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His Melody
To quiet the tears
She sings him to sleep
When the morning has dawned
He can’t be roused from a rest so deep

She sings him to sleep
Night after night
And when he does not awaken
Her will to go on grows slight

She sits and waits while he’s away
She remembers his laugh and smile
Oh what a joy to see his joy
She lifts up a prayer “May I see him in a short while?”

She sits at the window and waits
The sun sets slowly behind the bukit
The others say hello but she doesn’t hear
She is waiting to make the tears still

The time has come she cannot wait
She sets out to see her boy
To stop the tears
To bring him joy

But the tears she stills are not his
They fall from her eyes
She sings his lullaby again tonight
As she kisses the stone and her son good bye
Vampires are known in both human and monster worlds. Vampires who are born from a family of Vampires are known as pure bloods, these are the main group of Vampires in both worlds. Pure bloods are the most powerful vampire whose blood has not been tainted (Other species blood) Half bloods are either humans atau other creatures who a pure blood has injected their blood into atau has a past history of Vampires and has gained vampire blood in their generation. Only creatures of no special ability of their own can gain vampiric power, if the creature has an power of their own the blood will act as an...
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slowly climbing

inch sejak inch

bringing me closer

to my doom

Rama-rama of


flutter nervously

in my stomach

knuckles whiten

jaws clench

what have I

gotten myself into

the suspense

is killing me

I'm going to hate it

I'm going to Cinta it

I might lose my lunch

but I don't care

heaven help me

here it comes...


I hold my breath...


and then
I scream
my stomach
my breath
is stolen
my heart
is pounding
my veins
amid screams
of sweet terror
I fling up
my hands
and ride on
the wings
of Thrill!
I walked in and saw Dawn and Thor. I walked over and gave them both a look. “Where are mom and dad” I asked looking around the house. Dawn smile. “Still in Australia” I looked at Dawn with a confused smile. “Well then what’s going on” I asked. I was angry at Thor and Dawn and not because of Liz atau that mom and dad were still in Australia, but because they weren’t telling me anything. “Well?” I asked. Thor looked at me but he didn’t smile he just stared at me. “We were told to go home, we don’t know anything” he berkata in a kerang, kima voice. I heard a bang, I turned and saw...
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 Courtesy of the cartoonist, Clangnuts
Courtesy of the cartoonist, Clangnuts
Ah, the dreaded cliché! The worst feedback a writer can get is, "Well, it sounds sort of cliché, doesn't it?"

All authors want to be original. If someone even mentions that a writer's work reminds them of someone else's, the writer tenses up. "No, no, no, I'm nothing like him," he says swiftly. "I've never even read him."

"Yeah, but it's kinda like him," the reader persists, believing she is giving a compliment rather than an insult. "He's incredible, anda should read him!"

The thing is-- it should be a compliment when a reader compares your work to...
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posted by Pushkin319

You're standing in a long line to pay for your groceries. Which sentence do anda think will get anda through?

1. "May I go ahead of anda please?" Put on a really sincere face.

2. "May I step ahead of anda please, because I'm really late for my doctor's appointment?"

Using the word "because" will get anda closer to 'yes' in almost any circumstance. Why? Because your request is followed sejak a reason, an explanation for the request. If the request is reasonable, then why not say yes?

The word refers the listener to some background, some circumstances, a framework related to the request....
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I think that the most important lesson I learned from my mentor, penulis Arline Chase, concerned foreshadowing. Here is the Rawak House Webster’s definition of foreshadow: to tunjuk atau indicate beforehand. In other words, to provide some hint, clue, atau indication of something that is going to happen.

Why is foreshadowing important? I learned this lesson the hard way. In many of my first short stories—which I recommend as a medium to anyone testing the waters to see if they want to write fiction—I thought that I was being so crafty with my endings. I wrapped up the crime (or whatever) with...
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A/N; AHAHAHAHAHA! And anda thought i wouldn't dare ;). Anyways, here's something weird i don't even understand. Seriously. But I'll post it here because I feel happy. Yeah, even I don't believe it. Anyways I'll stop talking 'cause this font is making me feel stupid.

Breathe. anda need to breathe.

“I can’t.” I whimpered “I can’t breathe. It’s too hard. If I breathe, the numbness will go. I can’t let it go.”

You need to. People are counting on anda to have a heart-beat. And sejak hati, tengah-tengah beat I mean they count on anda to be here. To have a-little...
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posted by Cuddles
These are for my dad who died almost exactly 12 years ago.
I don't know if it's any good.


I’ve been at this point many times before.
One should think it might get better.
But now, as it’s almost exactly 12 years since
That special hari
I remember
As it would have been yesterday.
That I didn’t understand
That I didn’t want to understand.
That something faded away this day…
that it did not return
until now.
But it was not my hope
It’s still there, hidden in a small corner of my hati, tengah-tengah
Sometimes piping up
Just to abandon me again
But it didn’t leave me.
Yes…I still...
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posted by werewolflover
hei guys!Okay,my friend is Penulisan a vampire series(please don't judge it yet)and she doesn't know whether atau not to keep writing.I'm gonna post these stories on here and can anda please komen on whether atau not she should keep writing.BTW,it is supposed to be weird,strange,crazy,stupid,funny,ect.
Hey,my name is Allie and I'm in high school.I'm 17 and have this weird secret...i'm a vampire.
I can't live a normal life because everytime i get close to a human,i start to smell their blood.I try to resist,but sometimes i can't
I really like this guy,Nick,but I think it would be weird if we...
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posted by Rozaliciousness

