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posted by deathchick9
Syayuki Kimihiro,is a normal Japaneses high school girl trying to find her place and make friends,but when she was 5 she was taken from her home,she has many nightmares about this event even after 11 years,These nightmares consist of demons monsters and gargoyles.Her family says that it's normal sines she was found unconscious with no memories of this horrible event,now she has episodes where she has excruciating chest pain till she falls unconscious.Her mother being a doctor was able to make a vaccine for her but it only works for one day.Suddenly four new students appear making her episodes and nightmares worse.As if that's not bad enough now there are strange marks on her left wrist that hurt like hell.Do these new students have something to do with it and why is the leader constantly flirting with her?
posted by ashesandwine
I'm not sure if I'll keep this going but if I do, I'll post it on my spot and here:) I still remember posting my first story here! I after sent it to my spot where it's still going, but this was the first place and I thank anda all for receiving it:) Thanks! So I hope anda like this one too:)

"I Cinta you..." Was the last thing I heard from him, as the blade went through his throat in one gracious move. That was it... All that I had ever fought for, all that I knew and loved, Lost in one single move! I was Lost in the darkness, trap in the sorrow and blood...
"I'm sorry..." Was the last thing...
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“Look at them, trying to figure it out. Trying to work out why a pure-blood has come to their school, Antiworld, huh? This could be fun”. There was a young man sitting on the bahagian, atas of a gargoyle wearing a white baju with a black kot over it. His eyes where a light green with a black cat eye stroke through it. As the man stood up anda saw that he had pitch black hair and his skin was white like paper. As anda closed in on the man’s face anda saw his eye drop a line of blood down his cheek, as if he was crying blood. The man looked up at the sun covering his face with his hand, he closed his...
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As Marley was at home, he was doing research about Vampires but still nothing about Vampires losing their short term memory loss ability. It is hard to get facts about Vampires without running into a movie, T.V series atau book. “What’s this?” berkata Marley. “Vampires from the Hunters Eyes”. As Marley looked through the website a lot of the facts were true like the side effects, half-bloods and pure-bloods. Then he saw just what he was looking for, as he read he understood. “Half-bloods are hated throughout the line of pure-bloods but are used as slaves atau grunts. Those who are bitten...
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Some Vampires have a certain side effect to when they bite a human. This mostly happens with pure bloods atau half bloods that gained their power from their vampire history. Vampires who were bitten and had their blood changed will rarely get this trait because their blood was once human so the DNA does not release this effect in their blood. Marley, Alec and Opal each have a side effect when bitting someone. The People Alec bites start to concentrate a lot on their Cinta life, this is because Alec cares a lot about his Cinta life (One of the many reasons he does not bite men) The Side effect People...
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posted by Bella_Swan3
I'm losing my mind, Taylor thought as she gripped the edge of the vanity table, almost splintering it. A few shards of glass on bahagian, atas of it were enough to tell her that her face was painted with her black tears.

I need to find out, she thought desperately. Even if it hurts. Even if the truth hurts worse than an outright lie.

Lie. So seemingly small and insignificant, and yet it could go unnoticed, almost like it could be berkata and then forgotten immediately.

Lies are like a temporary fix. They solve most problems, but they will soon unravel and tear even worse than before.

Glass. Why can't I break...
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She wanted to know what else he thought about her, and refused to stop Membaca no matter how painful its effect would be.
He berkata anda are in med school. That made me happy since I was there too, though against my welling. I thought that anda are passionate and caring, that anda are loving and want to help everyone. I didn’t even know anda and I drew anda in my mind like an Angel the same way anda looked to me. I forgot in that minit all what my father told me, and all what I learned about not being fooled with appearances, though I was, all my life, very careful with choosing my friends. But...
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hei guys! I just wrote this poem. I haven't written a poem in quite a while, maybe a year, and this one's an attempt to get back on the poem Penulisan path. Well hope anda like it, and please, if possible, add a komen saying what anda think.

Me and Those

Ever noticed that in this life
Everyone wants anda to do something,
atau be something
That sometimes anda don’t want to be?

They are those!
anda know them!
anda probably have those in your house.
They are those who expect anda to take a path,
Even though,
anda don’t want to take.

They are those who expect anda to be great,
Even though,
anda prefer to be small and humble.

But do anda think,
For the slightest second,
That they care about that?
They don’t!

They are your parents,
Your grandparents,
Your Uncles and aunts,
That since anda were born,
Came up with a path for anda in life.

But know this,
And say it to yourself:
They are those, they matter,
But me is I,
And I’m the main character.
Yeah My friend is Penulisan something to and its kinda bout the same thing but way different at the ame time.She has it up and sone1 berkata that it was like Twilight. Well anda can say mine is 2 but i starte driting it when i was 9. That was 2000. So enjoy.

