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posted by CoaxochYJ
*Giggles* R_L inspired me. :3

Mel ran around, her five-year-old self being her five-year-old self.
"Mel! Come back here!" Fang chased after her. She rolled into the cupboard, and closed the door. The pembakar roti and blender abnormally close.
"Melllllllll! Come out!" Fang sat on the counter, looking over the edge.
"Daddy is now sad." Fang said, sounding sad purposely. Mel frowned and patted the toaster.
"I'll see anda tomorrow, Mr. Toaster." She whispered softly. She rolled out of the cupboard, onto the floor.
"Hello my darling!" Fang picked up Mel.
"Our darling." Devin came from behind Fang, Ciuman Mel on the head. Mel squealed.
"How did this happen?" Devin looked at Fang, glanced at Mel, then looked back at Fang.
"I don't know, I just found her under the tree."
"Yo! Put me down!" The now thirteen tahun old Mel squirmed. Fang raised an eyebrow and set her down. Mel shrieked with happiness.
"MOMMY!" Suddenly, she was glued to her mothers legs.
"Hello darling." Devin patted Mel's head.
"Moooooooommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" Mel whispered, rubbing her head against Devin's legs.
"Yes dear."
"Okay, anda gotta share." Fang pried Mel off of Devin's legs, then landed a Ciuman on the angel's cheek. She beamed, while Mel gagged.
"EW JAIME SAVE MY INNOCENCE!!!!" Mel screamed then ran into her brothers room, Fang laughing. Jaime stared at Mel as she closed the door.
"They were gonna start making out any saat there..." Mel whispered. Jaime blinked, and mouthed "Ew". Mel giggled and sat on the bed.
"So whats new, Daddy's girl?"
"I Cinta both of our parents very much." Mel slapped Jaime upside the head. Jaime laughed at this, and Mel was not amused. She rolled her eyes, and caught a glance at his calender. She screamed and fell off the bed, twitching.
"MEL!" Jaime jumped off the bed, and knelt down to his twitching sister on the floor. She had morphed down into a four tahun old.
"What... just... happened...?" Jaime looked at the girl as she sat upright. Mel giggled.
"Watch is bwoken." She berkata and stood up.
"My watch! It bwoken so I change awot." Mel said. Jaimes eyes widened.
"You gotta fix that thing." He said.
"Because, if anda don't it'll-- hei wait where are anda going!?" Jaime bolted up and followed the four tahun old.
"Jaime the ceiling is weird." Mel sat on the ceiling, her eyes glowing faintly.
"Get down here." Jaime said.
"Because I said!"
"Okay." Mel floated down to the boy. Her eyes faded to normal, and Jaime caught her in his arms.
"LEMME HOLD HER!!!" Lexi jumped up and down on the couch. Jaime blinked, and dropped Mel into Lexi's arms.
"SHES MINE!" Fang screamed and snatched Mel from Jaime.
"Pleeeeeease can I have her!?" Devin bore into Fang's soul with her pleading eyes.
"Okay." Fang released the four tahun old, and Devin snatched her. Mel had her eyes squeezed shut and a smile ear to ear. She was enjoying all this love. Fang had fallen over her cuteness, Devin had fallen over her innocence, and just the fact she was young and adorable, and Jaime, well, she was adorable. 'Nuff said.
"Good times we have." Devin berkata with a smile, playing with Mel's hair.
"Yes, very good times."
"I WANT MY LITTLE PONY!" Mel suddenly burst out. Fang screamed and ran out of the room. Everyone stared at the door he had slammed shut.
"He doesn't like ponies..." Mel's head shrank into her shoulders as she whispered. Devin and Jaime laughed.
"No, Dad doesn't." Jaime said, ruffling the hair on the small head.
"Good times!" Lexi said.

Just a tid-bit of some fluff I've been writing. And when I say "tid-bit" I mean like, this is just a teensy weensy bit of the stuff I've been writing. Sorry for not posting lately!
posted by Robin_Love
 The Queen
The Queen
This will be my newest league team, which I will be doing bios for in a slightly different way, that won't bring much of anything out of the spoilers bag