daisy was walking round the streets at night. She did it partially because she couldn’t sleep, and because she loved the stars. She thought the stars were amazing, and she still admired them like a child would, even though she was twenty-four and just stuck inside a fourteen-year-old’s body.
But stargazing wasn’t why she wandered down a dark alley to find a young girl getting abused sejak a man just like her father. The girl’s aura was a startling bright red as she struggled to get away from him, whereas the air around him was a dull, greedy brown as he enjoyed her fear.
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“Witch! Witch!” they screamed. Willow ran from the angry mob behind her. She could feel their anger, and their fear. For her there was just fear. She didn’t know what to do; they’d caught her in the act of healing a leaper. At first he thought that she was Christ reincarnated, which was ridiculous, but she made the mistake of laughing at his absurd thought. And he figured it out. He may have been a leaper but he wasn’t stupid.
“She’s over there!” Someone shouted, Willow glanced back, and saw the flickering flames in the distance, and the pointed teeth of pitch forks....
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posted by ChickRiddler

It gets harder and harder to see Dominic each day. Every hari brings new pain, new longing, and new tears. I Cinta my boyfriend but Dominic has a certain affect on me that I can’t control. I am a terrible person….
When I’m not with him, I feel a relief from deception. But also, an opening into a deep pit that swallows me until I’m with him again. When I’m with Jason, I am partially taken from this hole. But there is still a awan looming over me, and the pit below me, threatening to menelan me at any minute. I try not to give in to the temptation if telling my Cinta how I feel...
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posted by 1-2vampire
I'm sat at home
In my cardboard box
I'm scared to death
So I cuddle my socks
I hear the key turn in the door
Fear swells inside of me
My hope plummets through the floor
I peep outside my little box
In time to see my daddy roar
I'm worried now, I realise
Because he's angry I notice now
That what I'm seeing with swollen eyes
I don't know when I don't know how
It may be the last thing I ever see
This may be the last of me
I see his boots come closer, so I shriek
My bruises hurt lebih than ever
He picks me up, I feel so weak
He shakes me now and calls me worthless
I just want him to Cinta me
I just want him to know me
But the broken bottle is against my chest
And is thrust through my cotton vest
Into my heart, the pain is fire
I see myself as I float higher
Now my vision is rimmed with darkness
The end is near, I feel its presence
I just wish that I could tell him
I Cinta him, but his Cinta is dim
posted by Kimi4312
Chapter Two:Dark Secrets,
When the redheaded girl cries with guilt over killing someone for blood, she gets up and walks to her apartment and takes a pancuran, pancuran mandian cleaning the blood off her body, she begins crying again and head to flashback when she is in a emotional breakdown, 15 years ago, she and her best friend had twin baby girls and they Cinta them and Cinta each other dearly, until she got in a car accident and died, she slam her hand against the dinding and cries harder and she grabs her pocket knite and stabbed herself but still alive, she cries again angry and upset that she won't get old or...
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posted by Kimi4312
Chapter Three:Search For Truth,

Hayden begins to scream in pain when the man hit her in the face, breaking her nose, she cries alot harder "please let me go please!" she shouted
"take the freaking clothes off and i'll let anda go" the man yells at her, she tries to take her clothes off but he ribs them off of her, she shakes in terror until the man felt a sharp pain in his chest and the man fell down and Hayden sees a large hole on his back where his hati, tengah-tengah was,
Hayden starts to get scared until she saw a paper moved sejak its own and the pen moved like someone was Penulisan it, she crawl over to it...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
17: Wheel in the Sky

Dying is not what most people think it is-nothing flashes before your eyes, there’s no white light atau what have you. The only thing I felt was pain, the blood flowing through my baju and fingers, making them sticky and beginning to form a kot on my clothes. I couldn’t see much beyond the few feet in front of me, the sun had long such set and darkness had fallen on pantas, swift wings. There was one sound: my blood pulsing like it was right in my ears. Eventually I made it to the rumput bukit where I fell, too weak to walk another step.
While I lay there, certain I was destined...
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Sorry for the delay I have had some sever mental block and I couldnt think of anything to write LOL! Enjoy chapter 12 and remember to feedback and keep looking for chapter 13! Amber/Twilightsauce.

I smiled as my eyelids fluttered open. The sun was streaming in through the window making my skin glitter in a mysterious way but not sparkling like the rest of my vampire family. I knew that Jacob was awake because everything was silent- Jake was the LOUDEST snorer ever. I propped myself up on two of the fluffy pillows to get a better view of his face. Jacobs’s eyes were closed but he had...
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posted by Kimi4312
Chapter Five:Past
Hayley's Journal, I decided to see what my friend's mom had been doing then I watched through the window then I saw Maddie's mom beat her and broke her nose, it is scary to watch someone get hurt like this but anda know anda wouldn't do anything about it, well unlike Hayden, I'm always a tough one and she's like always wanting a unusually life but our lives are changing since we met our mom, we didn't know she was our actual mom because she looked so young and well she was 15 but she is between 29 atau 30 right now, I seen Maddie get burned sejak matches sejak her mom, it scares me to...
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posted by avatarluver990

Benedic hated the trip! It wasn't that bad though, it was at the beach, with rides and fast Makanan restaurants and cool sights; except that where him and his family were going to stay for summer vacation was at an old istana, castle that it once belonged to a prince. It was old and delapadated, it needed some paint and it smelled like someone died at the front steps of the castle.
"Dad," he grumbled. "Do we have to stay here?"
"Well all of the hotels are booked." his father explained....
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