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Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Hauntings part VII (final)- The Angel

Why was it so hard to begin? Why couldn't I say it. I Cinta anda atau I miss you. Three simple words. atau all six. A toddler could accomplish such a feat, yet, standing before my parents' headstones beneath the full moon, I couldn't get out a single word. I was Frozen in place. My hands in my pockets, my hud, hood pulled low, my eyes averted to the numbers and letters inscribed on the marble tombstones.
Roxanne Weston-Conners, Beloved Mother, Wife, Friend, and Comrade. "The Angel" 1973-2006
Riley Conner, Beloved Father, Husband, Friend, and Colleague. 1970-2006
Aryess Conners, Loving Daughter and Sister. 1998-2006.
Daemian Conners, Dear Brother and Son. 1991-2006

The saat two didn't mean a thing to me. They were insignificant. Empty. Simple proof that even two children could fake their deaths. For their protection.
From what, though? The people that took my brother? atau was is some other sick bastard?
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Hauntings part VI- All Nightmares End
[i]"Daddy!" the girl screamed. She ran toward the house, her vision blurred sejak tears.
"Ary, stop," her brother yelled after her. He reached her just as as the inferno exploded outward, throwing them back into the grass.
The api, kebakaran raged on. It engulfed the whole house, encasing the roof, the windows, her room in angry flames. The sound of breaking glass joined the chorus of splintering timber as a window exploding outward. A scream amplified over the chaos.
"Mommy! Daddy!" the girl screamed again. She rose from the grass, but a hand grasped her wrist before she could make another move.
"Don't," her brother loosened his grip and moved his hand to her shoulder. Standing, he places both hands on her shoulder. He knelt so that they were the same hieght.
The girl looks over his shoulder, holding back lebih tears as the monsterous inferno engulfed their home.
"Ary, we have to get out of here," he said. She met his eyes.
Fan fiction by InfinityYJ posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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The Watchtower
The teen typed quickly and with a furious passion, as if his life depended on it. And in some ways it did. Taller figures hovered near him, watching his every move. He was careful but fast, and as his finger pressed lightly on the last key, a smirk spread on his face. The screen lit up with moving pictures of Gotham, D.C., bintang City and even the Cave.
“You did it,” a girl behind him berkata breathlessly. “I can’t believe it!”
The boy turned. “Was there ever any doubt? We now have a full view of what’s going on down there.”
A figure placed a hand on the teens shoulder, silently praising him. “Let’s hope she can keep her own against the League.”
The boy’s smile faded. “I know she can,” he stated softly. “Fin’s got enough stupidity and bravery combined to take them on.”
The man chuckled to himself, a feat rare and hard to catch from him in this form. “You do too. It must be a family trait.”
This earned a soft punch from the boy. These moments were also rare, but had become increasingly well-known to the people in the Watchtower.
Article by Connor_Veritas posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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I gew up in Ireland. Growing up was hard. Taught ta fight n' shoot Pistol at a young age was fun but it kinda scared people away. Never even get ta make any friends. Then there's learnin' up ta seven languages. My mother insisten on it. I learned them all, but whats te point if I never even had the chance te live like a normal kid.

I was raised te believe in god. Religion and belifs was all my ma and pa taught me. That's how it all started with te whole 'killing the eveil te send them ta hell' family business. But of course te rule is we don't kill women and children.

I have a fraternal twin, Murphy. Our ma still haven't told us who's t'oldest yet. I rememebred our ma telling us how she had te keep us in one cot since we wouldn't stop crying if she put us in separate ones.
And when we got older, like 6 atau 7, we'd sneak up on each other in te middle of the night, either Murph coming over to my katil atau me snuggling up ta Murph and we'd fall asleep together much lebih easily. And then, when we were 14 and sharing an apartment in Boston, we'd keep each other's mattresses close, with just one small meja, jadual between u. Of course it also was b'cause our apartment...
Fan fiction by Obscurity98 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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-On my dinding post i mentioned i had a weird encounter with Superboy, here it is!

