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posted by rebaj2010
love. what does it truley mean? being in Cinta is simpe, anyone can convence themslves they are in love. being in Cinta is when anda feel something for one person lebih strongly than anda feel for another. but Cinta is something elsa all together. Cinta is when anda cant convience yourselve anda Cinta someone, but when anda try to leave something tells anda no, stop and think. and when anda do think the reason is blantint. Cinta is when anda think your done, done fighting and done lieing, but than it hits anda that without all of that anda wouldnt be the person anda are, and they wouldnt be the one anda love....
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posted by CullenProperty
It's our week for spring break and I've thought about calling Nick, but every time I dial his number, that's all I do, I always hang up. Sometimes I just hold the phone in my hands and it never makes it to my ear.
But, one hari my little Volkswagen breaks down and since dad doesn't know anything about automobiles, we have to take it Luy's kedai - the place Nick works.
I drive our old Chevy, towing my bug to Luy's with Dad and he unhitches it when we get there.
"Grace, I gotta get to work, maybe Nick can bring anda home," dad says, looking tentifully at the garaj part of the shop.
"But dad, what...
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posted by iluvPrinceMJ213
In middle school there are always groups and people we love, have crushes on, like as friends,and people we just can't stand.

First there are the populars who unless anda are one anda can't stand them and they can't stand you. All they care about is make up, fame, clothes, and money.

Then there are the Jocks with their Sport balls, nets, and uniforms. Many pass them off as only guys but there are also girls girl bola keranjang players, baseball, football, bola tampar anda name it girls in my school play it.

Third there are actors and Pelakon wanita their outgoing off stage and scared on but others are just...
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posted by TeamRosalieHale
8: Sickness

IT was having a great time, trampling through Mexico, killing lebih undead creatures, then up-wards through Arizona where they were much harder to find. Nevada was not much better so IT turned to California and had so much success there IT considered never leaving.
Until the master spoke to him again. “That’s enough.” IT looked up and growled, having just finished off two IT was craving more. “I need the girl. anda must not lose her.” IT rolled IT’s eyes and grunted, sprinting off to tunjuk master how fast it could go. “I’m well aware of your talents-I created you....
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Well this is my first novel on net really and I need for people to listen. This novel is is about a Hollywood mum who is sexy,sassy,witty,in her early 30s and still counting but she Lost her husband to an an Hollywood husband snatcher.She is an actress,lecturer,teacher,wife and most especially a MOM. ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssPROLOGUE: ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss"Her...
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posted by BellaSwan636

I'd slept for most of the flight.

Rion was there to meet me, like he promised.

He'd hugged me, told me it would be fine, that I'd be fine.


I took on the job of his personal assisstant, and I made a point to remember everything, from the way he liked his coffee to the way his meja needed re-organizing every few days.

I was a VERY dedicated assisstant.

He helped me with everything; he stood behind me silently as I endured my first morning sickness, and when I went into labour, which was five hours lalu he dropped everything to be there for...
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Chapter 2 - New Boy

    I was hyperventilating as my Angel walked past me on to his first class. He walked into the door of Mr. Emmi’s class, which was also my first class. I learned that my Bidadari name is Stefan. His sisters names were Colleen and Carmen. His brothers, Jacob and Leo.
    His voice was heavenly. Sweet and daring. He walked to the last empty desk. It was beside me. I moved my dompet, beg tangan from off the desktop and smiled at him politely. His answering smile made me hyperventilate again. I could have sworn I heard him chuckle.
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posted by Bella_Swan3
Taylor had never shadow-walked with no destination in mind. Shadow walking was something she was slightly afraid to do. It made her feel unbalanced, as if she had been telah diberi too much control. Like standing on the edge of a cliff, the wind pushing anda to jump, and some part of anda secretly wanting to succumb to it's persuasive power.

She opened her eyes to the flat, glassy expanse of water in front of her. The tiny sliver of the moon was distorted sejak the waves.

Granted, shadow walking allowed her to appear wherever she wanted, but to her, it also served as a constant reminder that she was not...
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posted by livethislifeup
It's harder to forgive than to forget,
vice-versa, either way, it's still a threat,
time passes, memory flashes,
you're rememberin'
thoughts are coming in
no way to escape it, its a no win.
drives anda insane, anda try to up your game,
tell yourself they'll regret it and they'll live in shame,
just cause they dragged your name,
across every damn lane,
and anda got hurt every time, yeah anda still in pain,
and it ain't the same, anda all tense around them,
and lebih anger do anda gain.
Deep down it's still hurtin' you
like every wound would,
it's like a throbbing cut
that keeps your eyes tight shut,
and anda sound out...
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posted by BiteMeCullen107
It was only a couple minit after the reception and Aunt Alice was practically jumping out of her skin. “Esme can we tunjuk them please, please, please?” Aunt Alice begged. “Ok but calm done Alice we don’t want to give it away.” Grandma told Aunt Alice. They tied a peace of cloth around Jacob and my eyes. We walked a mile and Grandma and Aunt Alice took of the blindfolds. Jacob and I stood in front of a beautiful three story house. “Grandma, Aunt Alice its beautiful. Thank anda so much.” I berkata turning back to them giving them both the biggest hug I’ve ever telah diberi any one. They...
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posted by mitchie19
10. M A K E I T H A P P E N

“Yo, Sean, what up?” I shouted. Sean’s a football player, the quarterback of the team. Mostly he likes shaking his blonde hair. Sean’s living room was filled with my friends, Toby, Jason, Michael, and Chris. “I’m great, man. God, Melissa nailed me!” Sean said. We did a high five. The guys were watching Sports Channel.
I drank the can of Pepsi I was holding. “Look, look, look!” Toby was pointing at the flat-screen. “Another round left then the Toro’s will be champion!” Chris and Michael were shouting. I joined them.
“That was a two-point...
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Chapter 3

Jeremy POV
Every thing was getting dizzy, I didn’t understand any thing that happened at the house, all I know is Uncle John is dead, there’s two Elena’s and I’m turning.
I could here the car running things were heightened. I could here all the gears moving to a rhythm. Elena was breathing hard I could feel her body heat radiating off of her.
“Elena, I need it now atau its over.” My throat was dry I turned towards Elena and could see her veins flowing with blood. Every thing then went black.”

