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Rawak Song atau Poem atau Something
So um enjoy. Idk wot this is but whatev :)

I'll Break this Spell

I’ve lived my life in shadows
Walking at your pace
I couldn’t see that anda were so shallow
I was too mesmerized sejak your face

Now I can see
All that you’ve done to me

I’ll break this spell
That you’ve put on me
Ever so easily
I won’t treat anda well
After all it’s me
That you’ve messed up completely
I’ll make anda pay hell
If that’s what will set me free
If it’ll set me free
posted by emmett

I feel like I have always known you
We’ve always been so close but
anda look away

anda tell me that anda Cinta me
But your eyes say something else
It shouldn’t be so difficult for me
To turn away

Every time we talk at night
Every time anda make me feel alright
When anda say goodbye
anda say you’ll think of me all the time
I know it’s a lie
And I’m slowly breaking
I’m slowly breaking

Somehow anda just cannot see
The way I smile when anda look at me
Are anda completely blind?
Cuz’ I’ve telah diberi anda all the signs
That I Cinta anda


And now I’m falling apart
You’ve gone from my life
I can’t take it anymore
My new best friend is a knife
What anda were to me
Made me complete
posted by Thalia_huntress
“Brandon!” I call. “Just follow my voice love.” he says sweetly. My Cinta I miss his light brown hair and slightly tan skin. “I’ve finally found you!” I berkata happily. “Now my love…” he kissed me I missed him so much, then something sharp cut my neck.[i/] Then I woke with a start “who in the world’s Brandon?” I ask myself. I sat up on my katil looked at my clock it was 4:37 ugh three hours till school. I took a warm pancuran, pancuran mandian dried my hair. That left me with two hours till school. Finally sleep found me again. [i]“Kura! Find a man named Charlie well this would be his grand...
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Probably the toughest time in anyone's life is when anda have to murder a loved one because they're the devil.

Belinda’s p.o.v

All 6 of us stood in the lounge room; we tried to not pay attention to the maid cleaning around, dusting and wiping anything that looked dirty. It was awkward sitting there doing our normal routine in fact it was too weird. Tayce was just sitting there eating an epal, apple while doing her toe nails, which were on bahagian, atas of Bobby’s legs. Kale and Ruby just sat there giving each other the death glare...weird. Justin was hard in paper work and I was just sitting there standing...
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posted by Bella_Swan3
"What reason do anda have for living, if all anda have done is brought sorrow, pain, and anger? Everyone will want anda dead, in any case."

Taylor looked up at the blank, expressionless face of Lady MacDonald.

Taylor scrambled to her feet, bowing her head at the superior vampire.

"I apologise for the havoc I have caused, my Lady," Taylor berkata bitterly, gesturing at the shards of broken glass that lay on the floor.

"No matter. It is not as if I was particularly attached to my father's belongings," Lady MacDonald said, sounding detached.

Taylor kept silent, not knowing what to say.

"What reason for...
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posted by ToastedRabbits
Someone once told me,

"Being a writer is like being a prostitute, really. At first you're only doing it for yourself, then anda decide to tell a few friends, let them in on the action, then anda decide to let a couple strangers in, pretty soon you're welcoming the entire world."

Such a very accurate quote. When I heard this, I was at a very formal luncheon with a few kids from my journalism class in which we produced the school's newspaper: The Jagged Edge. It was an awards ceremony for individual work as well as our newspaper as a whole to be recognized. Granted, it was a local newspaper that...
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posted by Thalia_huntress
thanks dancing_banana for your idea. and if anda have any ideas send me a message plzz tell me what anda think.

There were two other women with him the first one looked like Charlie and Marcus the other was Annabel. Charllie was closer then i tought he berkata from right behind me "yes that's our mother our father got killed in jail when he saw her he killed the man." i can see where he got his looks. we kept walking. a lady saw us she welcomed us in to her house she braided my hair with pale blue ribbon running through it. she gave me a dress that was pale blue like the ribbon. it had white roses...
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posted by Bella_Swan3
Taylor sat with her back against the wall, her arms wrapped around her knees, as she relived memories of pain.

The broken glass that littered the floor served as a reminder. Everywhere she looked, she saw a memory, the earliest being when she was barely four.

Dying. Perhaps that is how it feels, filled with the thoughts and reminiscence of the life anda have lived, and in some cases, wished anda hadn't.

The slight nine tahun old sat on the riverbank. There was a boy, about as old as she was sitting seterusnya to her.

