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posted by TeamRosalieHale
14: Can’t Stop This Thing We Started

Rose spent the night in Jack’s room, nestled in his arms, neither speaking, her head resting on his chest, breathing him into her, while his hands wandered the planes of her, wove their way through every strand of her perfect hair. While Jack did not know her answer, he felt an ease, an ease he hadn’t felt in decades. Somehow, he knew her mere presence was the cause.
Eventually, she sat up and looked down at him. He leaned up and once lebih traced her face with the tips of his fingers. “Jack, when anda berkata we would live simple, normal lives the way...
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The sound of the breaking glass stopped me from taking another step. I starred into the darkness ahead of me, this wasn’t where I wanted to be. I wanted to be with my mother. Mother. Why did I have to think of my mother? I tried not to think of the day…
But the memories of the dread filled night filled her head. I remember it as if it was yesterday.

There was banging on the front door. A manly voice yelling to let him in.
“KIDS! Go hide! Eric, take care of your sister, Clare! Hide and don’t come out!” my mother yelled to us.
“But where are anda going to go?” Eric asked my mom.
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Chapter Three

All throughout their patrol, it was all James could do to keep his attention (and eyes) on the task at hand. He was still going over the jam before patrol in his head, trying to make sense of it. Lily Evans, always the stoic one, afraid? It was hard to get his head around. Lily had always been the one to keep her head in the most panic-worthy of situations – like the time she found out that Remus is a werewolf.

It had been a particularly difficult full moon, the last one of their sixth tahun at Hogwarts. Wolf-Remus had been lebih vicious than usual and both James and Sirius were...
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posted by breebree446
 1st Person = I, we, me, us, my, mine, our, ours. 2nd Person = you, your, yours. 3rd Person = he, she, it, they, him, her, it, them, his, her, hers, it, their, theirs.
1st Person = I, we, me, us, my, mine, our, ours. 2nd Person = you, your, yours. 3rd Person = he, she, it, they, him, her, it, them, his, her, hers, it, their, theirs.
First Person

First person Penulisan is when the characters is speaking directly toward another person(You). anda use words like "I", "Mine", "We", "Us." The character is telling the story to anda themselves.

Second Person

Third person is the exact opposite. Instead of the character talking to you, the narrator is talking about the character. Your main words are "You", and "Your."

Third Person

Third person is almost similar to saat person. The narrator is talking to you, but instead they use words like "He", "She", "It", and "They." Third person buku often have the most detail.

For lebih detailed descriptions, go to: link

When I was ten years old and i was playing b-ball and i broke my foot so we waited till the seterusnya day,my grama tok me cuz my mom and dad had to work,so we went and got the cast.
Then my grama&me went to a store it was right seterusnya to wal-mart and we walked around then i had to go to the bath room,the store had no bath room,so i told my grama and she still had to pay for her stuff so she berkata just go,so i walked in my bran-new crutches never used them before.
when i walked in the store i tripped on the stupid wal-mart rugg,i could not get up and i new my grama was not going to be here...
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posted by whitelion
your smile, your eyes, your voice
as if anda gave me a choice
everything about anda i loved
all other feelings aside i shoved

on your every word i hung
and even among
a crowd, only anda i see
nowhere else i would rather be

these feelings for you, that are kept inside
i can no longer hide
everything about anda i admire
anda are all i desire

so kind, so sweet, so passionate
everytime our eyes met
my hati, tengah-tengah would race
while looking at your smiling face

full of buety, life, and joy
with my emotions anda play like a toy
like a wild beast, my emotions cannot be tame
and i don't even know your name
The seterusnya hari at school they had an athlete tryout at lunch time in the stadium. “Alec, there anda are I’ve been looking all over for you, why are anda watching the tryouts, man” berkata Marley. “Nothing, just supporting people” berkata Alec with a big smile on his face. “Your perving on the girls aren’t you?” berkata Marley. “You know me too well man; take a sit, perv with anda fellow friends” berkata Alec with the same smile. ‘I’ll sertai anda guys” berkata Nathan while watching a girl sprint. “You guys are such pervs, man” berkata Marley even though he was sitting right seterusnya to them...
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I'm the real writer of this story, my siter a.k.a gossipgirlxoxo telah diposkan it for me but now i have my own....

15 years ago, mankind found that there was lebih than the world showed us. There was another world where creatures of all appearances were hiding, the creatures made a deal with the humans that if they let them live in the human world as normal citizens they would help the humans deal with deceases and technology. They agreed but the humans decreed that all monsters must hid in a human form, this was no shock to the creatures and it was agreed that man and monster would live as one, as...
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posted by emmett
It hurts to see anda face
Or say your perfect name
It feels like I’m in disgrace
The pain inside of me
I feel it everyday
How can this be?

Chorus 1:
I’m falling to pieces
Bit sejak bit
I am such a mess
That I am feeling lebih and lebih less
Everyday, everyday
When we’re together
I don’t feel together

I guess silence is the only cure
Never looking back
But finding out how very pure
You are everyday, everyday

Chorus 1

It’s 2am and I’m
Thinking bout anda again
Can’t anda tell that I’m not happy?
Happy without you
It’s 2am and I’m
Feeling like crying again
I hope anda know I ain’t...
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posted by Sephisis17
Another poem sejak me. This one came out kinda lame,but I'll let the rating be the judge (assuming there will be any).

That Girl

Have anda seen that girl,
That goes around here and there?
Nobody knows where she’s going,
Is she even going somewhere?