Conner remembered the fist time they brought in Harley Mei. He thought Mei was a funny last name, and then it was weird. because Roy was with her, he rarely saw the Old side... protege of Green Arrow. But he knew Roy had a thing for the new girl. anda could tell.
Conner glanced her way, and something definitely bothered him. Was it because she was new? That Roy was attached to her? Oh no, it was because Big Blue (superman) had his arm around her shoulder. He'd seen the look on Superman's face once before. But it wasn't superman's he saw, it was a father with his child when he and Megan walked to a Zeta Tube after school. Conner Rolled his eyes, she wasn't even anywhere near related to Superman, Conner snapped to himself, so why does he Cinta her so much?

Conner watched Harley as the Team beamed at her, along with Roy, Superman, and Batman. He felt like turning around and leaving, but he couldn't and for some reason he wouldn't stop watching her. He liked M'gann, and he knew it, but for some reason he left drawn to this....there was no other word for...
Fan fiction by BloodyMascara_ posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Lyla (Aftermath)

Height: 6'7

Weight: 95 pounds

Eyes: Red.

Hair: Black

Weapons: Pistol, hidden dagger.

History: Raised sejak the joker and abonded sejak
parents. Joker taught her evil, but she realized it was wrong and refused to continue. She still keeps close with him and visits him in jail. She joined the team and loved it. She had a demon haunting her and everyone got fed up. She walked away from it all before it went any futher. She has taken the path of evil. Her hair turned black and her eyes are permenently red from the hate she feels.

Powers: Teleportation, Flight(Wings), levetation, transformaition(Humans and animals.)

Skills: Good with guns.

Civies: Black turtleneck and jeans.

'Stume: Black turtleneck dress and kalung with keys symbolising being the keeper of hell.

Opinion by Robin_Love posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Just a fun little one-shot on the Outsiders team *insert maniacal laughter* XD

“What goes on kitty Cat?”
She jumped at the voice, startled. She looked over to find Trevor sitting seterusnya to her. Zero was fiddling around on one of his gadgets and Zeth was...being Zeth.
“I thought I was alone.”
“Until three minit lalu anda were,” Zeth said.
Cat rolled her eyes at him and Zeth smirked. His eyes glowed and a string appeared in front of her. Both Trevor and Zeth laughed almost evilly as Cat's eyes followed the string and her hands moved up to get it. A hand snatched the string away, releasing Cat from her little spell.
“Enough anda two,” Zero ordered.
Cat looked away, feeling ashamed.
“Where's Rylan?” she asked.
“Where else?” Zeth responded.
They all responded at the same time.
“Terror's room.”
“She really shouldn't be there?” Zero said.
“Why? Terror got a diary?” Trevor teased.
At that moment, a scream was released and Rylan flew through the room, black smoke behind her. Terror followed lebih slowly, eyes red. His teeth had become fangs and he breathed out...
Fan fiction by WallyXArtemis posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Name:Tyler Stevenson

Age: 16

Alias: South

Personality: He's Australian, (Sorry I had to, I <3 Australians!) But usually talks with an accent, he's very smart, he's caring, he loves being there for others and he loves to tease people. He also has a snarky attitude. (Gets it from Blade. :) )

Relationship: SIngle!!

Looks ;): He has black hair and blue eyes, and he's built strongly. (is that even a word o.O)

Civies: Usually a dress baju and tie, with the sleeves rolled up, he wears long dark jeans, (he hates skinny jeans) with black converse. But besides that he usually wears any baju with jeans and converse.

