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posted by SilverWings13
Maddex backflipped, avoiding two blunt projectiles.
"Ha! Missed- oof!" He stumbled back as a boots collided with his chest. He dodged another kick, then knocked it aside as it swung at him a third time. SilverWings fell back, her balance thrown. Maddex pounced on his opponent. She leapt out of the way at the last moment and he had to screech to a stop to keep from face planting into the wall.
Coaxoch and Harmonian walked in and face-palmed in unison. "They're still going?" Ceil said, astounded.
"Not for long," Mel got the sneaky smile on her face that made her friend nervous.
Silver swung a...
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posted by The_Writer

((NOTE: This takes place in an Alternate Universe))

Sam looked at the puffy pants with disgust. He had been quick and happy to agree to do something silly for a kid's charity concert. If he had known that he would be doing the classic song "Can't Touch This" in the original Muzik video's format, he would've suddenly become very ill. 

He adjusted the pants one lebih time when he heard the door squeak open. He turned to see Becca walk through the door.

"Becca!" Sam hissed. "What are anda doing here?!"

"Look, if you're doing something ridiculous, I'm gonna be here." The ebony replied.

"I thought...
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posted by ValacYJ
Sometime in the future...not telling when!

What if all anda understand,
Could fit into the center of our hand,

"Alright boys, this is it. anda go in fighting, anda come out alive. anda go in and screw around you're dead" The unnatural's stood in front of a half collapsed building.  "Naliak, how much time do we have?"

Then anda found it wasn't you,
Who held the sum of everything anda knew,

"Around ten minutes." Naliak looked at his watch. 
"Good. Naliak, Edel. anda two rescue the remaining victims. Scuro, keep the area secure, once the area is clear of civilians, bring the rest of the that building....
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posted by DanteYJ
(All the italic word are flash backs)

I really hate it, this void I'm Lost in. I'll never see him ever again. The team was never close to him, but I was! I guess I took him for granted.

"I hate you!"

I never really understood what it was like to be lonely to have no siblings, sure I didn't have most of my family, except him, but I always had the team. Not now, it was just me and him... alone.. in his apartment.

"Hi, Blade, what brings anda to my house of horrors?" A smirk crossed Dante's face.
"Shut it, Dante... I'm not in the mood for your jokes." Blade sneered.
"What's bothering you, Kiddo?"...
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NOTE: The following scene contains alcohol use. (This is purely for precautionary sake)

Police Chief Robert Draxx opened the door to his apartment and flicked on the lights. It wasn't until after he had hung up his kot he noticed the shadowy figure, using night camo, hiding in the shadows. 

"Revenge, couldn't anda have met me at the office?"

"It's midnight, best bet was anda were here asleep. In fact, I knew anda were heading here."

Draxx sighed and opened the fridge. "What's so important?"


The Police Chief straightened up. "What's he doing in New York?"

"He's not. From my sources, he's still...
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posted by AislingYJ
Felt like I should do this. senarai of all my OCs. Anyone not listed is deleted. Lily, Chandler, and Annabelle will be semi-deleted after Broken Wings is over. There is one new hero (she’ll be my last), and 4 new villains who will be in my seterusnya series.

Aisling Carter/Dimension: artikel-artikel and RP (main)
Jackson Cohn/Thunderblade: artikel-artikel only
Caitlyn Grayson (Castaways): I’m eventually gonna make her a series, so for now just one-shots
Reese Muldoon/BlackFox (Castaways): same
Constance Laine/Contraire (Castaways): same
Dawn Baker/Obsidian (Castaways): same
Adam Salinski/Compression (better...
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This is what I did at 1:10 in the morning instead of sleeping XD