Pretty face, pretty hair,
Nobody knows her name,
She seems sad, what a coincidence,
I’ve been feeling the same.

She seems lost,
Doesn’t even know where she’s from,
I’m a nice guy so I invite her,
To stay in my home.

She seats in the couch,
My, is she pretty?
I wonder what I can say,
To comfort that girl , so dreamy.

She tells me it’s her name,
She feels sad,
Because I’ve been feeling the same
“Are anda crazy telling her our true forms, what the hell man?” Shouted Opal. “Don’t worry, I’ll never tell anyone, I’m a Rokurokubi, which is also a type of demon, we demons should stick together” berkata Mia. “Rokurokubi? I think I’ve heard of that type of creature, anda come under the category of nocturnal, right” berkata Opal trying to calm down. “I’m so glad you’ve heard of my race, that makes me so happy” berkata Mia trying to hug Opal. “Opal has a vast knowledge of creatures from the other world” berkata Alec. “Then anda should do great in ‘Monster Protection Class’...
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Okay, so I'm Penulisan a book on, and it's about the Sookie Stackhouse Novels sejak Charlaine Harris, its a peminat fiction, so I dont want to make publicity out of it, I just want ppl to read it, and tell me what they think!
So, if anda have time on your hands, and anda wanna read what I wrote (which has Vampires and werewolves, and shapeshifters, witches, etc. (like in the actual series)) then follow this link, and tell me what anda think in komen if anda have a peminat fiction account, if not tell me what anda think down below this! Please do so, I really wanna know if its good atau not...thanks for Membaca this and hopefully u follow the link!

Everyone has a red glass window.It's called your heart.People's windows differ from others,some windows are shaded out and don't let any light come in and than there are some windows that are open to whatever goes pass their them.
Is your window open atau closed out?
Would anda let the air in if anda had the chance?
My window has been open for quite some time and the same gush of wind keeps coming in and I've grown to Cinta and need that one breath that air gives me.But that gush of wind I've grown to Cinta sometimes easily breaks my window with it's power.But yet can easily fix my window up again with it's strength.It is a constant fight between letting that gush of wind in because I'm afraid of the wind breaking my window once more.But that same gush of wind I'm so scared of but yet Cinta so much,loves me as well but that wind can spread far.Far enough to other people's windows as well.

Always an constant fight between the wind and the window!
Arlette and I walked into my own house as if I was a stranger atau something.I saw everything in a different way;in a baby form now.Like,would my huge sparkly white wooden staircase be dangerous for the "thing" that was inside of me?The fact that my house had over 15 sockets scared me atau at least scared the "thing".
"Wow Ann,I've really missed your house."Arlette took in a big breath as if she hadn't been to my house in ages.When really she came twice last week and stayed over both Friday and Saturday night.
"I'm sure it has missed anda too Lettee."
Arlette plopped on the sofa, kerusi panjang while I just stood...
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Maybe I should ditch P.E. today?Ive never ditched school before so this was definitely a first for me.What would be my excuse though?I could just picture Ms.Anime's face if I were to come to be P.E. with this crap:"Oh,hey Ms.A.,I can't exactly stay for P.E. today....because I'm pregnant...well at least I think I am?So,yeah I'll see anda tomorrow,maybe." then just walk away without looking back."I'm screwed!"Those were the words that would repeat in my head over,over,and over again.

"Hey Annie!Missed anda at lunch yesterday!"My best friend Arlette was referring to yesterday when I bailed on lunch...
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posted by Free_Spirit
Me" okay, well this is a complete tester. I'm just posting the start of my story on here, just to get some opinions. I don't think i will post the rest of it on here, unless people ask me too =) anyway i would Cinta some feedback, especially critism, that probably sounds weird, but honestly anda learn from critisism. anyway i'm rambling here.

I sighed, and stared out the window. The sun was glaring down, and it looked sweltering outside. For once I actually wanted to stay in the classroom, the nice cool air conditioner never looked better.

I glanced over to the tatty metal box that was somehow...
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posted by Kimi4312
heres a song about me and my boyfriend enjoy :)Lyrics:
As a very small girl, I met a boy, hes so sweet,

I was shy and he wasn't, he always watch out,

He never left my side, I never left his side,

Because we're stuck together,

Always be stuck together,

His new girlfriend showed up but I don't like her,

He is blinded sejak her but I know her Cinta is a lie,

I seen him being unhappy everyday since she show

But I ask hei wanna hang out at my house,

Then he berkata yeah and we start hanging out,

We are stuck together and always will be,

I have been stuck to his side forever,

Then we been playing video games and laughing,...
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I starred down at the skinny "liar" in my hands.I couldn't be pregnant.Pregnancy test could be wrong right?At that moment I didn't know whether i should scream atau pass out."What happened to perfect little Annie?" I thought to myself."The one who had gotten into a ivy league school and would be attending in the fall?Well she was gone now,along with her virginity."
In case anda hadn't figured it out already,I'm Annie,Annie Green and I'm PREGNANT!Shivers went down my spine as the words echoed in my head.This was my fault;and Emett's of course.Emett is the "thing's" father."That's even if I have...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Black moon
Edward left me. edward left me. I couldn’t cope with it how could he leave me? he loved me didn’t he? I was subbing so hard that I couldn’t breath I was picturing his hard emotionless face when he told me he never loved me atau wanted me every time I thought about him I subbed harder, my hole body was shaking, it was raining and my hole body was wet I was freezing but I didn’t care I rather die than live without crazy the guy left me and I don’t want to live without him!
My body was freezing and my head was about to explode when I heard someone calling my name
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