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posted by mari_giovani
This is a short story, based on a song. The song's kinda spoilerish so i'm gonna put its link at the end.
Ps: i just finished this so it probably has some typing and pontuaction mistakes...I'll review and sunting later! :)

There he was once again, holding his knees in his arms, on the corner of that sofa, kerusi panjang that he often tries to forget, and across from him, his terapist sat, cleaning her glasses with a tissue as she had his file on her lap, tried to, for the yet unknown, last time, understand and help him.
"So how are anda today, Jason? I'm glad to see that you're looking for the help that anda need."...
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In middle school there are always groups there are the popular's with their clothes’, make up, money, and fame.

Then there are the nerds with their books, notes, pencils, and beakers for science class.

The musicians and artists with their instruments, voices, paintbrushes, and masks.

The actors and Pelakon wanita with all their props, costumes, make up, and outgoingness.

Then there are the gangs though there aren’t many in our school with all the bling. Boom boxes and baggy clothes.

Last there are the jocks with their footballs, uniforms, and nets.

First Period
My Dirty Blonde hair...
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posted by mitchie19
2. B I G D A Y

One, two, three, go! I breathed. My right leg went first up the stairs and then my left leg.
This is it, this is really it. I squealed nervously. “Marhion Angeles Pearson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pearson” the school directress announced. I went up the stage. The audience clapped.
I felt like a bintang on a rise.
I saw Riley on the crowd, my eyes glued to him. Ah! I tripped. The audience gasp some stood up to see if I’m okay some of them laughed and snickered. drake Cell, the school news anchor video taped my clumsiness, he smiled. I quickly stood up. My cheeks were red, I...
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just chapter 2 and beginning of Chapter 3...please coment on how anda like it. thank you

Chapter 2

The guard shoved the key into the lock and opened the door. The room was dimly lit and my eyes had a hard time adjusting. Once they pushed me in, the door behind me slammed. Great alone with a bad light candle. But that's when I heard the whimper. I whirled, expecting to find a dog atau something like that, but instead a boy with shaggy black hair sat in the corner. I stared at him until he glanced up. His eyes were a gentle brown; his features were soft unlike Griffins. The boy smiled. He still had...
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posted by Kimi4312
Chapter Four:Immortality

The seterusnya day, Kimberly came to her old house she once lived, she walked around and she look at all the rooms and she saw her old bedroom is now her twin daughter's room now, she sees a picture of her daughters and she went to her parents bedroom and sees pictures of her and her sister Alice as children, Kimberly felt so guilty of not telling them she was alive and she cries, Jacob notice she look so much like she used to be when they were younger expect her hair is now short and curly, he sees her sorrow behind her eyes and see a blood tear drop on the floor, he walked...
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posted by viju
I don’t know, I don’t know, what anda mean
I just know, I just know, anda ditch me
I just know, I just know, anda hurt me
You hurt me!
I don’t want to know what anda think
I just want to know why anda made me think
I just know, I just know, anda hurt me
You hurt me!

Hey you, runaway
I’ll take that way
Don’t anda say
Don’t anda follow me
Now anda just do, what I want……..

I don’t know what anda mean…..
I just know you’re so mean…….
I don’t want to think about it
I just want anda to be never seen
I don’t know what anda mean……..
I just know you’re so mean………
I don’t want to think about...
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posted by avatarluver990

Not too long ago, probably this time period, deep below in the sea, where no human had ever crossed, was a kingdom; a kingdom strong and powerful which was ruled sejak a great sea king named Octlantus; he was a powerful ruler, along with his trident. The people respected the Sea King that named the kingdom Octlantia in his honor. Octlantus and his wife, Sea Queen Lynsca, had seven beautiful daughters: Jinsya, Kynlana, Otsyncia, Renya, Tsyniana, Isynlana, and Nynxa. The Sea...
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posted by cullens-rule
the crystal night
Chapter 2 the sightings

I woke early the seterusnya morning feeling surprisingly refreshed, I had slept like a rock, every thing was fine, I got up and went to the bathroom I brushed my teeth and washed my face, I got back to my room and glared at the window, the sun was glowing through the curtains, I sighed frustrated, we have had a long sunny summer this tahun which is bad news for me I burn very easily so I have to be extra careful to stay out of the sun when possible.
I got dressed, brushed my heir and sat and scowled at the sun shining through the window, at half past eight I...
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I woke up to the door being shut. I sat up quickly and stared at the girls. “Oh hi,” I said. “Thought anda were someone else for a saat there,” I berkata with a slight laugh.
“Sorry,” Hailie berkata as she came and sat sejak me.
“Don’t worry about that,” I berkata patting her on the head, she looked at me funny but I don’t think she mined my pattingness. “Anybody have homework?” I asked looking at both of the girls. Laney just nodded and walked towards the dapur without saying a word, I thought that was a bit strange but I guess that’s just the way she is. I sat there for a...
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posted by emmett
Verse 1:
Well how Do I tell you
That i'm not breathing
How do I tell anda that I,
I wanna go away
Sometimes I feel like
I just wanna scream it all out
Yeah, how did I get here
Now I'm losing the game

