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posted by 1-2vampire
I'm sat at home
In my cardboard box
I'm scared to death
So I cuddle my socks
I hear the key turn in the door
Fear swells inside of me
My hope plummets through the floor
I peep outside my little box
In time to see my daddy roar
I'm worried now, I realise
Because he's angry I notice now
That what I'm seeing with swollen eyes
I don't know when I don't know how
It may be the last thing I ever see
This may be the last of me
I see his boots come closer, so I shriek
My bruises hurt lebih than ever
He picks me up, I feel so weak
He shakes me now and calls me worthless
I just want him to Cinta me
I just want him to know me
But the broken bottle is against my chest
And is thrust through my cotton vest
Into my heart, the pain is fire
I see myself as I float higher
Now my vision is rimmed with darkness
The end is near, I feel its presence
I just wish that I could tell him
I Cinta him, but his Cinta is dim
posted by Kimi4312
Chapter Two:Dark Secrets,
When the redheaded girl cries with guilt over killing someone for blood, she gets up and walks to her apartment and takes a pancuran, pancuran mandian cleaning the blood off her body, she begins crying again and head to flashback when she is in a emotional breakdown, 15 years ago, she and her best friend had twin baby girls and they Cinta them and Cinta each other dearly, until she got in a car accident and died, she slam her hand against the dinding and cries harder and she grabs her pocket knite and stabbed herself but still alive, she cries again angry and upset that she won't get old or...
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posted by Kimi4312
Chapter Three:Search For Truth,

Hayden begins to scream in pain when the man hit her in the face, breaking her nose, she cries alot harder "please let me go please!" she shouted
"take the freaking clothes off and i'll let anda go" the man yells at her, she tries to take her clothes off but he ribs them off of her, she shakes in terror until the man felt a sharp pain in his chest and the man fell down and Hayden sees a large hole on his back where his hati, tengah-tengah was,
Hayden starts to get scared until she saw a paper moved sejak its own and the pen moved like someone was Penulisan it, she crawl over to it...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
17: Wheel in the Sky

Dying is not what most people think it is-nothing flashes before your eyes, there’s no white light atau what have you. The only thing I felt was pain, the blood flowing through my baju and fingers, making them sticky and beginning to form a kot on my clothes. I couldn’t see much beyond the few feet in front of me, the sun had long such set and darkness had fallen on pantas, swift wings. There was one sound: my blood pulsing like it was right in my ears. Eventually I made it to the rumput bukit where I fell, too weak to walk another step.
While I lay there, certain I was destined...
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Sorry for the delay I have had some sever mental block and I couldnt think of anything to write LOL! Enjoy chapter 12 and remember to feedback and keep looking for chapter 13! Amber/Twilightsauce.

I smiled as my eyelids fluttered open. The sun was streaming in through the window making my skin glitter in a mysterious way but not sparkling like the rest of my vampire family. I knew that Jacob was awake because everything was silent- Jake was the LOUDEST snorer ever. I propped myself up on two of the fluffy pillows to get a better view of his face. Jacobs’s eyes were closed but he had...
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posted by Kimi4312
Chapter Five:Past
Hayley's Journal, I decided to see what my friend's mom had been doing then I watched through the window then I saw Maddie's mom beat her and broke her nose, it is scary to watch someone get hurt like this but anda know anda wouldn't do anything about it, well unlike Hayden, I'm always a tough one and she's like always wanting a unusually life but our lives are changing since we met our mom, we didn't know she was our actual mom because she looked so young and well she was 15 but she is between 29 atau 30 right now, I seen Maddie get burned sejak matches sejak her mom, it scares me to...
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posted by avatarluver990

Benedic hated the trip! It wasn't that bad though, it was at the beach, with rides and fast Makanan restaurants and cool sights; except that where him and his family were going to stay for summer vacation was at an old istana, castle that it once belonged to a prince. It was old and delapadated, it needed some paint and it smelled like someone died at the front steps of the castle.
"Dad," he grumbled. "Do we have to stay here?"
"Well all of the hotels are booked." his father explained....
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posted by ScottishChic
The hari of love,
Is here again,
This is tough,
From end to end,
A joyus occasion,
Is our salvation,
Without you,
I would be empty,
No one sejak my side,
No one to embrace me when I'm tired,
Stuck within a baracading window,
Wishing oh so much,
That anda would show,
Just another day,
Where I would have to sit here and say,
Alone again,
Always alone,
Behind these eyes are tears of love,
anda are my one true,
Thank anda honey,
For being with me,
I Cinta anda so,
Never ever leave me

sejak ScottishChic, dedicated to all whom I Cinta x
posted by TeamRosalieHale
15: You’re a God

While Dr. kren changed the bandages on IT, IT was trying IT’s hardest not to rip off a body part with one of IT’s fingernails that seemed lebih like talons. As he applied hydrogen peroxide to the wound IT let out a loud snarl to tunjuk IT’s displeasure.
“I know, but killing Dr. kren will not help” IT heard master say. IT could not see master clearly though IT could make out master’s shadow. IT kept as quiet as IT could for whether IT wanted to admit it atau not, master was playing God with him-for it had the decision of when and how IT would leave this world.
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
22: Way of the World

