Chapter Four-

Becca was about to choke to death on the smoke, tobacco, and fumes of alcohol. Even sitting in the corner, she was getting unwanted attention. She and Sam had been told  to wait in the 'common room' after they had delivered their prize to Jazzman. Becca would prefer to call it the 'disgusting room'. 

Sam seemed perfectly fine, playing cards with some guy who looked like he had died three times over.

Someone whistled and Becca looked at him. She smiled sweetly and stick out her foot. The guy was so busy looking at Becca, he fell flat on his face.

Everyone laughed. Everyone except Sam who completely ignored what was happening. Becca saw him fiddling with his cards and a moment later he slammed four aces on the table. The other guy groaned and got up, shoving a wad of cash as big as Becca's fist towards Sam.

Becca smirked and walked over to where Sam was. She knocked the guy across from her partner out of his kerusi, tempat duduk and sat down.

"Can I deal?" she stated. She shuffled the cards and handed them out to Sam. 

"Primary bet." Sam said, looking at his cards. 

Becca stuck her hand in her pocket and created a bar of gold. She put it on the meja, jadual and everyone whistled again. Sam placed a wad of hundreds.

Becca grinned. 


Several minit later, the two were in a heated argument much to the amusement of the others in the room. Becca had raised her fist to punch Sam when Jazzman walked in and yelled for everyone to shut up.

Sam sat down, hot and angry. He turned to Jazzman and raised an eyebrow. 

"Now look," Jazzman said. "Sam and Becky--"

"Becca." The female growled.

"Becky have proven themselves worthy of our seterusnya mission."

"And what mission would that be?" Sam asked.

"To vandalize Grant Industries."

Everyone cheered and no one noticed Sam's glare. No one except the Jazzman.


"Okay guys. The boss is meeting with the boss, so I'm in charge of this one."

Becca and Sam exchanged looks.

"Now be quiet about this. We don't wan no Red Revenge menunjukkan up."

Becca could've sworn she saw Sam smile faintly. The idea of it was too horrible for her so she turned back to what the guy was saying.

"We're going to go to Grant Industries and trashing the place. Stock up on TP and Eggs."

The faint smile disappeared from Sam's face.

Everyone scattered.


To vandalize a building. These guys sure were taking extreme caution.

First, they climbed onto the roof and through the ventilation chambers. Then, they dropped sleeping gas bombs on a group of guards and drug their bodies into a closet. After that, they snuck around corners until they reached the CEO's office.

"Okay, scatter!" one of the guys whispered. Everyone scattered, vandalizing the office. Sam noticed the toilet paper would dissolve into the furniture. He recognized it as Joker's specialty brand. It would leave a big green, orange, atau purple mark on someone's clothes if they touched it. The eggs were stink bombs. Another of Joker's specialty brand. The were strong enough to knock someone out.

Just as the gang finished vandalizing the place, we're on the roof, and apparently utama free, a guard came onto the roof.

"Just a sec Jim! I forgot--"

He stopped at the sight of the masked men and the one girl.

"my donuts." he finished before drawing his gun.

"Stop! I'll shoot!" he yelled.

Becca grinned and leaped at him, landing a blow to his head that sent him flying into the other wall. She tripped the other guard with her escrim sticks and kicked him in the face to knock him out.

Every other guy in the gang was hypnotized sejak the five and a half saat performance.

Becca noticed the stares. "What am I? A bus wreck? Let's get out of here!"