings power, so anda will both be sharing dorms, with three other students. Of your own sex of course.,"he stopped at one of the doors, the girl side."Ahhh, this will be your dorm Miss Stirling,". I looked at the door, there was a shiny number pate on it, 912. "The students have a hari off today, so it should give anda enough time to learn your timetable," he clicked...
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Chapter One: Before

A warm late Augusts’ evening was upon Hultimore, the secret area which humans that held no gem upon their left palm were not able to see. Gemmers believed that if they visited this area for any amount of time at least once in life, they will be born a lebih powerful Gemmer after death.
No one stepped upon the streets of Hultimore after dark. It was forbidden. Most obeyed this rule and stayed indoors. Yet, the silence of Hultimore was broken, as a lone traveller stepped out across the barrier between dry, barren land and a city full of magic.
His footsteps echoed in the empty...
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posted by NoahxCourtney77
It's Funny, I Use To Be Popular. At First Some People Loved Me And Others Hated Me. Now Everyone Hates Me. Even My Old Best Friends. anda See, I Always Found A Flaw In Everyone And Used It To Hurt Them. Not Physicly Hurt. I Made Them Feel Horrible About Them Selves. I Was The Reason anda Cried On The Way Home. The Reason anda Fake Sicked. Of Course Karma Came And Hit Me Like A Ton Of Bricks. I Try Hard To Be Nice, But No One At School Pays Attention To Me. Except Teachers. I Even Tried Sitting With My Old Friends.
"Hey, Guys!" I Said
"What Are anda Doing Here?" berkata Lexi Illing
"I Just Wanted To Sit With You."
"Well, Their's No Room"
"Yeah, Right There." I berkata Pointing To The Empty Chair At The End.
"Well," berkata Victoria Khan Placing Her buku On The Seat. "Now It's Taken."
Everyone Laughed. Except Me Of Course. I Just Walked Away. Wishing, I Had Never Been So Cruel.
posted by Funnygirl77
Ian, grabbed my hand aging, "where are we going?" I asked him. He just smiled "first were going to get some Makanan in you. saat I'll take anda back to my place and anda can stay there."
"What about my stuff it's in my car, which is back there?"
I turned around, and then he grabbed me "do anda mean that thing over there." I nodded, "Hey aren't anda 16, anda don't have your full license yet, so why are anda driving." I looked at him, then walked to my car, what was that? I thought, wasn't my car back there.
Ian looked at me, "come on what's taking so long?" I turned away and then I got in my car, I...
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posted by UnderdogAsh
Chapter 1
Starting Point

    I find it funny where I can end up sometimes. In saat grade, I ended up face to face with the biggest bully, Hugo. He was in fifth grade and practically had a moustache. There was even a rumor that he had two kids already with some girl up at my city’s high school. Hugo beat the crap out of me and why? Because I decided to play The Hero and stand up for my friend.
    Once at the zoo, I tried to save a kid’s balloon and ended up in the monkey pit because I broke through the net. I got tons of poo thrown at my face and a...
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