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posted by InfinityYJ
Future Fin fic. Warnings for major F-bombs. Based loosely on a prophecy line.

Rough weeks never end good for heroes. For a normal person you’d have a weekend to relax, watch some Televisyen atau play a video game. But for the protectors of a city, country, planet, there wasn’t much to go utama to, atau much of a weekend to relax with.
Fin had had one of those weeks where she was just done. But a distress call from a warehouse two blocks down had her setting off in the direction opposite Happy Harbor. The fifteen tahun old was starting to wonder if this was actually something she’d be doing for...
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posted by AislingYJ
Here’s part 2 of Silver’s challenge! Read? komen maybe? Please????? Mini-Ash begs you! Oh, and if anda haven’t read Part 1 yet (it’s fairly short..erm sejak my standards that is) anda can read it link! Have fun!!!!!!!
Aisling’s eyes shot open in terror. She sat bolt upright, the sweat pouring down her forehead, sticking to her hair and nightshirt. The sheets were smothering her, her head was pounding, as she tried to wrench herself out of the nightmare. It was like nothing she’d ever had before, but already, the details were slipping from her, like water through cupped hands, no matter...
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posted by Mclovin_69
She smiled leaning in the doorway " ready to go? ", " in just a minit " he muttered standing in the bathroom mirror playing with his hair, she smiled still letting out a giggle and walked in and stepped infront of him brushing the hair out of his face, he flicked his hair back and it fell back in his face. " Bentley! " she whined out pouting playfully, he let out a giggle as she reached for his hair again as he tried blocking her with his arms. She sighed droppping her arms and put a hand at her hip and gave him a playful look " i cant quite understand anda Thompson " she said. Bentley smiled...
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posted by The_Writer
DC Comics should just cut out Cartoon Network and start their own “DC Nation” atau “DC Channel”. I mean, they have so much material they could air that they could be a 24/7 TV channel and get away with it. They could have new episodes of Young Justice: Invasion, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Beware the Batman, and Teen Titans Go! on every Saturday morning (with new shorts). They could air one DC Universe Animated Movie every night of the week. Every Wednesday night they could put out the new episode of Arrow while the CW does the same. Every Friday night they could air Smallville...
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Following the news of the abrupt cancellation of this weekend’s DC Nation Block with Young Justice Invasion and Green Lantern The Animated Series, and Cartoon Network’s subsequent announcement that no new DC Nation episodes are in store for 2012, a petition has surfaced.

The purpose of the petition is to bring back DC Nation before January 2013 has surfaced over the last few hours. Its goal is 10,000 e-signatures and as of this Penulisan is at over 2,700. If anda are interested, the petition can be found here.


SIGN IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by The_Writer

Barbara sighed and pulled her kowl, cowl off. The cold, hard piece of rubber sat on her meja and she sighed. The night had bee rough. Batman and Robin always seemed to have everything under control when she got there. She wasn't needed.

Barbara sighed again and buried her head in her hands. She woke to a sharp rapping on her door.

"Babs?" her father called. "Barbara get up!"

Barbara moaned and sat up sleepily. It was ten o' clock.

"Shit." she muttered. She was about to answer the door when she saw her cowl, which reminded her she still had her costume on.

"Barbara, for the last time--"...
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I feel the rush of the wind, my panting breath, the cold stone of the tall glass fortress underneath my boots. I see the grand city as I stand in my red armor. In a sudden alih I launch a rope from a small metal device and I’m flying through the air, like my name sake a robin. I’m a bird flying through the air, my duty to protect the city is strong in my heart. I-
“Prince Richard! Prince Richard!” I sigh as I tear my eyes away from the skyline from the istana, castle windows.
“Yes, Wallace?” I ask, as I look at the fastest messenger in the kingdom, his face was merah jambu from the cold winds and...
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(Has some slightly Sexual Material and may not be suited for some, anda have been warned, and now are Membaca to your own consent)

J’onn walked out of the infirmary and sighed, “I worked with her and all may be well now.”
“May be?” asked Skylar. Taking a bold step forward. Silver and South grabbed his arms incase he tried anything. J’onn calmly continued, “There could be side affects, but it is in high doubt that she has atau will suffer any.” Suddenly Cat waved franticly, “She’s waking up I can hear her!” Everyone rushed into infirmary. The team followed sejak the JLA. Skylar...
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posted by The_Writer
Alright, let's calm down! Greg is not responsible for this. In fact, he hasn't been informed. He's on vacation.

At 11:00 October 12th, Cartoon Network abruptly changed their programming for the seterusnya two weeks. Due to the two week celebration of Cartoon Network's 20th Anniversary, DC Nation (Young Justice, GL:TAS, and DC Shorts) have been cancelled. The one jam gap has been filled with Dreamwork's "How to Train a Dragon" animated series.

The producers, creators, and crew for all series (shorts included) found out about this exactly when we did: at 9:30 EST.

While some rumors have been flooding...
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 Rawak pic!
Random pic!
This artikel has been in my Drafts section for TOOOO long.
To keep note this is what I originally wanted Shadow to be when I first got introduced to this "OC club thingy". But since I thought about the character I thought it was just "Not modern".
I don't know if this should be made into a different person atau what, your choice. (write in komen-komen please!)
I just wanted anda to see it 'cause from memory, it took me AGES to make her.
Note: ^ I just added that now. Down is the bio.

Name: Maria Kyle

Code Name: Black Phantom

Other Aliases: Sakura, Cheery (Only in civilian life)

Age: 13

Occupation: Ninja/Hero/Orphan...
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posted by InfinityYJ
Okay, spoilers for Darkest (if anda haven't seen it anda have no life). Otherwise, and comment? pwEASE.