'Stume: (;D) He's not much of a costume wearer but if he does, it's a black jaket and a black baju with jeans and converse. (Not much of a 'stume)

Powers: He can control fire. (OMG BUT EVERYONE IS LIEK USING FIRE.. sorry I just like it)
Opinion by SilverWings13 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Maddex Howard (civvies)
Hauntings part V-Allies

"So you're saying Gordon Tin was dead when anda got to his apartment?"
"Actually, he was alive. They were talking when I came in."
"They were talking?"
"It sounded lebih like arguing. Gordon was yelling when the assassin shot him."
"How did anda get in the apartment? Did anda have a key? Pick the lock?"
Batgirl stepped in seterusnya to Robin. "What were they arguing about? Did anda hear anything about the Key? The Weapon? Was there any mention of-"
Nightwing cleared his throat. "Why don't we give Mr. Howard a little break. Let him rest."
"Nightwing," Robin contradicted, "he's a witness to a murder."
"Assassination," Batgirl corrected. "And the longer we wait, the lebih he may forget."
Nightwing gave his siblings a bat-glare, alerting them this was not up for debate. They sighed and filled out of the infirmary. Nightwing nodded to Maddex and began to shut the door behind him, but stopped when he saw SilverWings leaning against the dinding across from the infirmary.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Name: Tanner Pent
Alias: Ares
Occupation: Hero; clone of Superboy
Powers: Tactile telekinesis, super-strength, flight, invulnerability, heat vision, freezing breath, fire, super-speed, x-ray vision, heightened senses
History: Tanner is the clone of a clone. He was made sejak Talia Al'Ghul who acquired DNA from Becca Stevens before Becca defied her. Where he has the DNA of Superboy, Tanner also has the DNA of superhero Firestorm, giving him the ability of fire. Tanner's tactile telekinesis allows him to, telepathically, mimic the abilities of those around him, much like Superboy. Tanner was the first clone to be rescued sejak fellow teammates Alexis and Billy, along with Becca. He helped free the other three and the team went undercover. They are now located in Keystone city.
Notes: Despite being the clone of him, Tanner does not posses Superboy's temper. He is often calm and quiet, not always speaking his mind. But if one of his teammates are in trouble, his temper ignites like the api, kebakaran he possesses. Tanner enjoys hanging out with his friends, especially Alder. He also has a secret passion for Muzik and art, often...
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Secret-Day time
Name: Trevor Wright
Alias: Secret
Occupation: Hero
Powers: Trevor posses different powers at different times of day. Day-strength, light, fire, wind. Night-speed, shadows, darkness, water. Trevor is also a master spy and trained extensively in combat. He has never been detected and has endurance that lasts twenty-four hours. Trevor loves to use a gun in the hari and a sword at night.
History: Trevor was raised on the streets of London, England. He is, as far as he knows, an orphan. His powers manifest from his X-gene. He was taken in sejak a sly shape-shifter, who intended to sell Trevor to the highest bidder. When Trevor found out, he stowed away on a ship and escaped to Happy Harbor. There he followed the acts of several heroes, learning to master his abilities and fight. Trevor, in a state of poverty, started to trade his talents in exchange for Makanan and drink. He was later approached sejak Terror. He was offered board, food, and everything else. Trevor took the offer and has joined Terror's team of teenage heroes, Outsiders. Trevor met Zeth there and the two have become best friends. Trevor now risks his life to take care of...
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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She sat alone in her room, listening to the song coming from her boom box. She hugged the stuffed menanggung, bear to her chest, trying not to burst into tears. This hari was one she had dreaded for months. She bit her lip as the Muzik filled her senses. A light knock sounded at her door.
“Go away!”
Her command was ignored and Trevor walked in.
“What's up kitty Cat?”
“Leave me alone.”
He glanced over her and softened.
“What's wrong?”
Cat looked away, afraid she would burst into tears. Trevor came closer and sat beside her.
“Why so upset? Talk to Trevor.”
She smiled a little as his British accent slipped into his tone. But it brought little joy on this day.
“I miss them.”
“Who, kitty Cat?”
“My family.”
Trevor looked at her and laid seterusnya to her.
“How did they die?”
“My parents?”
“It was an accident. They should have survived.”
“What happened?”
“They went out one night. Just out to dinner. They were celebrating their anniversary. 15 years. I was all sejak myself. I waited for them to come home. All night I waited. Then a police...
Fan fiction by NekoTheif posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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As soon as they had settled into their newer utama in San Diego, California Amara had stared at the ring on her finger. She was officially engaged that's one step closer to closing the deal on her new family + one now. Matthew had still remembered the deal they had made 4 years lalu when she found the little snot nosed boy hiding and telah diberi him a piece of mind. So now he was living with them until Zack realized his brother was missing and dragged the poor boy back utama with him.

