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 mata air, air pancut pens
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mata air, air pancut
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Young and fresh and shining bright
Filled with wonder and delight
I see beauty, hari and night
I am young enough

Whether it's Real atau just Pretend
Possibilities have no end
There could be magic, 'round the bend
I am young enough

Dolls can alih when I'm asleep
They come to life while I count sheep
And freeze whene'er I dare to peep
I am young enough

Book-friends all come out to play
My katil becomes a magic sleigh
Imagination rules the day
I am young enough

The sky can cry a lot of tears
The trees tell secrets; can't anda hear?
The world's alive: to me that's clear
I am young enough

Grownups say the queerest words
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“Even as a child I had a wild imagination. A younger child, I should say. I’m only sixteen now, so I could be considered a child to some. Oh, sejak the way, my name is Sarah Way. I live in a small town called Ammarion. It’s a growing town found in America. It’s really in Idaho, if that tells anda anything.” Sarah began. “I’m here to tell anda my story. I know anda are skeptical about magic, but anda won’t be after hearing my story.”
I’d like to drag anda back in time with me. We only need to go back to last summer. School had just gotten out and I had ample plans for my three months...
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Nasihat to young, beginning writers to Stephen King....
stephen king
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Tips on Penulisan your first novel :) Hope this helps....
posted by RanmaRaj
Guess even the sky is lonely
See its crying so bitterly
Its raining here today
Cuz its valentine day

Everyone has a smile on their faces
Either true atau fake
Some have their heart's aces
Others hated even to wake

Now that you're gone
I'm staring at my phone
Hoping anda to make a small call
That anda wanna meet in the mall

There's an empty place in my heart
I'm in agony due to the pain
The hari anda left it broke apart
I cry as much as the rain

Pls come back to me
Pls say anda Cinta me
And that I'll never again have to stay
Alone on a valentine's day
posted by e2mma2weasle3
How to Add Emotion to a Story

1.    Understand kata kunci atau Key Phrases. Key Phrases are phrases in a story that triggers the waterworks. They are sentences that make people cry. Such as, a pet dies. anda could write, "Goodbye, Old friend." A Key Phrase could also be an action. Such as, there are two pets. One pet dies. The other pet tries to sleep with the other one sejak cuddling up to the dead body.

2.    Add a lot of relationship between the one who dies and another character, whether that is a human atau an animal.

3.    Add comedy to the...
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A/N: I finished Penulisan this about five minit ago, lol. It's actually a song, but I figured it would fit as a poem as well.

This poem/song was inspired sejak two things: 1) A few of my kegemaran Anime couples, namely Ed x Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist and Hoshino x Tanabe from Planetes (AWESOME series). And 2) while my dad was in Iraq, he heard "My Immortal" for the first time and berkata he loved the idea behind it...but it was too sad/depressing because "the chorus was in past tense instead of present tense." So he asked me if maybe I could take the same concept and do my own thing with it. I...
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Life is never easy alone.
But no one is ever completely alone, that would be impossible.
But if the only company anda had was the company of an enemy, what would anda do?
Well then, say that enemy was the only person anda could rely on?
But what if they were the person that made anda alone in the first place?
And what if it was the one anda were falling in Cinta with?
What would anda do if anda were in this situation?
Here's what I did.

I was laughing my head off when the loceng rang signalling end of school. I didn't even notice it. I was too busy trying to get Kyle to notice me. I mean, every damn girl in...
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posted by breebree446
 To think, most of my character names come from a thrift store baby book!
To think, most of my character names come from a thrift store baby book!
Baby Name Books!

My #1 resource is the baby name book I bought from a thrift store. It's a lifesaver! Not only does it have over 5,000 names but origins, boy and girl names, and alternate spelling. But, if anda can't get a hold of a baby name book there's always...

Name Websites!

Just as good and pretty much the same thing. They have access to millions of names online! One website I find really useful;

link - Thanks ellie_bellie135^^

Symbolic Names!

Often, writers give thier characters a name that has a certain meaning. For instance, one of my characters is named Roni. Which is short for Veronica....
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posted by Cinders
Exercise: Sleep Deprivation: 4:00AM Tuesday October 7, 2008*

The black spiders of mania are crawling over my brain, searching for a plump place to sink their pincers into. It’s been four days. I haven’t left the house for anything, not even a tuna sandwich. The angkasa in my katil is empty, indented, as if something used to rest there, but I’m beginning to forget lebih and lebih what that may have been. Maybe it was a coffin, its contents shaken, risen, defeated, dazed, meandering around with its arms stretched out and a dull expression on its face as it mutters something indecipherable that...
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posted by WritenOnTheSand

I have always hated how we never seem to change. Our town has been the same size since, well, since forever. Never changing, just remaining quaint and familiar. Some people don’t like to come here because they say we make our selves sound too innocent. To me, innocence is that last thing that is Sleepy Hollow. If we were innocence, then my story would have no meaning. And without meaning, there would be no story. I will admit that anda may find it to be sad atau empty, so I don’t blame anda if anda want to set it down, and never look at it again. Believe me, if only I could set it off...
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