The hours took forever, the saat longest night Jack had lived through. Well, lebih atau less lived through. At long last, the sun started a steady climb in the Ohio sky, soon to be replaced with West Virginia. It didn’t take long for Tristan to wake, he needed less sleep than an average human to get by. Jack and Rosalie were changed from what they had been in before-he in simple black seluar, slacks and a white shirt, she in light blue jeans and a black tank top. Tristan was back to looking like a Greek god again-his hair golden, his eyes rich blue. “Can anda do that at will?...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
7: The Truth

The carriage proved to be even larger on the inside: made of all wood, it had a large domed shape bahagian, atas that hugged it close yet even Jack the tallest there could stand and walk comfortably in it. The entire thing seemed to stretch forever, like the inside of it would never end. “Magic” Tristan berkata simply. “I’m a warlock-amongst other things” he calmly explained.
The four men chuckled quietly as Tristan walked to the back, David and Michael sat on a long bench made of black velvet and Jack lay on the one opposite it. “Sit” Tristan encouraged the two. “Make...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
25: Freewill

They walked up the metal staircase, stepping on a solid metal platform that extended from one dinding to the next. This room was much brighter, lit sejak dozens of lights, one area tucked away in a corner was nearly blanketed in darkness. Jack walked half-way across it before he stopped and looked down. “What is this?” she asked though she suspected she knew the answer.
“It’s where the magic happens.” She looked down, several people in white lab coats walked around two people on separate hospital beds, they were motionless and were hooked up to life support systems. They moved...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
20: Cinta Remains the Same

It was early morning the seterusnya day; Tristan had woken shortly before the sun, though he appeared quite different from the golden-haired blue eyed god Rosalie had seen: his hair was dark brown, his eyes a hazel color with a tad of green. “Today, I’m going to visit two of the ones I changed oh about seven, eight years ago. Then, we will head home, east through Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, then south to home. Sound good?”
“I feel the need to hunt” David said, bookless for the first time.
Tristan nodded. “Very well. You’ll probably be back before we are.”...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
11: Never Too Late

“Wha…What?” Alice said, her eyes going from one person in the carriage to another.
“It’s true. I have a way to turn a vampire back into a human-heartbeat, color, blood pumps-whole nine yards.” He smiled. “But none of my boys want it-for different reasons though.”
“Simple and not…See, when anda are changed anda are poisoned and that travels through the body and eventually stops the heart. I needed a way to extract that poison and alter the body so that it goes back to a prevamp stage. I found a way shortly after Jack was changed, with the help...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
21: Every Famous Last Word

IT continued to follow the trail of the carriage-leaving Canada, coming back to the states, through Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota. IT sensed the trail went different from north but IT was not entirely sure which way.
Master watched and occasionally offered praise to IT, always reminding IT to get the blonde, alive, bringing her to master. Along the way, IT killed a stray vampire here atau there, master smiling the whole time at the mess.
Oblivious to the danger that was closing in fast, the carriage marched on to Ohio, darkness had settled in, Tristan was sound...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
12: Destination: Unknown

Once upon a time, in Rochester, New York, there lived a simple, silly, disillusioned girl named Rosalie Lillian Hale. For thirteen years, she believed that nothing would ever touch her-that she was invincible to all feeling and thought.
Until one hari in mid-April while she was stepping on stones on the Genesee River and she Lost her balance. Despite knowing how to swim, the sudden fall caused her to panic and eventually drown. Fortunately, a dark haired, green-eyed Angel merpati in and pulled her out, then resuscitated her back to life. When she finally came to, she asked...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
13: Within You

“Well, I had better turn in” Tristan said, standing from his chair. “Now, we have eight bedrooms and two bathrooms, feel free to help yourself.”
“Why so many if only anda require sleep?”
“Sometimes, these boys need to be separated and they can do that sejak taking off atau holing up in one of the rooms until they have cooled off. Well, night.” They all bid him a good night and Alice stood.
“I’m going to change” she said, eyeing Rose, still sitting seterusnya to Jack.
“Me too” she finally said, standing reluctantly, not wanting to leave him.
<Go. I’ll be right...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
9: anda and Me

“So Tristan, how do anda fit into all this?” Alice asked him. He was sitting on a chair closest to the front of the carriage. He looked up from his book and sighed.
“Well, I was created in 1408, sejak two warlocks known as Magna and Dejan. They took me and molded me into the perfect creature-a creature with the ability to change into anything at will-human, animal, whatever-telepathy, soothsayer, I was the perfect creature. But there are some limits even the could not look past though they are few: I can’t grant wishes, not the way a genie can, I can’t kill anyone at all,...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
24: Victim of the Game

The rest of the trip was in relative silence. Rosalie seemed ok after a while, even talking to Luke and Michael. To Jack, she spoke with her mind only. Tristan had gone to his room-to work on something though what no one knew. At long last the carriage came to an abrupt and Tristan came out, his face grim.
“That bad?” Jack asked, looking up at him.
He didn’t answer, just looked down. “What?” Rosalie asked him, sensing that something big had been kept from her.
No one answered, they all silently got off but Rosalie was not done. “What is going on? Jack?”...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
23: Run to the Hills

IT had caught the right trail, was following it again, swiftly passing into Indiana, Ohio followed minit later. Yes, IT was getting closer to what master wanted-and this time nothing would stop IT.
Already the carriage had passed into West Virginia, Tristan and Jack were both tense as to what was waiting at home, though they hid it from Rosalie as well as they could. “Are anda sure anda don’t need to hunt?” Jack asked her for the billionth time.
She sighed but smiled. “I’m sure. The hari I found anda again we had hunted.” She made a face as she said...
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