But now, now she had a fucking wedding to plan. And Charm was not helping her concentration on it. She had plenty of money from the drug trades that she ran while her fiance was away. She chewed lightly on the tip of her pencil was she wrote down names she wanted at her wedding. Friends were on her senarai the old YJ, and of course Zack and Leon along with Becca and the others, Bonnie and Matthew would be there, Charm's family is out of the question, and her mother is dead. That sends Amara into a peril of depression. Her mother was dead, had been for years and yet this was the first time she wished she had her mother to speak to for advice. How the hell should she know about weddings?!
Guide by InfinityYJ posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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((for those who didn't know, QuickFire is Fin and Nathan Stone, otherwise known as Quicksilver. They broke up, but who knows, they might get back together sometime!))

Name: Nikki Kaylee Grayson/Stone
Alias: Magma/Infinity (w/Damian Wayne as Robin)
Age: 11
Appearance: blue/green eyes, brown hair, tan skin
Costume: brown/orange Artemis type mask, matching tube bahagian, atas and skirt, lava red/orange/brown arm sleeves, brown flats, hair cut short in a bob
Personality: a total hothead (no pun intended), a little headstrong and full of herself, overly confident, learns quickly
Powers: controls earth, fire, flies, can change appearance

Name: Darren Richard Grayson/Stone
Alias: Black Viper
Age: 11
Appearance: silver/black hair, emas eyes, tan skin
Costume: black/gold/silver bodysuit, black combat boots and gloves, black bandana around neck and sunglasses
Personality: quiet, shy, a little timid, caring
Powers: wind, water, ice, superspeed, invisibility, appearance
Fan fiction by Obscurity98 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Megan's Dress from OLD RADICAL: DRESSES
-Before Harley died:
-ft. Willow and Becca, Megan, and Harley
-Artemis and Zatanna don't exist here.
-our BFs are also featured.

Megan squealed as she climbed into Roy's car. Conner followed her. It was against Harley, Robin, Wally, and Roy's will to go to the mall, but Willow and Becca finally dragged them into it. Wally and Willow went on their motorcycle and so did Robin and Becca. But Harley Megan and Conner piled into Roy's car.
Roy huffed, "i can't believe i have to go through this."
Megan squealed, "Yes! i haven't been to the mall in ages! I can't wait."
Harley put her hands to her ears, "Oh god Megan, please shut up! I so didn't want to come!"
Conner berkata nothing but rolled his eyes.

They arrived with Megan bubbling with excitement, Harley grabbed her shoulders and shook her, "MEGAN! Calm down honey! anda look like you're gonna explode," then turned to Conner and Roy, "we better get inside before all we have is Megan smoke!"
Opinion by ShadowYJ posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Mount Justice 6:00pm
Kaldur, Robin and KidFlash were at KidFlash's room. They were finding something 'formal' for Kaldur to wear and since KidFlash was the only one out if the three of them to be around the same height as Kaldur they were going to hunt down there.
"Uh, could anda for once clean your room? It reeks plus its so messy!" Robin exclaimed, picking up one of KidFlash's dirty clothes with a pair of dapur thongs-he did not DARE touch it with his own hands.
"Well, dude, quit with the chatter and lets start searching." KidFlash said, tossing a already used baju at Robin's head.
Robin glared at him.
"Thirteen yr olds these days" KidFlash muttered-rolling his eyes.

Mount Justice 6:04pm
Becca and Willow were sitting down at Willow's room, thinking.
Becca's eyes changed colour's twice with emotion and Willow walked up and down but yet no idea's.
Becca and Willow were thinking of taking them out on a date-but they were broke.
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Ravage Part III 7

Chapter Twenty-Two:

Artemis watched as the kid stumbled closer. He appeared dehydrated and exhausted. He kept stumbling toward them until he reached Artemis.

"So you're the great Artemis, huh? I thought anda acted nice to your guests." the boy berkata after a moment of silence.