Now i look at you
And all that i think is that
Soon you'll be like me
Rejected and outcast - just like me
I don't think anda realise
Just what you're trying to pull off here
I guess you'll be sorry
When anda find out the hard way

Verse 2:
I don't think I'll ever forgive you
You're running at my pace
I got kicked out
Yeah anda took my place
I'm not really involved now
It's all up to you
Just don't mess it up hun...
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posted by Sweet_Pants
It’s a silent staring match between anda and her

The quiet air above anda is whispering anda words

Words anda choose to ignore, words glaring at you,

Gnawing at anda from the very tip of her eyes

But anda won’t let down, no matter how much

She isn’t saying, no matter how much she can’t say

Because you’re in power, anda brought her here

anda yell, and she shrinks back, but in fear?

No, she’s waiting for her chips to add up

As life’s a poker game, the highs are all that won

She knows this; you’re the one who taught her

‘Lay low until anda gain the takhta

To strike back at those who thought

The same as Arrogance himself;

That you, gullible and pathetic, were theirs alone’

Please tell me what anda think, criticizm is welcome.
posted by BuffyFaithFan1

You have just entered a world. A world like no other! This world is not like TWILIGHT atau House Of Night atau HARRY POTTER atau any other world anda are thinking of right about now. This world is way different. Where only a good bunch of people in the population live. The world has been divided into six parts: the WaterLands, the EarthLands, the AirLands, the FireLands, the ExtraLands, and the NoOneZone. Only one hundred people make up our world. And only 16.666666 people live inside each part. It sounds pretty depressing, I know, but this is how this world is! The...
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added by melikhan
Who is Mary Sue, anda ask?

She is a pest, a scourge, a CURSE upon the world of fiction; a dull, cliche character who mostly invades the peminat fiction universe (especially in fandoms like Lord of the Rings atau Harry Potter), but can also be found in original work, TV shows, books, movies, etc. In peminat fiction, she's usually the fangirl's way of inserting herself in the story and pairing herself up with the cutest/hottest character. This infamous evil can be identified sejak the following traits:

1: She is stunningly/unusually beautiful. Oh she may deny it, claiming to be a "plain Jane" and modestly deflecting...
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posted by cassie-1-2-3
Spelling is important.
Grammar is important.
Especially when involving words…

In today’s world, written word is growing lebih and lebih common. With the fairly baru-baru ini introduction of text messaging, email, IM services, social networks, and online self publishing (which is what we’re all doing here on Fanpop when we post articles, and what I am mainly addressing), it is not only important how your words sound, it’s just as important, if not lebih so, how they look.

link* to me, some people seem to believe that spelling and grammar is not at all important in these self publications.
Just to list...
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posted by CullenProperty
"I'd like a room please," Nick tells the front meja clerk. The old lady give both of us a look over and dompet, beg tangan her lips then rolls her eyes.
"ID please," she tells us, "both of you," she looks at me.
"Mine's in the car, I'll be right back," I tell Nick, smiling at the lady.
I come back and the lady is defeated, she really didn't think I had one, but I showed her! She gives my drivers license back with a roll of the eyes and watches me as Nick fills out the paperwork.
"What's the license plate, Grace?" he asks.
My mouth drops and my eyes nearly fall out of my head. I turn around so the lady...
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posted by mia1emmett
part 1:
we walked into the living room and he turned the t.v on. he put on "bob the builder" and patted my head. i heard Dina's door open and i smiled Dina berkata her katil head look was BAD! she was walking down the stairs and she screamed "OH MY GOD! MIA....." i turned around in time to see...
end of part 2


Tyler my friend, and Jayson's best friend. i laughed as he lunged at me and i fell on the floor. Tyler berkata "hey M, what anda up to?" i smiled "well laying on the floor with anda on bahagian, atas of me" Dina laughed in the background and i wanted to throw something...
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Chapter One
Ashelyn (Ash):

    The first thought I had waking up in the morning was, today’s finally the hari I’ve been waiting for all my life.
Pushing away my thoughts, I rolled over on my bed, and wiped the sweat off my brow. Pushing aside the velvet curtain that covered the hole in the dinding that was my window, I squinted in the early morning light.
    It was mid-September, and the heat was something awful. Even now, not even eight hours into the day, I could see the sun beating down on the ground. Dirt from the paths swirled in the air, making it...
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