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Chapter Three-

“Revenge!” Courage yelled.

Huntress held the girl back from rushing into the building.

“Let me go!” Courage yelled.

“He’s fine!” Huntress said, standing up and brushing herself off.

Revenge walked out of the api, kebakaran and Courage could tell he was extremely ticked off.

“That was $30,000 worth of computers.” he muttered. “$30,000.”

“What happened?” Huntress asked.

“Someone knew we were coming.” Revenge said, helping Courage up. “The bomb had a dagger painted on it.”

“So?” Huntress asked.

Courage rolled her eyes and pointed at Revenge’s chest. “Dagger, duh!”

“So? Ive seen lots of bombs with daggers painted on them.”

“Did any of them say ‘Mest’?” Revenge asked.

“Revenge in...” Revenge trailed off. “Russian.”

“Russian?” Courage asked. “As in-”

“Down!” Revenge yelled, tackling the girls again as bullets sprayed the alley.

“This is annoying.” Huntress said, pulling something out of her utility tali pinggang and tossing it down the alley. A smoke awan erupted and Huntress shrugged at the two teens and leaped up the building.

“Does she always do that?” Courage asked.

“Yeah.” Revenge berkata gesturing at the ladder. “After you?”

Courage grabbed the rails and began climbing up.

When the two reached the roof, Huntress was waiting, crouched on the railing looking down into the street.

“Showoff.” Courage spat, getting the idea the girl was merely menunjukkan off for her boyfriend.

“Shh!” Huntress said, gesturing at the soldiers. “They have a sickle and a bintang stitched on their uniforms.

“What?” Revenge asked.

“What does she have?” Courage asked. “20/-145 eyesight?”

“Cat eyes, actually.” Huntress replied.

“Damn,” Revenge said, looking through his binoculars. “Looks like our friend Stalin is back in business.”

“Stalin, Stalin...” Huntress muttered. “Where have I heard that before?”

“Soviet dictator, came back from the dead?”

“Must have missed the part about the coming back from the dead.” Huntress said.

“Yeah,” Revenge said.

Suddenly, the door busted down and soldiers rushed onto the roof.

“We are screwed.” Revenge said.

“Not technically.” Huntress said.

“In the blink of an eye, she had grabbed Revenge’s waist in one arm and Courage’s in the other, then leaped off the building.

“We are gonna die.” Courage berkata as they plummeted toward the street.

“Oh ye of little faith.” Huntress said, but did nothing to stop their descent.


“What now?” Robin asked, watching as the Injustice League left with nothing.

“And why are they leaving with nothing?” Aqualad asked.

The four remaining members of the Team waited for a minit before they noticed that Robin was gone.

“As Wally would say, I hate it when he does that.” Megan said.

“I cant believe anda are quoting Wally.” Robin said, dropping down beside the martian. “The Injustice League left in a black SUV, most unlike them.”

“Did you-”

“Of course, AL.” Robin said, waving a screen in front of the Team which showed a moving dot. “We going atau what?”


Huntress tossed Revenge and Courage onto a lightpost, sliding down the post itself.

After securing a grapple line to the bahagian, atas of the lightpole, Revenge grappled down to the jalan where Huntress was waiting.

“Well that went smoothly.” Revenge said.

Courage, meanwhile, had grabbed Huntress’s arm.

“What were anda thinking?!” she exclaimed. “You nearly got us all killed!”

“Hey,” Revenge said, stepping inbetween the two. “She knows what she is doing.”

“So now you’re defending her?!” Courage exclaimed.

“Hey, Ive been doing this a lot longer than you, kid.” Huntress said.

“Thats my line.” Revenge said.

“What? ‘I’ve been doing this longer than you’?” Huntress asked.

“No, adding kid to the end of the sentence.”

“What’s so special about that?”

“Hey!” Courage said, interrupting the two. “Let’s concentrate on kicking butt now. And not our own.”

Huntress shrugged her shoulders and turned to Revenge.

“So what do we do now?” she asked.

“Well those were Soviet soldiers. They fired on us in public. Luckily there wasn’t a crowd about, atau we’d have a lot of explaining to do.”

“So where do we look?” Courage asked.

“Well I already destroyed their base in America, but they may have another one.” Revenge replied.

“No kidding.” Courage said.

“Soviets, Russian. That’s what anda said, right?” Huntress asked, thinking.

“Yeah.” Revenge replied.

“I know where to find those guys! Follow me!”

Huntress leapt up the building and was standing on the roof sejak the time Revenge and Courage had their grappling Pistol out.

“Just like old times?” Revenge asked as he helped Courage onto the roof.

“Yep, just like old times.” Huntress confirmed.

And with that she was leaping away from building to building.

Courage, who was unused to leaping from building to building, had a hard time keeping up. She eventually managed to get the hang of it and was soon leaping beside Revenge.

“So, what’s your history with Huntress?” Courage asked.

“We used to be enemies.” Revenge said. “She liked to play this game where she would tell me where she was going to rob and I would try to stop her. Most of the time I did.”

“So she is an ex-criminal?” Courage asked.

“Yeah.” Revenge said. “She thought she needed to live up to her mother’s name. I managed to convince her to forge her own destiny with some surprising help from Ven-”

Revenge cut short and Courage gave him an inquiring look.

“Anyway,” Revenge continued. “She moved to Manhattan and has started her own career against crime. I’m surprised she didn’t change her outfit.”

Courage would have berkata something else if Revenge hadn’t stopped short, looking over the edge of the building with Huntress.

“There is your secret base.” Huntress said.

“Not so secret.” Courage said, walking up beside Revenge.

Troops walked in and out of a plain gray warehouse. They all wore the same uniforms. Revenge pulled out his binoculars and checked.

“Same symbols on the uniform.” he said.

Huntress let out a low whistle. “That’s an awful lot of soldiers.”

“And that’s not all.” Courage interrupted. “Tanks and jeeps with some heavy equipment.”

Revenge checked through his binoculars and let out a low whistle. “Latest edition.” he said. “This is like Russia all over again.”

“This time, don’t get yourself blown up.” Courage said.

The three teens felt cold metal pressed against their heads.

“You won’t get the chance.” a voice said.

A voice with a heavy russian accent.
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I rode down to the forest. I got off my bike and ran. I went to the thickest, most over grown part of the forest. I heard rustling and got my discs ready. They burst through the undergrowth and surrounded me.
“I do not wish to hurt you, but I will if I must” I warned
“We do not wish to fight you. We wish to know if anda would like to sertai our team” one said
“Maybe anda should’ve thought of that before anda trespassed onto my property and broke down two of my doors!” I exclaimed. I lunged at one of them. I brought out a sharp disc and held it to her neck.
“I’m not going to hurt you....
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“I’m on Themyscira. I am un-harmed and doing well. I’m being trained to be an Amazon. Don’t come. We are preparing in case of battle. There is something on the horizon coming towards us that might pose a threat” I informed them. I saw my hawks flying towards me. I held out my arm and they landed. They made a bunch of caws and squawks that I understood. There was a bot with six people coming towards here. No weapons, but four men.
“Okay. We’ll send Megan and Artemis to pick anda up” Robin informed me
“No. Not yet. I’m not finished here. I must help my sisters against the men.”...
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Made sejak YouTube user mybutterflykissesX. The song is "Gives anda Hell" sejak All American Rejects. Enjoy!! :D
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I have learned to like this song, but I Cinta the video.
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