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Fin's face was filled with an expression of such pure wrath and fury that I was scared she was going to strangle Batman on the spot. "He's GONE?"
Without warning, her hands ignited in a burning flame. I had learned sejak now that the api, kebakaran didn't harm her and wouldn't harm us, either, but it was still startling.
"How's he missing? How? Why?" Wally sputtered, his voice echoeing everyone's feelings. "Right then," berkata Megan, who somehow had remained calm amidst the chaos that had ensued. "To the bioship?"
They all started to go towards the hangar. I began to sink back down on the couch, knowing that I would be staying behind as always, when Artemis spoke up. "Hey, uh, Batman?"
Batman turned to face her. Artemis began to speak again, and what she berkata was probably the last thing I would ever expect to be coming out of her mouth.
"Do anda think Aisling could come too, just this once?"
This was turning out to be such a weird day. First Robin went missing, then Artemis--Artemis, of all people--suggested that I sertai the mission to rescue him. Artemis had always been the most opposed to my joining the team, so hearing those words come out of her mouth was completely unexpected. There's gotta be a reason, I thought. I knew Batman wouldn't fall for it, though, whatever it was that Artemis was planning. But to my surprise, he nodded.
"You can fly, right?" he asked me, in the same gruff tone. I nodded silently. I couldn't fly particularly well though, and I had been hoping to travel in the safety of the bioship.
"Go find Infinity, then," he continued. "Try to calm her down a little." I nodded again, and went into the main room, where I had seen Fin go earlier.
Upon hearing my footsteps, she scrambled to her feet, changing into her shimmering costume: emas minidress, high boots, dark cape, thin mask, with a flick of her hand. Like Megan, she could change her appearance as well. "Fin?" I asked cautiously.
"Mmm?" she mumbled.
"I'm coming too." She stayed expressionless for a second, then her mouth perpecahan, berpecah into a wide grin.
"Yes!" she cried. "Your first mission! Do anda want me to change you?"
I nodded, and with another sweep of her hand, I was transformed into my costume, purple and green bodysuit, black cape, combat boots. "Thanks," I muttered. "Apparently I'm supposed to fly with you."
She nodded wordlessly. She seemed slightly taken aback that I wasn't traveling in the bioship, but she didn't say anything. Finally she broke the silence. "To the zeta tubes, then?"
We headed back over towards the entrance to the cave. Fin stepped forward.
Recognized. Infinity. B08.
Once she had disappeared, I stepped into the light.
Recognized. Tiger Storm. B09.
posted by Robin_Love
Name: Cat. C-A-T Cat
Reason atau meaning of name: um.....I'm a cat....
Eye Color: purple
Hair Style/Color: it varies. and black
Height: I'm short!!! (4'11")
Clothing Style: Uhm....cute
Best Physical Feature: My ears

Your Fears: No..........
Your Guilty Pleasure: COOKIE DOUGH~
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: I don't have a pet (She hates name callers)
Your Ambition for the Future: My what?

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: Sleep
What anda Think About the Most: Scoooooooooott
What anda Think About Before Bed: Sleep
You Think Your Best Quality Is:
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posted by SilverWings13
The party leapt from their chairs, the advisor and trade miniter’s son taking up posts in front their prince.
A woosh of wind billowed through the entryway. The stench of smoke followed. Hailey screamed as a masked juggernaut in metal armor barged into the dining room hauling a flame thrower. She quickly dunked under the meja, jadual for cover as flames were dowsed over the walls and floor, making the men jump back. Hailey suddenly heard a scream from the trade minister's son that made her stomach twist. The stench of burning flesh burned her eyes. Her fear pushed her to jump up and make a run to...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Callie leaned on one hand, her blue eyes sweeping around the school cafeteria. A sigh came from her ruby red-tinted lips at finding who she was looking for. Jaime then leaned over her shoulder, his eyes directed in the same way as hers. He smirked and dropped the tray of Makanan beside her, causing Callie to nearly jump out of her skin. "Take a picture, it lasts longer~ " He grinned, chuckling at the glare he was given. "Why do anda insist on torturing me?" She asked with a pout, batting her long eyelashes. "I must carry on tradition." Jaime replied with a grin, opening the susu carton that sat...
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posted by Robin_Love
Had to jump on this before anyone else did (KFF, Silver)

