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pilihan peminat: Future OC's (Shane, Jaime, Percy, etc.)
pilihan peminat: Short Haired Becca
pilihan peminat: Enhanced atau mystical weapon
Enhanced atau mystical weapon
Powerful Telekinetic
pilihan peminat: menyeberang, menyeberang, cross
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KatRox1 berkata …
Hi friends, I'm back!! So, I just found two half-finished artikel-artikel in my notes, and I'm in the mood to write! Which would anda prefer learning about: Bella's past/origin atau present??? telah diposkan ·10 hari lalu
XxKFforeverXx dikomen…
How about both? owo ·8 hari lalu
KatRox1 dikomen…
ooooo okay I'll try my darndest ·6 hari lalu
XxKFforeverXx berkata …
i made a poll, would be much appreciated if ya would check it out, i'm an indecisive person ;w; telah diposkan ·20 hari lalu
SilverWings13 berkata …
Yo ppl! I should probs do this in the forum, but I'm Penulisan the seterusnya part of the series I've been doing and I need names for it. It's for the signing of a document, and the names can belong to anyone connected to the Supernatural (witches, vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts, etc.), preferabbly leaders in places of power. If anda don't have any OCs like that, just make up a name! I need names from all over the world, so be creative and add what city each name belongs to. A thousand thankies! telah diposkan ·22 hari lalu
Eclipse-YJ dikomen…
anda can have Phoebe and Zero! ·21 hari lalu
SilverWings13 dikomen…
Thanks ^.^ ·20 hari lalu
XxKFforeverXx dikomen…
You're welcome to Fletcher and his silver-blooded royal family of Mayotte (Christian and Anne Caverly) if ya need Supernatural ties, lemme know ·20 hari lalu