"He did it again, didn't he?" the boy asked softly, gently touching a bruise on the...
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She stepped into the flat sorely, gazing at his stuff. He’s left so soon, without saying he would do so, without mentioning any goodbyes with his deep, sad voice. Everything was the same, nothing has been moved, and nothing has been replaced. He took nothing with him but his endless tears. He took nothing with him but his sadness and misery. He took nothing … but the shattering hearts with its deep wounds.
She did fool him with her sweet words and enchanting look, but she’s never thought that such a smart person like him can’t be fooled with her stupid words. Her words did nothing but...
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posted by Thalia_huntress
"catch me if anda can!" my little sister yells running in the back yard.i go after her. she suddenly stops. "Jaz!Jaz! come here!" she calls. "yes Abbie?" i fallow her eyes. smoke was riseing from the house. oh-no i thought. i grab my cell phone and dial 911. there here in twenty minutes. they've put out the fire. our parents are dead. i sit on one of the chairs in our back yard. abigal climbs into my lap and hides her face in my hair then she crys. i must've looked like a statue becuase my breathing was shallow. "sweeties are anda ok?" my rich aunt said. i blinked "yes were fine aunt julie" i...
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posted by uniquezandy
Sams POV
I am your normal, typical everyday teen who is 16 years old. Samatha is my real name; say it to my face and I will bite your head off. People say when there young, (girls anyway,) "Look mummy, I want to be a princess when I grow up, and I'm going to marry a handsome prince." To tell the truth, I used to be a girl like that. A girl who read every fairy tale she could get her hands on, and believe that they are real. It is a load of poison now. I had to learn that in real life, true Cinta is rubbish and anda won't grow up to be want anda want. And in life, change happens quite alot and...
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 Hayly's gucci boots
Hayly's gucci boots
this is my first marvel fanfiction.i have a great idea and i hope u like it - charly x

Hayly's P.O.V

I guess your wondering what this story is about well its my story.My name is Hayly McCarthy and i was just a normal kid living in London,England that was until the last week of my 10th tahun of school when i found out i was different than my friends,family and other students.

"Hayly wake up your going to be late for school." my mom called up the stairs.I moaned and forced myself out of bed,i took and pancuran, pancuran mandian and got ready for school.Today i decided to wear my rolling stones bahagian, atas with my cut off skinny...
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posted by AvaMarch
When anda look at the night sky, what do anda see?
In my eyes,
I see the moon as a peaceful spirit,
watching over me.
When anda stop and listen to the wind, what do anda hear?
In my eyes,
The wind sings to me and tells tales.
When anda feel the sun on your back, what do anda think?
In my eyes,
The sun reaches out and gives me a warm smile.
When anda hear a flowing stream, how does it sound?
In my eyes,
The stream is floating in my hati, tengah-tengah and soul, drifting on and on.
When anda look at me, what do anda see?
In my eyes,
I see an average girl who is silently struggling inside.
But that's all in my eyes.
posted by moodystuff449
I stood outside of the cave, watching them. I knew what to do now, but I had hoped that it would not have to go this way. 'Too late now.' I told myself, "Good night." I whispered. My sister woke up, and I slipped back out into the darkness.


I woke up like always but something didn't feel right, I walked outside. The air was as cold as death and… There were 2 moons. Side sejak side, orange, thin, crescent moons. The moon, the stars, and the sun were all out at the same time. The sun gave off barely any light atau heat, just a hardly visible smooth ice like dish in the sky. How I recognized it as...
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posted by AvaMarch
Away, I ran. Not caring about how cold it was atau how bad my chest ached. All I knew was to run. To run fast and long. To get as far away as possilbe. My face and arms were getting sliced with passing branches but I didn't care. My legs carrying me further into the dark forest. My mind tried to process what had just happened, but I was still in shock. Both of my parents had just been murdered. And my father's last words were "Run, Lester, run." As any child, (I hope) I obeyed my father's last wishes, I ran. I didn't know if the murderers were after me atau not. It didn't matter.
It was the middle...
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posted by HarryPLover
Forever anda are mine
Forever I’ll be here
Forever is what anda promised
Your hati, tengah-tengah is worth nothing
But the your soul is priceless
Forever can be a long time
Forever can be a long time cut short
It’s worth the suffering
It’s worth the sacrifice
To forever be yours
Forever protected sejak your eagle like wings
Forever loved sejak your ocean wide heart
Forever selamat, peti deposit keselamatan in your warm embrace
Forever is worth the wait
To be sliced thin
To stuffed thick
Forever is Forever
Forever is Eternity
Forever is a risk
Forever is a chance
Forever is worth the wait
posted by HarryPLover
I banged my head against the meja when my science teacher, Mr.Underwood woke me up from my sleep with his slave owner voice.
"Do anda care to sertai us?" I personally didn't really feel like it but then again I wasn't in the mood to argue.
"Sure." I yawned. He went on teaching his boring lesson on frogs. As if we need to know about frogs. What career requires anda to have frog knowledge as one of your skills?
The loceng rang louder and longer than usual. Lucky for me that was my last period.
Usually Matt is waiting sejak the car sejak the time I come out sejak this time he wasn't there. His car was...
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posted by HarryPLover
looked in the mirror and saw that ugly girl
That girl that constantly reminded of who I was,
Of what I was.
I was a murder
People say My parents death wasn’t my fault
I killed them
I felt guilty
I felt ashamed
I was the one to blame
My life flashed before my eyes
I saw the fire, the crash
I saw the flames erupt inside me
I felt tears burn my eyelids
I felt it as much they did
They burned, I burned
I didn't want to be left alone
I never wanted them to leave
Though I was taken from them
They were also taken from me
Though they're gone,
We both pay the price
And Scars.