I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning I sleep alone
Sweep the streets I used to rule

Kyra passed sejak the remnants of the cave, and glanced back at Demon, who was fingering the blade of her katana. “You can’t be serious.”
“I’m dead serious.”
“But the cave was our home!”
“Then anda can remain here and make sure it’s real. But I’m not joking with you. This is what happens to you-- to us all in a couple years.”
She walked straight...
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It was a crisp fall hari in the city of Melbourne, and a 2 yr old girl was perched on a red wooden najis in front of the huge glass window. Watching the bustling city, cars and stinky drivers, hotels filled with taxi cars and malls bursting with a large amount of shoppers. She wasn't so far up in the apartment, hardly on the saat floor so she was able to see most things, her hands greedily moving up the window, wishing to go outside.
Her eyes followed traces of flying autumn leaves, rustling in the wind and dancing in the sky.
A big black van gave a big abrupt stop on the side of a jewellers...
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posted by The_Writer
Always Here

9 Years Ago...

Sam walked around the ballroom smiling at everyone, nodding, shaking hands. His mom's annual Summer Solstice party took place right before his birthday, so she counted it as his party.

Sam was startled to hear a familiar voice right behind him. He turned to see the police lieutenant from three years lalu talking to his mom. A red-headed girl was standing seterusnya to him. She looked to be around Sam's age, so he decided to go see the police officer again.

"Sam!" his mother exclaimed. She grabbed her son's arm and dragged him over to where she was standing. "Captain, have you...
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posted by The_Writer

13 Years Ago...

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Kids of all ages! Welcome, to the Haly Circus!"

The crowd erupted into cheers, Sam groaned as hs father dragged him into a kerusi, tempat duduk seterusnya to him. "Why did we have to go to a circus?" the eleven tahun old groaned. "I mean honestly, I've got better things to do."

"You can spend some time with me rather than beating up another nine tahun old." his father berkata harshly, taking a bite of popcorn. "Or stealing from the vending machine."

Sam made a face and slouched down in his kerusi, tempat duduk while his father continued to eat popcorn. Sam knew why he was really here. His father...
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"You're awake?"
Aryess nodded without taking her eye of the view through the floor-to-ceiling tinted windows of the sky scraper.
The man walked up and stood beside his sister, examining her out of the corner of his eye.
The teen wore loose sweat-pants and a black tank-top. She had tied her hair back in a braid, allowing full view of her storm grey irises, dark as the clouds were gathering outside. Her face was drawn and paler than usual and every muscle was tensed.
"No offense, but anda look like crap," Declan stated.
"I feel like crap," she admitted. "Where's my suit?"
"Getting repaired. The entire...
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posted by The_Writer
Name: Samuel Grant
Code name: Red Revenge
Age: 24
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 213 lb.
Eye and Hair Color: True blue eyes, shaggy dark hair with natural streaks of blonde
Physical form: Muscular, masculine (no they aren't the same thing), clean shaven
Normal "Civvies": Khakis, T-Shirt, Suit Jacket
Uniform: Black stab/bullet-proof body suit with red cape, mask, markings, outlines, and gloves.
Attitude: Nice guy, sympathetic for those who deserve it, harsh and cold when needed. Very much a politician and businessman. Cold and dark when Red Revenge.
Job: CEO of Grant Industries
Home: New York City
Powers: None
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Don't worry, this isn't a whole new series.. I kinda got carried away, so it’s probably gonna be at least 3 parts (would that be a three-shot atau a series?? lol). BTWs this takes place when Aisling’s 8 so that’d, anda do the math.
His eyes widened as he stepped into the alley, wrinkling his nose at the stench that wafted toward him in thick clouds. He had to walk on his tiptoes to avoid the piles of filth and unidentifiable substances, and he grimaced at the squelching noises his combat boots made on the ground. Pinching his nose shut, he scanned the alley, praying that no one...
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Timeline: 3 years in the future...

“Cʼmon, cʼmon, cʼmon,” Aryess muttered.
“Patience, kiddo,” Nic berkata through the communication unit in her ear.
“Itʼs freezing up here!” She wrapped her arms around herself, trying to gain warmth.
“What did anda expect? Youʼre 102 stories up and itʼs the middle of the bloody winter.”
“Oh.. yeah.” The teenager tried to focus on the spectacular view from the bahagian, atas of Empire State Building. The city lights were a dazzling light tunjuk of yellow, red, blue, white. She was grateful for the full head mask that tucked her long fair hair away and kept...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
*Giggle* Cruddy title.

I woke up, cold and lonely. anda know that weird feeling in your stomach when anda feel like your being watched? Yeah, its here. I peeked out from under my blankets, and I saw...legs? The covers were thrown off me, my arms were grabbed, and my mouth was covered. I saw Ciel behind my captor.
"Let go. atau anda die." He whispered in my captor's ear. He cocked his glock, and my captor smiled. I closed my eyes tightly, and heard the bang. I fell back onto the bed, and heard a body hit the floor. I felt a hand on my shoulder, I was shaking. I opened my eyes, then, they widened....
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posted by Robin_Love
I had to write this!!! It's just....Oh you'll have to read it! Enjoy!!!!

The smell wafted through the base. It was warm, comforting. Trevor, Zero, and Todd looked up from where they were playing cards in the living room. Zeth stood at the counter, piling Chocolate chip cookies, biskut onto a plate. Terror ventured out of his room, eyebrows raised.
“You know Zero doesn't like this,” he said.
“Screw that.”
Terror watched Zeth place a peminat sejak the cookies, aimed at the vent.
“There are reasons it's not allowed,” Trevor chimed in.
“I know. Couldn't help it.”
“What are anda talking about?” Todd...
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