1.    Gossip

2.    People not getting along

3.    Being alone in the cave

4.    Fighting for no reason

5.    People that treat others differently because they aren’t like anyone else

6.    Sad Muzik (duh)

7.    Not winning a game of Egyptian tikus Slap against her roommate Molly

8.    People that make fun of others

9.    Joker murders

10.    Talking...
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posted by ThirteenYJ
Delanni Pier
7:56 p.m.

Tara lowered herself onto the sand, looking out to the sea and it's cresting waves. Kicking off her sandals, she wiggled her toes freely.
She was glad she had changed into her civvies after a session of training. It hadn't been her intention to come out here to the beach, but her legs had carried her here nonetheless.
Now, looking around at the empty pantai in her tank-top and shorts, Tara enjoyed the momentary silence, accompanied sejak nothing lebih than the cry of gulls and the slapping of waves as they greeted the surface. Feeling security in the solitude, she lifted her...
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The city was dark and cold. Even in summer, especially this summer, the nights were still cold. They were about to get colder. Moscow provided many shadows and alleyways to hide in. One was about to be used against the city itself. 

The man pulled out a cellphone and called. His silhouette was spotted three streets over sejak a professional sniper. The sniper had no interest in killing the man, however. He was the backup. 

"Are we all clear?" the deep, strong voice came over the phone as soon as the sniper picked it up.

"Affirmative." the russian accent came. "Good luck,  comrade!"

The bearded...
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posted by Robin_Love
I know these have been telah diposkan before, but I'm going to senarai them again. All at once so there are no soalan later on. Let's start.

No lebih than four pictures of the same title/theme.

No lebih than two posts on the dinding per account to avoid spamming of the dinding ((Writer))

Articles must be kid-friendly and not graphic in any way

If there are artikel-artikel that need questioning, message me.

If there are any problems between fans, they MUST contact me to stop major riots/fan wars

If anda have too many Ocs that anda can't keep track of, please fix the problem

Anything inappropriate atau “scarring” will be...
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posted by InfinityYJ
My mind wanted this.. and I completely hate my mind right now.. But I wrote it anyways... So... *goes and hides in corner*
It's kinda... creepy/weird. Forgive me.

“I missed you.”
The halls were completely bare, the rug was clean to perfection, but the house had an eerie air to it. The lights didn’t work well and the doors seemed to whistle creepily. Shadows bounced off the slightly dirty windows. He walked slowly, his bloodshot hollow eyes darting to and fro among the halls, jumping at even the slightest of noises. His mouth would open to scream when a sudden shadow came out at him, but...
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Eric stormed into the cave. “She’s gone.”
Delta looked up. “Who’s gone?”
“Your sister! She’s gone!”
Eric threw his hands in the air. “You’re all hopeless. Yes, Phoenix!”
“How do anda know that?” Red berkata from the other side of the cave, beginning to stride closer. Ariel looked up from her spot on the couch, and Tanner came out of the hall, obviously just finishing a shower.
Eric sighed and sat on the couch, rubbing his forehead. “I went to meet up with her at her place. We talked a little, and both fell asleep, and when I woke up, she just wasn’t there.”...
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posted by NaliakYJ
A fourteen Jacob walked silently through his parents home, hold a freshly made clay pot in his hands, the leaned down against the dinding and listened to their conversation. 
"We have to earn lebih money, what we are earning now, it isn't enough." His father sighed and relaxed in his chair. Jacob slipped from the dinding and walked over to his father. 
"Look dad..I finally finished the pot anda wanted me too...." Jacob handed the clay figure over to his father. He  closely inspected the figure and smashed it against the ground making a clattering noise. 
"How did anda expect me to sell that! It wasn't...
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posted by RichiYJ
~Richi POV~

I blamed the pickles for this mess.

I blamed the pickles for this entire situation.

Lychan just HAD to have pickles. She just HAD to come with me to the grocery store to buy a jar of pickles. And we just HAD to go sit under that one pokok in the park as we were coming home. And that fly just HAD to annoy Lychan enough to make her look up to swat it.

And someone just HAD to put a mistletoe under the very branch we were sitting under.

The seterusnya thing I know, she's asking me to Ciuman her.
"Why?" I asked her. She pointed up and there it was. The mistletoe. I groaned. I mean, who puts up Christmas...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
BUAHAHAHA! Hope anda enjoyed that last chapter!