Chapter One Truth
My mom drove me to Taylor’s house but no one was home. I really wasn’t surprised. Taylor hadn’t been utama every time I came. “You can come back later. I have somewhere I have to be, “my mom said. I knew I had to work hard to keep the disappointment off my face. Before Taylor started hanging out with Sam we were attached...
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posted by Kimi4312
Chapter One:Broken Hearted Boy,
In a small town texas, two twin girls named Hayley and Hayden lived with their grandparents for all their life since they were born, Hayden has long dark brown hair with red steaks and beautiful brown eyes and glowing skin, Hayley has short light brown hair and brown eyes and she look identical to Hayden as twin, they also live with their anut Alice who has blonde hair and hazel brown eyes and tan skin, the twins went to school one day, Hayley notices her twin looked so sleepy and had no sleep "are anda okay?" Hayley ask Hayden "no I just had a bad dream last night"...
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posted by TeanRose424
I was sitting on my bed; my legs were in my chest, my arms wrapped around them. There was a thunderstorm tonight; i've always loved thunderstorms. There was a flash of lightning and my room lite up around me. I smiled; the thunder was next. It was a huge clapp of thunder. Thunder was always my kegemaran part of thunder storms because it was louder than life. There was another flash of lightning; i saw a dark figure outside my window lite up sejak the lightning.

I was scared. I didnt dare move. I sat without movement; maybe it would go away. But he didnt go away. He tapped on the window; i saw...
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added by CathCuddy
Source: Google
My wide brown eyes glanced around the Bridgewell high school lunchbox and all I saw was the same thing as everyday. The "cool" group, my group, all sitting in the same spot. The middle of the lunchbox, drawing all attention on us with our screaming and giggling. It would usually be me starting the scenes but now I see differently. What’s the point with all the makeup, the new outfit each hari and the teasing of the smart kids. I don't want to be this girl anymore, I hate her.
Just at that moment Catherine and Amanda walk past. The smart kids, the ones who care what grades they get and now...
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added by melikhan
added by vampiress015
Source: BBC
Then it wasn’t my confession that gave him the big shock, Sara thought, He already knew the whole story that’s why he understood my acts.
Until now I don’t know how I dared to step in and ask your friend to introduce me to you. Though I’m not used to that, it felt so right.
“Sara” Emily called anda when anda were about to get into the car.
“Hi Emily, How are you?” anda answered joyfully with the prettiest smile I’ve ever seen.
“Fine” she berkata with her bright smile.
“You haven’t introduced me to your handsome boyfriend” anda berkata playfully and my hati, tengah-tengah beat faster than...
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“Alec, what the hell is a Rokurokubi?” berkata Marley. “I don’t bloody know, maybe some sort of ancient demon” berkata Alec. “We Rokurokubi are creatures like anda from the other realm; we are also seen in Japanese history” berkata Mia who seemed very happy to talk about her race. “So are anda some sort of badass, api, kebakaran breathing, soul sucking, body eating, shapeshifting, winged beast from the depths of the great abyss?” berkata Marley taking a few steps back. “Umm... my race aren’t like that, there are stories of us eating bodies and drinking blood but that is a false accusation, the...
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posted by OneFoggyNight
I just never cared anymore. Not about anything. For some reason, I just let everything alone. Nothing mattered to me anymore. Nothing. The things that had made me happy previously had now just made me even more…dull. Maybe all the things he did to me made me like this. Trevor never really was good to anyone, not even any girlfriends he had. He never showed me that he cared, he was always cold, and he always… hurt me.
Or maybe my mother’s drinking habits. She was always at the bar, and when she wasn’t, she had a different bottle in her hand every minit atau so. I was surprised she hadn’t...
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posted by emmett
Lonely Girl

So peaceful in sleep she lies
Brown hair spilled across her pillow
I can picture her beautiful eyes
Looking into her dreams…

She looks like she’s not listening
But really she’s deep in thought
Remembering forgotten memories
When she lived life as she ought

Stolen kisses in the night
Laughing with her friends
Little did she know back then
This is where it all would end

Her hati, tengah-tengah is filled with regret
Always looking back
She wishes she would just forget
And find happiness once lebih

I don’t think she’ll ever forget you
But for now there’s joy on her face
She keeps reminding herself
It’s not a race, to be the first to find your place

Now as the sun goes down
She’ll say a prayer
Wishing perhaps for you
But really, life’s not that fair
There’s nothing this Lonely Girl can do
This artikel contains suggestions for basic practices for being a good writer, and was last edited on 12 June 2009 (to add the admonition about backups).

How to be a Better Writer
If you're Membaca this, chances are that anda are interested in being a Good Writer: someone who is able to write well and convey ideas effectively through text. Note that we are not talking about being a Successful Writer here, nor a Widely-Read Writer; those are separate concerns. Before anda worry about who's going to read your Penulisan atau what anda can get out of your writing, anda should concern yourself with making...
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