The halls are silent the further I walked down the hall. The remains of my utama were large, but anda could feel the snow-brought air through the gaps. The little minx; ruined everything with little lebih than a lie and a hoax. I got to the main room and survey the damage. dinding hangings faded atau torn, chairs toppled over, scattered remains of that fateful night so long ago. And my one prize possession, a trinket from my long dead love, shattered...
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“ Why didn’t anda tell me..? “ she breathed out with her back to him as she stood out on the balcony with her arms crossed, he let out a deep sigh and looked down “ I didn’t want to risk anything….”, she turned around as the cool breeze blew through her blonde hair. “ Risk what!? Bentley what could anda possibly risk if people knew who anda were! “She shouted, Bentley looked down still “it’s not like I wanted to keep it a secret from you….. I knew from the beginning but I just didn’t want to tell anda because eventually I’m going to have to go on my own……” he muttered...
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Source: (c) to me and whoever made the game
posted by XxKFforeverXx
Trystan kept a close tab on the fox, watching as people began to clear the streets. Within a few minit he was greeted sejak Alex and Chris. The oldest of the three looked up at the sky and then back at Scotty who had stopped in his tracks. The fox hybrid turned his head and stared down an alleyway, tilting his head back as bullets went whizzing sejak his head. Alex's eyes widened and she ran forward, standing in front of Scotty, holding his her hands straight out and then jerking them back, pulling Pistol from the perpetrators' hands. Chris and Trystan ran forward, looking down the alleyway. "That's...
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posted by SilverWings13
The crystal lake stretched out before them, glittering like millions of diamonds in the afternoon sun. Similar light reflected off the freshly fallen snow, shone through the dripping icicles of pokok branches. The scene was a well painted Winter Wonderland.
The man clad in a kot as white as the surrounding snow tossed his dark gloves away and took his girlfriend's soft hands in his. He lead her onto the crystal ice. Their stolen ice skates slid quietly over the glass-like surface beneath their feet. Aleksander found the sound as soothing as the breeze whistling through the Frozen trees, but...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
"What?!" Chris and Trystan berkata at the same time, looking at each other before following after Scotty. "What do anda mean it's gone? How do anda lose a body?" Chris held his nephew close, rocking the toddler. "We'll discuss this later." The fox muttered as he pushed open a door, staring at the green chair before making his way over to it and falling into it. Scotty rubbed his face, holding the blanket close to him, he looked back at Black Canary with a frown. "Scotty, there wasn't anything anda could do." She berkata and leaned forward. "He was right there in front of me.. Then I got him killed....
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"Are anda sure?" holly asked, slipping on her boots.

"No choice." Sam growled. holly had noticed the Black Hero was back to his normal dark, brooding self. He continued slipping on his body armor.

"Well what about me?" Becca asked, placing her hands on her hips.

"Stay here." Revenge said.

Becca was shell-shocked for a moment before becoming enraged. "Why not?"

"It's too dangerous."

"Says you."

"It's at a highly unstable nuclear power plant!"


"So it leaks radiation like a bottle with holes in it!"

"My body can handle radiation!"

"This radiation is higher than Chernobyl!"

Becca paused for a second....
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this is what i'm doing instead of studying ahahahahahahahahahahah. I'll have the songfic for this song out sometime
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Source: me. and
posted by Robin_Love
“Under the sea?”
“Been done already.”
“Night in the clouds?”
“Too simple.”
“Used too often.”
“Ugh! This is hopeless!”
Becca looked at her upside comrade.
“Devin, we'll find a rockin theme for you. I promise.”
Devin turned her gaze from the window to where Becca sat upside down. Since Devin had wanted privacy, they had gone to Becca's place. And hadn't been interrupted since entering.
“Fine. But I just can't see how.”
“Think outside the boring fun box.”
“That was contradictory.”
Devin turned her gaze back to the outside view. She...
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hei guys so, I realized that I never continued the story on the Aries Army so, I figured this would be a good way to start off the New year. I also remembered the boss' name which is Akito (smh Khanna. anda had one job.) Well Enjoy and Happy New tahun to everyone.

4:00am Mount Justice
Khanna just woke up and walks around the place until, she notices Garfield sleeping on the couch. His mouth is wide open and drool is falling out.
"Omg." she snickers and pokes the back of his head.
"It's not a school day. I don't have to wake up yet." he says still sleeping and turns to the other side of the couch....
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posted by SilverWings13
August 12, 1926 6:22 pm
Asheville, NC
Biltmore Estate

Temperance laughed as her husband twirled her again and again under the dazzling chandeliers. She finally fell into his arms to let the room stop spinning. When she looked up into Alexie's warm brown eyes, his lips captured hers to take her breath away all over again. Just then the Muzik dwindled to a stop and chatter echoed throughout the ballroom, bringing the couple back to the present.
"And anda thought this wasn't going to be any fun," Temperance teased as the pair drifted among the crowd arm in arm.
"It was delightful," the younger man agreed,...
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 Precious child
Precious child
Name: Jaime [Jay-me] Adams-Norrian (Adams is't known, however Norrian is. Only few know his last name.) atau as Fang calls him sometimes "Princess".
Alias: Valac
Occupation: Hero
Age: 17
Appearance: Jaime's hair color is the same as his father's, Fang, however it isn't nearly tinted as a ravenette color in the sunlight. Jaime's hair is much shorter and frames in his face, mainly in the cheek area. His eyes are a bright blue. The teen's stature is only 5'4 and his body frame is quite small, however it allows him to be lebih nimble in battles. Much like his father, Jaime has wings. They stretch 14ft...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Devin the Cherubim
Devin the Cherubim
Name:Devin Grayson
Alias: Arch Angel
Powers: Flight/wings, “Divine power”
Occupation: Hero
Weakness/Limits: Demon chants/weapons, high demon authority
History: Devin is the unborn child of John and Mary Grayson. As such, she entered heaven as a cherubim, a small baby-like Angel in training. As a cherubim, Devin was taken from her sanctuary while she was out delivering a “divine message” (don't judge me!). She was taken sejak a very powerful demon named Teague. Unlike most demons, he had very strong magic that kept her hidden from those looking for her for several years. Due to their natures,...
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