Elena’s POV
I pulled the car over and took a deep breath. The last time I did this...
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Darkest light, brightest sight
Midnight sky, Nyx's day
That navy ribbon shall lead the way
Full moon, Selene's sun
It soon shall be the only one...

heres another one

No red,
No yellow,
No blue,
No white,
Nature is gone,
The Bunga are dead,
There be no lebih light,
Everywhere around.
There is no other sound.
All is lost.

And then another:

So high,
HIgh as the sky,
Into seeping blackness.
No light is upon us,
And nothing is ever clear.
Diamond bright,
Beauty in there eyes,
The stars are alive.


Midnight sky,
Burning ice,
No more, no more, no more,
Say it thrice.
Light will be engulfed in a black haze.
We have gone through the Council's faze.

what yu think it means?
yu think its a prophesy?
idk! HELP!!!! i sometimes write poems in my sleep!! i dont memba riting them but they in my handwriting!! TELL ME WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!
posted by T-lover
what I'm Penulisan isn't exactly an artikel , but I hope anda will enjoy it ^_^ ..

Girl; Do I ever menyeberang, cross you'r mind ?
Boy; No .
Girl; Do anda like me ?
Boy; No .
Girl; Do anda want me ?
Boy; No .
Girl; Would anda cry if I left ?
Boy; No .
Girl; Would anda live for me ?
Boy; No .
Girl; Would anda do anything for me ?
Boy; No .
Girl; Choose me atau you'r life ?
Boy; My life .

The girl runs away in shock and pain and the boy runs after her and says ....

*The reason anda never menyeberang, cross my mind is because anda are always on my mind .
*The reason why I don't like anda is because I Cinta anda .
*The reason I don't want anda is because I need anda .
*The reason I wouldn't cry if anda left is because I would die if anda left .
*The reason I wouldn't live for anda is because I would die for anda .
*The reason why I'm not willing to do anda anything for anda is because I would do everything for anda .
*The reason I chose my life is because anda are my life .
posted by GigglesD
I never understood my hometown. It's always changing. Crime is high, pigeons fly, and it's basically impossible to not pass something that's been vandalized.
One sad thing is, I never met my father. My mother always told me he ran off when I was an infant. I never got all that good of an education, because my teachers never teach. My mother isn't around much anymore. She doesn't even call me. I wish everything would change. Before my father ever ran off.
I wonder what he's doing right now. He probably also does vandalism. Maybe he's found a hobby. Maybe he's going through therapy. anda can never know what someone is doing when anda don't have sight of them.
Right now I'm in a pharmacy, and I always wonder: what people have when they walk in here. It could be anything from a cold, to rare and chronic diseases.
posted by mitchie19
6. T H E C R U Z F A M I 1 Y

“Welcome, Mariah.” Aunt Lourdes’ hugged me while the maids took care of my stuff. “Your house is so big,” I complimented. My eye caught on the beautiful carved statue on the corner and the massive staircase.
I waved my black hair on my right shoulder.
The walls were covered in golden rod kertas dinding with a hint of yellow-green vines as the design. “Are anda hungry? We’re about to eat lunch,” she looked at me.
I pursed my lips. “Um, yes,” considering the fact that I didn’t eat along the long way, made me hungry as I smelled the scent of the food...
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posted by zutaradragon
i made my life with a ridged frame, so nothing bends it only breaks into...peices and peices. all this talk of life being great, well wheres the Cinta for me...these days? it seems it may not be worth, seems so much easyer to just give in. when you're reaching much more.
what happens to a girl when she spills her hati, tengah-tengah on a page & she watchs words flow away. then, these feelings are alone on the page & they're waiting for someone who cares to read them. to open their eyes, to see them. then they realize that life aint purfect, & that the scars run to deep to heal. and every...
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posted by Percysclique
Chapter 1 – A Prisoner is Set Free

Amorite let the dinding be her guide as she descended the stairs to the dungeon. A ring of keys dangled from a sash just below her waist. Silently, Amorite tiptoed toward the sleeping guard. Kildee was asleep, but just to be on the selamat, peti deposit keselamatan side, the sixteen tahun old girl put a pouch of powder under his nose.

Amorite’s hand shook as she took the pouch away. She knew that what she was doing was forbidden. Amorite had stolen the sleeping powder from Ilea, the healer, yesterday when Ilea had been taking care of a patient. Amorite promised herself she would return...
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After Patrick left, I had a restless night. I couldn’t sleep feeling that I’m a prisoner in those four walls in my room. I couldn’t sit quietly all night, nor slept for a brief moment. After all, Patrick’s visit was quite unexpected, and I wasn’t ready to see him that day. Also what was weird about his visit, that during all these two weeks he didn’t pay, not even a brief visit, to Robert’s house.
Wandering around my room with my pajama on, didn’t help me to sleep, nor comforted my restless mind. As I didn’t see him during these two weeks, I thought that those feelings I...
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