Name: Adrien Agreste
Alias: Chat Noir
Powers: Claws of destruction, poison fangs
History: Adrien is an only child and owns his late father's fencing studio, Camelot Sword Play. He himself knows how to fence as well as several other forms of self defense. He is only 17 but known to be the country's youngest businessman. Adrien lives in Paris, France with his mother, who runs a small bakery. He Lost his father only a few years lalu but has accomplished much. He attends school still despite his schedule and is quick to make enough time for the few true Friends he has.
Notes: Adrien is the reincarnation of King Arthur of Camelot. He is known to be ambitious and forthcoming. While he is guarded, he is also friendly and easy to trust as he keeps few secrets. He enjoys studying English Literature. His best friend is Alix Penn.
posted by Robin_Love
Name: Lancelot Morgan
Nickname: Lance
Occupation: Knight
Ethnicity: Romanian
Race: Vampire
Story: Lance was born into an aristocratic family. He was raised in the royal court and befriended the young prince he was charged to protect. When tragedy struck, he brought the prince to safety. He took care of him for years until the prince grew into a man. He is now among those loyal to him and is a trusted friend.
Facts: Lance is sejak nature very bookish. He prefers words to fists even though he is trained in several different form of self defense and sword play. He is very close to his old charge now friend. He often finds himself caring for him when no one else will. The two share a close bond and he’d give his life for his friend.
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Source: liveportrait (KFf gave me the idea)
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Source: LivePortrait (KFf gave me the idea)
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Source: (C) Owner/artist
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“Ana, are anda ready?”
The teenager was deaf to her name. Octavia sighed and went to the bedroom where the younger had gone to get dressed. “If you’re getting cold feet, it’s a little late for that—”
She paused in the doorway. Ana stood in front of the full-length mirror, staring at her reflection. Her curls bleached coppery blonde from years in the Pencuci Mulut sun, Octavia had referred to Ana’s dark roots to dye her hair its natural dark auburn. The soft waives were tamed into a bun, circled sejak an elegant braid like a mock crown. A few ringlets escaped to frame Ana’s face, where...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Nudge paused as she entered the room, her chattering with the brunette beside her slowing. She rose an eyebrow in confusion at the three siblings laughing and hugging. "There's more of you?" Jaime looked up at the sound and let go, running over and hugging onto her tightly. She blinked before slowly hugging him. 'I'm so confused." Nudge grabbed his shoulder, pushing him back to stare at him, lowering a few inches to get eye level with the boy. "You look just like him, wow." She leaned back up, patting her head as Jack held up the polaroid, snapping a picture of him. "What's your name, kiddo?"...
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She laid her forehead harder against the wall, staring at the concrete in frustration.
"This voice...this new voice. Go...way..."
"You can't run away from fate. I found anda for a reason. I bound my soul with yours for a reason...Pandora. "

The sheer sound of that word sparked a burning rage inside her. "Do not call me that!" she snarled slashing her head to look behind her. Her eyes were met only with the emptiness of the room. She turned her gaze back to the dinding the concrete felt cold on her temple bringing her back to reality. Her hati, tengah-tengah quietened down.

"what should I call anda then if not your...
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posted by Robin_Love
You know that anda need to do this. The last thing berkata to her rang in her ears. She growled softly as she tread through the mountains. A faint line of smoke directed her to the destination. Before getting too close, she transformed to her cat form and then moved closer. The soft, deep voices of two scouts hushed upon her arrival. She mewed softly as they let her into the secret base. She glanced around before heading through, the map they had drilled in her head helping her alih through the compound. She stopped suddenly, her hati, tengah-tengah aching. Shaking her head, she pushed past the painful memory...
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posted by SilverWings13
For weeks, the siblings had gone over their plan again and again. Now, as Ana stood in the istana, castle perpustakaan leaning against her grandfather’s desk, staring at a geode emitting a holographic model of the room they were invading, she could have recited the plan herself. So she did.
“When I arrive, they’ll check me for weapons at the door, so—“
“You’ll have your Glock on anda since the guards expect it, but you’re prepared to be weaponless anyway,” Ana interrupted. The hologram zoomed in to focus on the front door. Aleksander nodded and continued.
“I’ll go into the room alone,...
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It was her brother's idea of apologizing. Every time Ana left for an errand, atau to go for a run as she had done two hours ago, she returned to find a new contribution to the ancient two-bedroom cabin. Yesterday it had been a pile of dry firewood, the hari before a repaired dapur window. She had considered tossing the logs into the freezing river atau shattering the window with a stone, but despite her anger, those resources allowed her to stay in the dilapidated kabin away from the istana, castle where her brother lived like the false prince he was. The freezing mountain side was unfamiliar territory...
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Aleksander was already awake when his sister knocked on his door. A blue messenger rama-rama, taman rama-rama had flown through the cracked window half an jam lalu with an urgent message from the Red Army: the White Army’s leader, Wilhelm Magnus, was expected to attend the neutral Circle’s spring solstice celebration. Aleksander had already received the same news from Magnus’ own daughter and was attempting to explain to the Reds that he had the situation under control--without revealing his communications with the other side.
Even if he had been raised a strategist, playing both sides when he only wanted...
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“Why am I doing this again?”
“Alek can get his stupid stripper Romanian informant to do this.”
“Gosh, this world is SO COLD.”
Ana stopped at the door of the familiar apartment door with a huff. “Wow, I’m so whiney... I need to stop talking to myself.”
She found the door locked, predictably, but a black claw extending from her thumb and jammed into the knob got her in. The familiar thrill of a successful B&E should have comforted her, but as the teenager leaned back against the door, a sob choked her. The paper-thin gaun clinging to her skin was suddenly suffocating as she...
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