I sat in a chair. Not just any chair, anda know those spinning chairs at offices? Yeah. I'm just that special. I spun around. These were my flies in the ointment:

1. The saying "flies in the ointment", like, ew.

2. What the heck was going on inside everyone's mind? Did they think I was a traitor? Did they feel betrayed?

3. I'm starving. What the heck? I thought I was superior.

4. Lexi. What was Fang supposed to tell her? "Oh, your sister has gone evil and betrayed everyone of us!" Yeah, that's not him.

I spun, watching the walls spin by. I thought. And...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
You guys are gonna kill me.

This was serious. No one could know. Not even Ciel. I had to do this. I walked into the cave.
"EVERYONE! Come, here." At first, I yelled, then it slowly became a indoor voice.
"Yessss?" Silver hung from the rafters. I snapped my fingers, this tugged up my heart, but I put on an evil smirk, and Erasers swarmed the cave. Jaime dropped down from the rafters.
"WHY ARE THERE ERASERS IN THE CAVE!?" He shouted. Just then, I wanted to break down and cry. I pulled my swords and lunged at him.
"Gyah! Clone!" He jumped to the side, sticking out his leg. I tripped, caught myself...
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posted by The_Writer
Yo! Attention all Red Revenge fans! I've got a proposition.

((It's called a contest anda idiot))

Oh, shut up!

Anyway, as I berkata *tapes Sam's mouth closed* I have a competition!

Holly's mask is supposed to be domino themed, but I don't want a Robin domino mask atau one the sidekicks wear. I want something unique, individual, and awesome. Here's the contest:

GOAL: Draw/make/Whatev a domino mask for Holly, hantar it sejak November 31st in the imej on the club with a link messages to me.

DETAILS: I want the mask to hide her identity (duh) I don't want it to be like Robin's and Speedy's, etc. I want it to be green and decorative.

PRIZE: To the best mask, I'll give the winner "What Matters?" a week before it's release (Dec. 29th) in one big package. The only agreement anda have to make is no spoilers.

Have fun peeps!
Cassie took a large bite out of her hamburger, swallowing a gulp of her Chocolate shake. "I'm ravished. That business in Moscow made me hungry."

All that food?" Tim asked, looking at the nice, neat, perfect salad before him.

Cassie shrugged. "Teen's gotta eat. I don't have to worry about the tighty-tights." Cassie stopped mid-chew. "Not that anda don't look good in them."

Tim smirked. He was dressed in a tight T-Shirt and jeans. Cassie was wearing her usual civvies: Red spandex, white and red T-shirt, and baseball cap.

"You realize you've only mentioned the tights eight times in the last three dates,...
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posted by InfinityYJ
 Just chillin'
Just chillin'
This is my new OC, appearing in Ebony, and then I swear to god I'm never making another OC again. If anda want me to RP as him, tell me, but I won't do it if anda don't want me too. So... don't hate me? *sheepish grin* I deleted all my other ones, basically!!!

Name: Nikita Andreevich
Age: 15 (17 in Ebony)
Hero name: ((You guys can help with this!))
Appearance: light caramel colored hair, light yellow/green eyes, 5'11", strongly built upper body
Civvies: brown long sleeved shirt, slightly worn navy jeans, old black high tops
Costume: he basically just throws a grey hoodie on (see picture)
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Yup. I'm posting early, so I can give myself some time to finish the seterusnya few parts over Thanksgiving Break. Also... I just want anda to have some Kyric fluff.
This story occurs around the end of November/December 1st, which, according to the YJ comics, is Robin's birthday, therefore making it Fin's biological birthday. :3 Yup... Enjoy!

Watching from an opposite rooftop, a smile graced a pair of crimson painted lips. “She’s too vulnerable like this. Untrusting.”
“So what are anda going to do about it?”
“I’ve heard she wants to do this all on her own.”
The first girl’s...
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