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She hugged her knees tightly resting her head on them as she tried to rap her head around what had happened in the last twelve hours. She winced as she felt someone touched her hair, looking up with her puffy eyes and tear stained cheeks, she saw the green-hair protector with a concern face.
"I see anda got the scars bandaged up." Martina told her, but Melody did not comment.
"Um, Ashley please keep an eye on them?" Martina asked, walking away from the zamrud, emerald head. Ashley, who sat on a najis nodded and faced the others in the cave's livingroom. Melody crouched up in a chair, Phifi lying on one end of the couch, Nate sitting on the other and Jaivus sitting in the sofa, kerusi panjang up against the dinding with his chin propped up on his fist facing the wall. Ashley looked at them not knowing what to do atau say.

The door slide open Martina walked in a room of commotion, nothing compared to the rest of the cave.
"What anda did is unacceptable." Nightwing told Kaya, in a slightly harsh way.
"It isn't just unacceptable it shows a lack of trust." Koda added, everyone was making their remark about Kaya's action. But Kaya did not reply atau place an express of failure atau embarrassment on her face, she just listen and kept a calm plain face. Then finally the group gave the accused a chance to speak.
"What I did may seem, like anda said, like it was a rookie mistake, stupid, selfish, but it was only root that came out with less casualty."

"So traumatizing four of the Hexagons and putting several of our in damage is less casualty?" Twan asked, but before Kaya could reply Rene stated,

"You're not asking her the right question. What she should be answering is why Queen Beetle asked her for permission to take the Hexagons?" Kaya smiled.

"I'll answer both your questions, when Alanna knows that her plan will work she wants lebih people to get harm and lebih attention at the same time. Asking me for permission was just a way to get lebih of anda involved."

"You may rationalize this as much as anda want I don't care you're suspended from any mission atau mission intel for the seterusnya four weeks." Nightwing stated

"Four weeks that's the best anda can do I thought anda would've gone a bit higher..." Kaya tried to shot back but was cut off.

"Babe keep quiet." Akash berkata softly, but had not berkata anything before, "just please go home, call it a day." Kaya knitted her brows at him, then walked off and out of the room. A few minit later they all heard her name announce at the zeta tube. They all turned to Akash all with present expression.

Kaya arrived utama and quickly headed for the dapur grabbing Ashley off-limits bucket of ice-cream.
"Well she is already mad at me so she can letcher me about what I did and her Ais Krim at the same time." She berkata to herself walking out of the room. She came to the living room where she sat and propped her foot up in the sofa, kerusi panjang when she heard the front door open. Martina, Akash and Koda walked in the living room, Martina and Koda sat in the sofa opposite Kaya and Akash lifted Kaya's feet off the sofa, kerusi panjang sat in it and place her feet on his lap.

"Where are the others." Kaya asked.
"They berkata that they were gonna to stay at the cave." Akash replied.

"If you're wondering why well according to what Melody said, what was it, 'I really don't want to see that heartless snitch' but she used a 'b' with itch and not 'sn'." Martina stated.

"I think planning for anda to take all the blame was a bad vote." Koda berkata sincerely.

"That's my job Koda, so where do we stand babe."

"Well, we're all up-nush liars for starters and we have four traumatized Hexagons." Akash answer.

"Well that's true but Alana did take the chip and Honesty is Weapon 101, our Lost balances our gain for now."

Kaya smirk she had taken all the blame but she wasn't the only one behind this cruel act.
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I finally updated her bio! I didn't think hers would take that long! I also didn't know she had so many powers and skills! X'( Oh well! Enjoy~!

Name: Rebecca “Becca” Stevens (Now Stevenson)
Alias: Shade
Occupation: Vigilante; On and Off member
Powers: Teleportation, mystic arts, sorcery, magic, spells
Skills: Any and all martial arts,/combat/street-fighting, weaponry, potions, flexibility, stealth, technology, hacking
History: Becca Stevens has had a very confused and traumatic childhood. She is the youngest of seven royal children, a princess of Attalin. She grew up with the training of a warrior...
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It started in his chest. The api, kebakaran ignited in his hati, tengah-tengah and was pumped through his veins to every part of his body. No matter how much strength he put into resisting it, the heat spread to every limb. Flames danced across his bones, coals settled in his stomach where they continued to burn. Red painted his vision, the tyrant pain engulfed his mind and threatened to overthrow his sanity.
Alek woke with a gasp. He wiped the sweat coating his forehead and tried to sit up. His limbs protested with a resisting pain. The teen stubbled through the dark to the amour looming in the shadows of the dark...
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The bot hummed as it skimmed across the water in the dead of night. The three passengers were completely silent as their destination loomed overhead, looking ever so mysterious in the light of the moon. As the bot docked, the passengers quickly jumped out and covered the bot with a dark tarp. In their stealth suits, they seemed to resemble assassins, but they're purpose to being on this island was a mystery to even them.

"Where's the rendezvous again?" asked Valeriya. "The directions weren't too clear." Without hesitation, the violet-haired girl replied, "It's about 5 miles north of here."...
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 Anya as a child.. :D
Anya as a child.. :D
Name: Anya Kali Griffin (On-yuh Cal-ee Griff-un) ((They're not dumb)) Idc..

Anya meaning-Grace/Favored
Vara meaning-Hated/Stranger

Alias: ((Her middle name)) Kali

Age: 17 and a half

Height: 5'6in.

Weight: 120lbs.

Appearance: Anya, is quite short because her family was short. She has medium-tone,super short, purple hair, and purple/aqua eyes. Her eyes stay purple when she wears darker colors, when she wears lighter Warna they turn an aqua. She has light skin with a hint of dark. She often dyes her hair to blue's and pinks and other colors, and since it's so short it differs in length because she...
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