Revenge smirked.

Artemis grabbed the kid and tossed him to the ground, pinning him with her foot and her spear. His mask... It was just like Nightwing's... But looks were deceiving. "You've got a sense of humor. That'll do anda no good in the colony. My name's Artemis all right. How did anda know?" 

"Nightwing sent me."

"Idiot." Revenge muttered.

"What makes anda think I have anything to do with the Justice League?" Artemis asked.

"You were Green Arrow's Protege for four years, dated Kid Flash for three. Retired six months ago. Worked on--"

"You've berkata enough." Artemis said. "My turn to ask questions: Who are you?"
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Ravage Part III 6

Chapter Twenty-One:

Revenge trudged ahead. Despite the pain his spear-wound was causing him, he ignored it. He refused to let anyone look at it. 

It was bad enough he was in this hellhole looking for his sister. But on bahagian, atas of that, he'd found Cassie first. And she had found a guy...who she was flirting with.

Flirting wasn't exactly the word Cassie would use. lebih like...talking and understanding. Liam was very much like her. Youngest of his family, full of enthusiasm, always managed to make mistakes.

He had extraordinary abilities which always seemed to heighten his number of mistakes and their affect. The two exchanged stories and jokes, laughing and nodding along with each other.

The trio came to a pool of lava and Cassie hesitated. There was a small, narrow path around the side. Cassie started to back up but Liam grabbed her hand and she squeezed it, holding it in a death grip as they made their way across.
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Ravage Part III 5

Chapter Twenty:

Artemis grabbed another guy and slung him to the ground, but didn't kill him atau wound him badly. That was her motto. Few followed it. Even few escaped her.

Artemis was weary from battle. It was all she had been doing for the past two days; too afraid to sleep, too afraid someone would murder her and she would never see Wally again. 

atau Sam. atau M'gann. atau any of her friends. Everytime she thought of them, she wanted to cry. But to cry in this arena would be to tunjuk weakness. And she wasn't going to let that happen. 

She had gathered three people she trusted with her life. Literally. Jain: A nineteen tahun old girl who had the amazing meta power of causing her enemies to sleep. This partially freaked Artemis out, but the baby-blue Tron outfit she sported seem to resolve peace within Artemis. 

The saat was Harvey. He was a "pretty boy" for sure. Tall, dark hair, dark eyes, of Indian descent. He sported a dark green outfit that matched his power to control taiga related items. Unfortunately, in an inferno, that did him no good. Still, Artemis liked...
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Ravage Part III 4

Chapter Nineteen: 

Revenge sludged through the thick red mud. His outfit was black outlined in fiery red. A few people had tried to kill him thinking he was from the Harvest.

Just like the guy now, trying to grab him through the mud.

Revenge grabbed him and bashed him on the shore. The guy was dazed. Revenge hoisted him up sejak the neck.

"How many have anda killed today?" he asked.

"Five little pieces of slime. Got the little brat Artemis on the arm as well." the guy grinned wickedly.

"You killed five people, impressive." Revenge grabbed the guy's body and held it above him. "Now guess what."

The guy looked at Revenge's iron-clad grip in fear with his gray eyes. "You won't be killing anyone else."


It was hot. To say the least. The red lighting wasn't helping. Neither was all the opposition Revenge was coming across. He'd...interrogated a few people about the whereabouts of the girl named Artemis. No one would spill.
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Ravage Part III 3

Chapter Eighteen: 

Yeah, yeah. The great Barbara Gordon got captured less than five minit in this hellhole. Don't rub it in.

Besides, it's not my fault that I fell into the middle of a battle. 

It's quite simple what happened. I acted violent, the know-it-alls upstairs flipped a switch, I fell "behind enemy lines" and was captured. I almost got Cassie killed when I glanced in the cave, but she's fine for now. I landed seterusnya to M'gann, but she disappeared. Probably used her Martian Invisibility.

So now I'm hanging upside down over a pit of lava that the girls like to dip their enemies in. 

They're feasting and laughing. What they're eating I don't really want to know, but I have a nasty feeling what it is. 

The part that really hurts me is that these are all teenaged girls. Meta-human teens, yes, but they still once led a "normal" life. Now they're cannibalistic barbarians fighting their fellow humans to the death.
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Ravage Part III 2

Chapter Seventeen:

Cassie banged on the glass dinding of her cell. She retreated, breathing heavily. A man came ke hadapan to deliver her lunch. She grabbed him and rammed him on the glass. She was reaching for his name tag to attempt escape when she fell through the floor. 

Cassie screamed as she fell. She kept falling down a long metal pipe until she emerged in a red environment. 

She expected to see the rest of Alpha Squad. Instead, all she saw was a man in a blue-black Tron-like suit pointing a sword at her.

"Joy." she said, rolling her eyes.

"Who are you?" he asked. He glanced at her red-black outfit.

"I'm Cassie. What's with the sword at my face?" Cassie replied.

The guy kept it aimed at her. Cassie slowly raised her hands in surrender.

"You're in the Culling. You're wearing the Warna of the Harvest. Is it any wonder I don't trust you?" the guy asked. Cassie could see his well-muscled body tense up underneath his suit. His blue eyes were steely cold and his hair black and waving in the fiery wind.
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Ravage Part III

Chapter Sixteen: 

"N.O.W.H.E.R.E.?" Robin and Kid Flash growled.

The rest of the team looked lost.

"N.O.W.H.E.R.E. is a terrorist organization who capture and experiment on meta-human teenagers. Robin and Wally had...experiences with them." Nightwing explained.

"When I get my hands on them..." Wally began, but Nightwing held up a hand and Wally fell silent.

"Batman is currently...out of town and won't be back in time. I'm taking emergency authorization to send a squad  to save Artemis."

Nightwing thought for a moment before continuing. "We'll need some people who can fake not knowing how to use their powers. N.O.W.H.E.R.E. will immediately kidnap anda and you'll be inside. They've probably taken Artemis to the Culling already."

Robin paled.

"Act violent and they'll throw anda in with her. Find her and raise a communication to me." Nightwing said. 
Fan fiction by AislingYJ posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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These would be their kids. xD This is a future timeline, sejak the way. Like probably 20 years atau something? Cuz she probably had her oldest when she was in her 20s and the oldest is 12 so....You do the math.
Name: Lily Brooklyn Cohn
Alias: Midnight Streak
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Appearance: brown hair, wavy, medium length, green-blue eyes (more green than blue), average build
Powers: speed, strength, can turn invisible sejak manipulating darkness
Weapons: martial arts/combat
Personality: talkative, slightly gullible, headstrong, kind of has a temper, determined
Name: Chandler Austin Cohn
Alias: Coda
Gender: male
Age: 11
Appearance: dark brown hair, deep blue eyes like his dad’s, solid build
Powers: metal communication, flight
Weapons: knives and swords, martial arts/combat
Personality: quiet, fiercely determined, loves music, strong, stubborn
Name: Annabelle McKinley Cohn
Alias: Firefly
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Tiger costume
Name:Caitlin “Cat” Kyle
Alias: Tiger
Occupation: Hero; mercenary
Powers: enhanced agility, enhanced senses, rapid healing, night vision, speed, claws, trained in all forms of combat, strength, durability, extensive training with a whip.
History: Caitlin is the niece of Catwoman. When her parents died, Caitlin was sent to her aunt, her only living relative. When she was rejected sejak her villainous aunt, Caitlin wandered the streets. She grew up in Gotham's crowds. She learned many things on the streets and had been known as a local cat-burglar. Her cat-like abilities and other powers came into play when she was seven. She soon began to train herself as a hero. When in battle against several gunmen, Caitlin was shot. She woke up in the house of Tommy Bronson alias TomCat. He and his father, the hero WildCat, trained her and helped Caitlin become the hero she wanted to be. Caitlin was later approached sejak a hero called Dusk. She joined his team of rag-tag Heroes called the Resistance. The Resistance later became a buisness for heroes, training and helping others. Caitlin met several other heroes, including Shade. Caitlin...